Chapter 4196 - The Other Side 165

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Chapter 4196: The Other Side 165

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Gu Jinglian was furious.

Chu He guessed as much that the smell of smoke was probably coming from next door. It seemed that she could even vaguely smell barbecued oysters.

She was feeling a little greedy, but when she realized that Gu Jinglian was studying her reaction, she immediately smiled. “It’s okay. We’ll have our dinner. It doesn’t affect us.”

“Doesn’t affect us?” Gu Jinglian narrowed his eyes in displeasure. The smell of the smoke wafted past his nose. “You’re saying it doesn’t affect us?”

Were they doing this deliberately!? Gu Jinglian looked increasingly uncomfortable.

When Chu He noticed this, she said helplessly, “Don’t let it ruin your mood. I think the barbecue atmosphere is pretty good.”

“Oh? So you don’t think that the atmosphere of a candlelight dinner can compare to that of a barbecue?”

“Uh…” Chu He simply fell silent. It was obvious that Gu Jinglian’s rare good mood had been ruined by the smoky smell.

She somehow felt the two men, Gu Jinglian and Mu Yazhe, just couldn’t coexist in the same space. After all, there was the saying that one mountain would not be able to accommodate two tigers.

Chu He didn’t want to cause any trouble, so she carefully reassured the man. “Don’t be angry. I understand your intentions. Nothing is ever absolutely perfect, but…”

Gu Jinglian placed his fork and knife down with an ugly expression. Chu He did not dare utter another word. At this point, Gu Jinglian suddenly heard Baby Chu’s voice coming from next door.

“Wow! This is so delicious. What is this?”

“This one’s a scallop.” It seemed to be Linxi’s voice.

Gu Jinglian immediately looked incredulous. Why could Linxi’s and Baby Chu’s voices be heard coming from next door? What was going on?

This surprised Chu He as well.

“Didn’t you say that it had been arranged for Baby Chu and Linxi to have their dinner at one of the restaurants on the island?” Puzzled, Gu Jinglian stood up and followed the direction of the voices. When Chu He saw this, she immediately got up and followed him.

The two villas were separated by a snow-white fence. Through the fence, one could see a limited view of the private courtyard opposite. Gu Jinglian walked over and was speechless to see Baby Chu and Linxi prancing around the three barbecue pits. The yard was huge, and had more than enough space for three pits.

Obviously it was Baby Chu’s first barbecue ever, and he was excited.

Mu Yazhe and Yun Shishi had spent all afternoon preparing for it. In addition to vegetables, there was meat, including beef, bacon, pork, and more seafood.

The seafood here was all caught by the local fishermen on Saipan, so it was very fresh, and really tender when barbecued.

Chu He walked over to Gu Jinglian’s side and followed his slightly gloomy gaze. Her lips twitched when she spotted Baby Chu and Linxi.

The man was infuriated!

“Gu Chengze!” He let out a roar.

Baby Chu, who was on the other side of the fence, immediately stood at attention. His immediate reaction was to look around. He didn’t know where the voice was coming from. Not until Linxi saw Gu Jinglian and tugged at Baby Chu’s shirt, pointing in the man’s direction.

Gu Jinglian’s face darkened. What sort of a stupid son did he have!

“Daddy!” Baby Chu waved at him. “Come over quick, let’s play!”

Gu Jinglian’s face darkened further.

In contrast to Baby Chu’s excitement, Linxi felt inexplicably uneasy.