Chapter 4193 - The Other Side 162

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Chapter 4193: The Other Side 162

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Although Chu He was indignant, she took the initiative to stop the competition.

It had to be said that Lisa had incredible stamina. She’d been playing almost a full session of the game even before their confrontation took place, and hadn’t taken a break in-between. It wasn’t easy to play so intensively.

Little Yichen had just come up to Lisa when Gu Jinglian said, “Why don’t we have a match?”

“Huh?” Little Yichen looked around before he was sure that Gu Jinglian was issuing him a challenge.

He was dumbfounded. “Seriously?”

Upon hearing this, Gu Jinglian taunted, “Are you afraid?”

“No…” Little Yichen scratched his brow sheepishly and replied, “I’m just afraid you might embarrass yourself if you were to lose the game.”

The man immediately turned ashen. “Pfft…”

Chu He was greatly amused when she heard this!

What the boy said sounded arrogant at first, but Little Yichen looked earnestly embarrassed, as though really worried that Gu Jinglian would look bad if defeated!

The man was speechless for a moment. “How are you so sure that I’ll lose to you?”

“Because… it’s a fact…” Little Yichen hesitated, and then continued, “I don’t know how to fake my play.”

Youyou said in a quiet voice, “If Little Yichen plays, this volleyball will probably explode.”

Lisa nodded in agreement. The three children looked at Gu Jinglian sincerely, as if they were worried for him.

Of course hearing this made the man feel extremely uncomfortable!

He, a grown man, actually had to have a child give way to him?!

He immediately snapped, “You don’t have to give me a handicap! I may not lose if we have a match.”

“That’s… not a good idea, is it?” Little Yichen rubbed his head sheepishly. “You… you really can’t beat me. If I accidentally hurt you, Daddy will chide me for causing trouble again.”

He had no idea his father was standing nearby.

When Mu Yazhe heard his son saying that, he thought to himself, “It’s okay. Daddy’s not going to chastise you for that. Go ahead and do him in!”

Yun Shishi gave her man an icy glare. Why was he being so childish now!

Gu Jinglian, on the other hand, was indignant. Feeling belittled by the three children, he insisted on having a go.

He’d try his best not to hurt the man.

The boy picked up the ball and served it casually. Gu Jinglian saw that the boy was being casual and so he did not return the serve. Instead, he looked displeased and asked the boy, “Are you thinking so lowly of me?”

“No. I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to return it.”

Gu Jinglian’s lips twitched again. “Be serious about it!” With that, the man made a powerful serve. Noting that Gu Jinglian was serious, Little Yichen also became swift and serious. He rushed forward and jumped up. With a beautiful slam dunk, he immediately threw the volleyball into the net.

Gu Jinglian rushed over and saved the ball. The game gradually became intense.

Youyou was speechless as he looked on. He muttered, “Why are you acting like a child when you’re a grown-up?”

Lisa, who had been trying to catch her breath, finally managed to even out her breathing. By the side, Chu He was so tired that she squatted on the floor. She hadn’t exercised so vigorously in a long time. Her heart couldn’t keep up and she was sweating. Nevertheless, she sincerely thought Lisa’s game was formidable. Even more formidable was the fact that a girl this young could have such terrifying strength.

She could tell the girl had been professionally trained. A young mercenary with the strength of an adult. How dreadful. Chu He couldn’t help being curious about the identity of this child.