Chapter 1141 - Xia Qianxue's Plan

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Chapter 1141: Xia Qianxue’s Plan

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Mr. Qing Er and Xia Qianxue needed to investigate some information about the past of Boxing King Potian, so they could only rent it from the Divine’s Light. Don’t underestimate this notebook and the Internet. They were all paid by the minute. However, they had God Fu around, so they didn’t care about this bit of money.

Today, Boxing King Potian had shocked them too much. Just this strength alone was invincible. At least, in their opinion, even the Sword God in the organization couldn’t do it. Unfortunately, no matter how they investigated, they could only find very little news about Boxing King Potian on the Internet. In the end, Mr. Qing Er and Xia Qianxue contacted the Night God and asked him to investigate Boxing King Potian. However, the Night God said that he would be easily exposed if he investigated. The two of them could only close their laptops helplessly.

Mr. Qing Er said, “Qianxue, do you think Qingqing will be bullied by Boxing King Potian if she falls into his hands?”

Xia Qianxue smiled casually. “You can rest assured about that. Although Qingqing is a girl and Boxing King Potian is strong, don’t forget that Qingqing is the famous Poison King. She still has the ability to protect herself.”

The reason why Xia Qianxue was not worried about Feng Qing was naturally because of Feng Qing’s performance at the auction today and the few shots in the colosseum. If not for her deep basic skills, how could Feng Qing have escaped from the encirclement of more than two hundred people? How could she hit the wild beast with every shot? Although Boxing King Potian was not simple, it was not easy to take Feng Qing down.

Mr. Qing Er glanced in the direction of the master bedroom and said, “Tomorrow night, we must bid for Boxing King Potian at all costs. Only then can we save Qingqing.”

However, Xia Qianxue frowned and said, “According to my observation, things aren’t that simple. If that Ziwei Star participates in the auction, it will be too difficult for us to buy Feng Qing in his territory.”

With a woman’s intuition, Xia Qianxue felt that Ziwei Star’s feelings for Feng Qing seemed to be very complicated. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have treated Feng Qing as the finale auction and then regretted not selling her. Moreover, he even brought Feng Qing to watch the beast competition. At first, she thought that Ziwei Star had fallen in love with Feng Qing’s beauty and wanted to make her his woman. However, what puzzled her was that when the Boxing King wanted Feng Qing as his prize, Ziwei Star had abandoned Feng Qing like a pair of worn-out shoes and pushed her down the stands. It was really too confusing.

Mr. Qing Er said angrily, “It would be great if Xing Wudi is willing to join forces with us. With his faction joining, we can successfully bid for Boxing King Potian. Why don’t we look for him now?”

Hearing this suggestion, Xia Qianxue thought for a moment and agreed. Now that they were on the open sea, everything was decided by Ziwei Star. If they wanted to resist Ziwei Star and save Feng Qing, they could only choose to join forces with Xing Wudi. This was definitely a good choice. However, after thinking for a while, she said, “We can join forces, but Xing Wudi also has designs on Qingqing. Cooperating with him is equivalent to working with a tiger. Therefore, after we save Feng Qing, we’ll find a chance to…”

Speaking up to this point, a hint of killing intent suddenly appeared on Xia Qianxue’s flirtatious face. She raised her hand and made a slitting gesture on her neck. Mr. Qing Er was stunned for a moment before he nodded in agreement with Xia Qianxue. He also felt that this was a good opportunity to eliminate Xing Wudi.

The next afternoon, on the fourth basement floor of the cruise ship, two female attendants appeared at the door of room 109. The door had been broken by Xing Wudi’s kick last night, so Feng Qing and Potian didn’t close the door for the entire night. Anyway, there were only the two of them on this floor. The other people were already dead, so it didn’t matter if the door was closed or not.

A female waiter with freckles on her face said, “Miss Feng, we’ve received orders to bring you upstairs to shower, change your clothes, and put on makeup. Lord Ziwei Star hopes that you can dress up for the auction tonight.”

Feng Qing opened her eyes and curled her lips. “What if I reject?”

Without waiting for the freckled female attendant to answer, a group of fully armed bodyguards took out their guns and aimed them at her. The freckled female attendant’s tone turned cold as she said, “Miss Feng, I hope you will come with us. Don’t make things difficult for us servants. You should know very well that Lord Ziwei Star’s words are an imperial edict here. No one can go against it!”

Boxing King Potian yawned and said, “This woman is one of my spoils of war. She was personally pushed to me by Ziwei Star yesterday. Now, you still want to take her back? Don’t you think it’s shameful to go back on your words?”