Chapter 4198 - The Other Side 167

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Chapter 4198: The Other Side 167

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Natalia stood beside him, watching eagerly as he roasted the oysters. The girl was clearly ravenous, but she tried to look reserved. For some reason she was vaguely aware of someone watching her. Her sixth sense was extremely acute. She turned her head, and was surprised to find Linxi staring at her. She frowned and opened her mouth, but stopped herself.

Hua Jin saw that she was distracted, but she was looking elsewhere, so he followed her gaze. He saw that Linxi kept looking in their direction. The actor’s lips twitched.

“Why does he keep staring at me!” Natalia didn’t feel comfortable with this. She wrapped her arms around her shoulders slightly. It felt strange to be constantly stared at by someone!

The actor couldn’t resist teasing her. “Because our Natalia is a pretty girl. She’s popular with boys!”

“I don’t want to be popular with him!” Natalia hid awkwardly behind the actor.

Youyou, who was standing nearby, was also aware of Linxi’s constant gaze on Natalia.

He knitted his brow slightly. Feeling rather annoyed, he put down whatever he was doing and walked over to Linxi. Deliberately, but not too forcefully, he knocked on the boy’s shoulder.

Linxi snapped out of the daze and turned to the boy who had come up behind him.

“What … what’s the matter?”

“What are you daydreaming about?” Youyou’s gaze fell on the scallop in his hand. “Are your scallops about to burn?”

“What?” Gu Linxi quickly lowered his head and looked at the scallop he was barbecuing. Indeed, because he had been distracted for too long, it was smelling a little burnt.

“Ah, shucks!” Gu Linxi quickly used the tongs to push the scallop aside, feeling a little depressed.

Aye, burnt again. He couldn’t remember how many he had burnt. This had to be the third. Scallops were really hard to roast.

Watching others roast it made it look very simple, but if he really had to roast it himself, it was really not simple at all.

“Burned it again, eh?” Yun Shishi was greatly amused as she walked towards him. “How did you manage to burn it?”

Before Gu Linxi could speak, Youyou said coolly, “Because he was daydreaming!”

“Daydreaming?” Yun Shishi laughed in spite of herself. “If you’re daydreaming, you’ll burn it easily indeed.”

“Got it. I’ll pay more attention next time.” Gu Linxi tried to explain, “I was distracted just then and didn’t pay attention, so…”

“It’s okay. We’ve got lots of oysters and scallops here. Remember, you can’t eat burnt ones. You’ll get diarrhea.”

Yun Shishi stepped away to see how Little Yichen was doing.

After she left, Gu Linxi looked at Youyou in surprise. He sensed an inexplicable hostility in his eyes.

“You…” Gu Linxi asked hesitantly, “Did you want something?”

“Nothing.” Youyou was clearly not friendly towards him. One could say he was rather cold even. The boy turned and glided away.

Gu Linxi looked confused. He felt that the boy had knocked into him on purpose. But why did he do that for no apparent reason? Gu Linxi was puzzled.

Hua Jin observed what had happened from beginning to end. “Pfft…”

This lad, Youyou, could he be jealous? Moreover, his display of jealousy was rather cute! The actor felt a strange sense of accomplishment! Because Natalia was his daughter!