Chapter 4197 - The Other Side 166

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Chapter 4197: The Other Side 166

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In contrast to Baby Chu’s excitement, Linxi felt inexplicably uneasy. He had a feeling that Gu Jinglian did not look too happy. He was sensitive enough to notice that his father did not seem to like Uncle Mu Yazhe very much!

Initially, he and Baby Chu had been taken to eat at a restaurant on the island, but when they passed by Mu Yazhe’s private villa, they ran into Yun Shishi, who kindly invited them to the barbecue.

He had never had a barbecue, so out of great curiosity, he agreed. It proved to be a great experience and he was overjoyed. Unexpectedly, it had led the man here.

When Yun Shishi saw Linxi and Baby Chu standing frozen on-the-spot, she followed their line of sight and spotted Gu Jinglian and Chu He. She approached them with a smile.

She glanced at Chu He then swept her gaze over to Gu Jinglian and smiled. “Would you like to join us?”

Chu He was about to nod. She wanted to join in the barbecue. Most importantly, the aroma was so tempting! Especially now that she had come closer, the aroma made it all the harder for her to resist. However, whether they could join in depended on whether Gu Jinglian was willing to do so.

She looked up at the man. Gu Jinglian’s expression softened. If Mu Yazhe had come over to invite them, he would have rejected him firmly and rolled his eyes. But it was Yun Shishi who approached them. He had always been a gentleman when it came to interacting with women. Therefore, he would never be too hostile towards them.

He declined, “No, thank you!”

Yun Shishi looked rather wistful and asked, “Why? Isn’t it fun to be with your family? Besides, Baby Chu and Linxi are hoping that they can enjoy the barbecue with you!”

Gu Jinglian was slightly taken aback. He glanced at Baby Chu and Linxi, who were both standing nearby. They were looking at him expectantly.

Chu He couldn’t bear it. She sighed, “Let’s do this together! Baby Chu and Linxi are hoping that we can join them!”

Gu Jinglian and Chu He exchanged a look and finally agreed. He and Chu He entered the yard and immediately, Yun Shishi ordered for another barbecue pit to be set up.

Baby Chu ran up to Gu Jinglian’s side happily. Without even looking, Gu Jinglian reached out and grabbed his ear.

“Ouch…” Baby Chu frowned in pain, and his shoulders slumped.

“Didn’t I tell you to behave yourself and go for your meal?” Gu Jinglian snapped, “What are you doing here?”

“Um…” Aggrieved, Baby Chu pouted guiltily and said, “I… I wanted to have a barbecue! I didn’t want to eat alone. It’s so fun to have a barbecue with the others!”

“What do you mean by eating alone? Don’t you have Linxi to accompany you?”

Baby Chu snorted. “He doesn’t count.”

Lin Xi was speechless.

Yun Shishi came over and said, “They’re just kids, and it’s fun for them to get together with others and have some fun. Look, there are four or five kids here. It would be less lonely to get together.”

Chu He was touched to hear this and her opinion of the woman grew even more favorable. She could tell that Yun Shishi really liked children. Her gentleness towards Baby Chu and Linxi was definitely not just superficial. Most importantly, she was also very patient with children. Baby Chu was also particularly fond of Yun Shishi, and so was Linxi. The important thing was…

The girl was there, too.

From time to time, Linxi looked in a particular direction. It was where Natalia stood. She was now beside Hua Jin, eagerly watching him roasting the oysters.