Chapter 974 - Respond To The Invitation

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Chapter 974: Respond To The Invitation

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“Meet me?” Jiang Yu was flattered. “I only have one or two outstanding works. How can I compare to those seniors?”

“The seniors also started from unknown small characters.” Mo Long’s tone was gentle, “They want to meet you. Maybe they just want to meet you. You Are Young, but you have won the Movie Queen award twice. But whether you go or not, this is your choice. I will respect you.”

Jiang Yu thought for a while and decided to go to Hollywood. So she said to Mo Long, “I want to go.”

“Okay.” Mo Long nodded and agreed. “I will take you there when the shooting of your scenes is over.”

“Okay.” Jiang Yu smiled.

The next day, Jiang Yu was discharged from the hospital and went back to shooting.

Although Mo Long was still worried about Jiang Yu’s injury, Jiang Yu felt sorry for delaying the shooting of Zaka for a day. She didn’t want to delay the next day.

Mo Long could not persuade her, so he could only follow her.

In fact, yesterday was Jiang Yu’s last scene. However, because of Anna’s trouble, the scene that should have ended yesterday was delayed until today.

Zaka thought that Mo Long would watch Jiang Yu continue to rest, so she planned to choose the female lead for today.

However, as soon as she came in, she saw Jiang Yu sitting on the chair and reciting her lines.

Seeing this, Zaka quickly walked over and handed Jiang Yu a translator.

“Why aren’t you resting? I’m not in a hurry.”

Jiang Yu said apologetically, “It should have ended yesterday, but I feel really bad that it dragged on until today. So, I want to end today as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will delay everyone’s progress.”

“That’s good too.” Zaka nodded and motioned for Jiang Yu to change her clothes and put on makeup.

A morning passed, and the last scene that belonged to Jiang Yu ended.

She changed back into her usual clothes and said goodbye to Zaka, “I’ll go to Hollywood to take a look first. Don’t worry, I won’t embarrass you.”

“What joke are you talking about? How can you be embarrassed?” Zaka smiled. “Go, the seniors in Hollywood all want to see you.”

“Okay, I’ll work hard.”

Jiang Yu and Mo Long went back to the hotel to pack their luggage and took the nearest flight to Hollywood.

According to the address given by Zaka, Mo Long led Jiang Yu to the studio.

It was not an exaggeration to say that it was a studio, but in fact, it was a palace.

It was magnificent. Just standing at the door gave Jiang Yu an unrealistic feeling.

“It’s so magnificent.” Jiang Yu couldn’t help but exclaim, “I’ve only seen it on TV and in magazines. Even when I went to the University of Cecilia to study abroad, I’ve never seen such a magnificent building.”

“In foreign countries, the royal family and nobles have many palaces like this, so you can see them everywhere,” Mo Long whispered in Jiang Yu’s ear.

“I suddenly don’t dare to go in. I’m so nervous.” Jiang Yu’s foot hung in the air for a long time.

It was her first time meeting Hollywood celebrities. Every one of them was a senior with excellent acting skills, which made Jiang Yu a little nervous.

“Don’t be nervous.” Mo Long patted Jiang Yu’s shoulder. “Don’t be afraid with me by your side.”

With Mo Long’s words of encouragement, Jiang Yu slowly calmed down and stepped into the palace.

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Jiang Yu knocked on the door and soon, a person who looked like a butler came to open the door.

“Hello, I’m Jiang Yu. I was invited here,” Jiang Yu explained with a smile.

“So it’s Miss Jiang Yu. Please come in.” The Butler had known Jiang Yu’s name for a long time and knew that she would come soon.

“Thank you.” Jiang Yu and Mo Long followed behind the butler and came to a room on the second floor.

“The one beside you should be Mr. Mo Long, right? There is a double bed in this room, specially prepared for the two of you.” The Butler said respectfully.

Jiang Yu blushed. She wanted to say that she and Mo Long could sleep in two rooms, but Mo Long had already thanked the Butler.

After the Butler brought her to the room, he went to do his own things. Jiang Yu and Mo Long went into the room and prepared to have a good rest.

“It seems that there’s no one else here except for the old man just now.” Jiang Yu looked around the room.

The “Old Man” that Jiang Yu mentioned was the butler just now.

“This is only the studio. Usually, not many people come,” Mo Long guessed. “But since they said they want to see you, they should come tomorrow.”

“Then let’s have a good rest today.” Jiang Yu suggested.