Chapter 4199 - The Other Side 168

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Chapter 4199: The Other Side 168

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Chu He felt that there was actually no need to set up another pit. She walked over to Linxi and watched him solemnly brushing the oil over the food and became interested.

“Are you having fun?”

Linxi nodded sincerely. “Yes it’s fun!”

Eating something that he barbecued himself felt different from eating ready-cooked food. It gave him a sense of accomplishment almost.

Chu He also set up two skewers of octopus and began to roast them enthusiastically. Although they had only just started to barbecue, Linxi had had some experience. Chu He wasn’t very good at roasting so he stood by the side offering tips.

Chu He smiled to herself. This guy was too interesting. Actually, it wasn’t as though he was that good at barbecuing, yet he was giving her pointers. He even acted as if he was really good at it! Of course, she was only thinking these things to herself. Outwardly, she displayed a certain admiration for her son!

“Aiya, Linxi, you’re really amazing. You’ve already learned how to barbecue in such a short period of time! If we go camping in the future, I’ll leave the difficult task of barbecuing to you!”

Gu Linxi smiled and said, “No problem!” He patted his chest while also taking Chu He’s hand and teaching her how to sprinkle on the dressing.

With the addition of cumin, salt and pepper, a tantalizing aroma gradually rose and filled the air. This amazing aroma attracted the little hungry bugs. Especially Natalia and Yueyao. Smelling the aroma, the two of them started to mill around Gu Linxi.

Neither of them was very tall, so they had to stand on tiptoe to see what he was roasting. The boy was cooking steaks, oysters, scallops, and skewers of meat.

Natalia was able to exercise some self-control. However, Yueyao did not have any self-control at all. She simply stared at the sizzling meat skewers without blinking, almost drooling!

Chu He almost burst out laughing as she observed Yueyao’s stupefied expression. This little Lolita was really too cute! She just stared wide-eyed at Gu Linxi’s movements, as if she was frozen. She was like a statue, her eyes in a daze yet full of spirit. It was as though her saliva was on the verge of overflowing from the corner of her mouth. Although she looked silly, she was extremely cute!

Like a cute little penguin. Her tender tiny mouth seemed to be made of cherries and sweet glutinous rice powder. Coupled with the saliva that had overflowed, they looked crystalline and translucent. When one got closer, one would notice the milky fragrance on her… The most typical smell of a child.

Chu He knelt in front of her and gently tugged at her tiny hand.

However, the girl did not seem too cooperative. She even gently placed her hand behind her back, as if she was unwilling to be touched. Her gaze remained firmly locked on Gu Linxi, her eyes were filled with yearning.

When Chu He saw this, she couldn’t help but say to Gu Linxi, “Are you done roasting? She’s been staring at you for a long time!”

“Eh?” Gu Linxi then noticed the little lass standing beside him.

Yueyao stared back at him with her mouth slightly open, her eyes filled with pleading.

Chu He rebuked, “Did you just see that? She’s been waiting with her mouth agape for a long time!”

Gu Linxi asked, “What would you like to eat?”

Without a word, Yueyao opened her mouth and looked at him eagerly.

For some reason, Gu Linxi suddenly felt an urge to tease her.