Chapter 4192 - The Other Side 161

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Chapter 4192: The Other Side 161

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Chu He, especially, was horrified!

Before she’d experienced it, she’d already imagined that Lisa was no weakling. Otherwise, Linxi’s wrist wouldn’t have been so badly injured. However, she did not expect Lisa to be so terrifyingly strong! She even felt that this girl’s potential was far above her own!

As the saying goes. The younger generation will surpass us!

That was exactly what it meant!

And wasn’t Lisa equally surprised! She had not expected Chu He to be so strong. The woman looked thin and frail, she had not expected Chu He to be as strong as any other mercenary! As a result, she was even more certain that the woman before her must be the all powerful former Interpol governor.

Being able to spar with such a famous figure, Lisa was instantly motivated!

One should not underestimate Lisa. Even if it was just a volleyball game, she would do her best! She was an extremely competitive person. She either didn’t compete with others, or if she did, she would be compelled to win. Games were no exception.

After playing for a while, they were at a tie. The score remained even, with neither willing to give way to the other. Even if one of them came into a lead, the other would immediately catch up.

For those in the know, this was a volleyball game. For those not in the know, they’d think there were explosions going off.

Lisa was gradually feeling the volleyball soften a little. It was fully filled with air, but now, it actually felt a little soft!

Not to mention the twins, even Gu Jinglian held his breath, and even more so, Yun Shishi and Hua Jin, who were watching from nearby.

The actor asked weakly, “Will they both break their hands if they continued playing like that?”

“Uh…” Yun Shishi groaned. “I don’t know if Chu He will, but Lisa certainly won’t.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Have you ever seen a kid her size lifting a 20 kilogram dumbbell like it was a toy?” Yun Shishi was feeling rather nervous. The last time, in the gym at home, she’d tried to put away the dumbbells Lisa used for training. She’d almost broken her back when she bent over and tried to pick them up.

From then on, she did not dare to pick up any of Lisa’s training equipment. If she were careless, it could certainly break her back.

The actor muttered, “That’s … a little scary.”

Yun Shishi was intrigued. “I wonder who would win if Yazhe and Gu Jinglian played a match against each other?”

The actor sized up Mu Yazhe and then Gu Jinglian, and said weakly, “Of course Brother-in-law will win.”

“Oh, do you think so too?” How could Mu Yazhe not tell that Hua Jin said this out of his survival instinct and eagerness to please.

The actor immediately expressed his sincerity. “Of course! I really believe that!”

Mu Yazhe laughed and said indifferently, “I’ve never fought Gu Jinglian, but I don’t think he’ll lose out to me.”

The match had been going on for half an hour. Lisa and Chu He were showing signs of fatigue. After all, they were made of flesh and blood, not steel. Their stamina was depleting quickly.

Little Yichen shouted for the match to stop. At this stage of the competition, it was obvious who would win. Although they looked like they were even, Chu He’s stamina was clearly failing.

“Stop fighting. Lisa’s been fighting for a long time. She’ll get tired.”