Chapter 4195 - The Other Side 164

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Chapter 4195: The Other Side 164

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Naturally, they could no longer play volleyball.

It was dinner time, so Gu Jinglian ordered a candlelight dinner, intending to relive the sweetness of their marriage with Chu He.

Dusk. Seaside. Beach. Sunset. A hint of candlelight with classic foie gras. Quietly waiting for nightfall.

It was beautiful just to imagine such a scene. Gu Jinglian had put a lot of thought into this trip. Since they were on vacation, everything had to be perfect.

He was a perfectionist, so there was little excuse or reason not to do well whatever he wanted to do.

Chu He, however, had no idea how much effort he had put in. Even after the candlelight dinner was ready, she continued fretting about what delicious food could be found on the island. She was hungry and all she could think of were steaks and burgers.

Gu Jinglian had sent the two children to dine in other restaurants on the island under the care of the bodyguards, and happily prepared for the candlelight dinner with his wife.

Lin Xi knew his intentions, so he didn’t say much apart from promising to take good care of Baby Chu. Coaxing the Baby Chu, he led the boy away.

Gu Jinglian was full of anticipation. When the candlelight dinner was ready, he told Chu He he had a surprise for her. He took her by her hand and walked to the edge of the beach.

Chu He saw the small dining table in the distance. It was only big enough for two people to sit facing each other. There were appetizers on the table and beautiful candlesticks. Chu He’s eyes widened in surprise.

“A candlelight dinner.” Gu Jinglian looked at her lovingly. “Do you like it?”

The woman was stunned and speechless for a moment. Then, she turned and looked up at him, her eyes like crescent moons as she smiled and said, “I do!”

She stood on tiptoe, put her arms around his shoulders, and planted a kiss on his cheek. Although she had always despised this man for not being romantic enough, every now and then, he would meticulously create a bit of romance and plan a surprise.

She’d also fantasized about a romantic honeymoon for two. Although it was a delayed one, it did not stop her from looking forward to it.

Gu Jinglian took her hand and sat down. After they were both seated, the candlelight dinner officially began.

Just as the main dishes were served one after another, Gu Jinglian suddenly smelled smoke. Shortly after he did, Chu He smelled it too!

Gu Jinglian had no idea where the smell came from at first. It had a smoky aroma unique to barbecues. The smell was heavy and mixed with the aroma of roasted meat. The man frowned slightly and looked in the direction of where this may have come from. To his surprise, he heard excited voices coming from the courtyard only a wall away from his villa.

“Ah, no, that one’s burnt, it’s burnt. I think it’s on fire!”

From the voice, it sounded like Yun Shishi. Then Little Yichen’s and Lisa’s voices followed.

“I told you there’s too much oil on it, but you wouldn’t believe me. It will catch fire easily!”

“Oh dear, it’s burnt. This is probably inedible. Throw it away!”

“Boohoo, my chicken kebab…”

“You have the cheek to cry. If you hadn’t applied so much oil, it wouldn’t have burnt.”

“But it’s my first barbecue!”

Gu Jinglian was flabbergasted. These guys were actually having a barbecue on the beach?!

Moreover, these guys had actually created so much smoke that it had now floated over to his own courtyard!

He was eating Western food! The BBQ next door was messing up his plans.

Gu Jinglian was furious.