Chapter 4200 - The Other Side 169

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Chapter 4200: The Other Side 169

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For some reason, Gu Linxi suddenly felt an urge to tease her. He pretended to pinch a piece of meat. In reality, there was nothing in his hand at all. It was just thin air that he carefully brought near Yueyao’s mouth.

When Chu He saw this, she could immediately tell that there was nothing in Gu Linxi’s hand, but it looked as though he had food to feed the girl.

This was clearly a scam! Did he think Yueyao couldn’t tell?

Eventually, Chu He realized she was wrong. Yueyao was only a few years old, and she was completely fooled by Linxi! Seeing that the boy had brought a piece of meat to her mouth, she didn’t notice it and even dodged. “It’s hot!”

Linxi couldn’t stop laughing! What was hot!?

This lass wasn’t stupid at all. She knew that freshly roasted food would be hot. Or had her tongue already been burnt when she’d snuck over to Yun Shishi and learned from her mistakes?

Linxi even pretended to blow on the food gently. Then, he said to Yueyao, “It’s not hot anymore. Try it!”

“Really?!” Yueyao was still in disbelief. After hesitating for a long time, she opened her mouth timidly.

Linxi fed the “meat” into her mouth. Without looking, she opened her mouth, but bit down on thin air.

In the end, to Chu He’s amusement, Yueyao didn’t even look at it as she tried to swallow the air. She didn’t taste anything and looked puzzled.

Linxi even asked seriously, “Is it yummy?”

“Oooh…” Yueyao replied honestly, “I couldn’t taste it…”

Linxi coaxed her again. “I’ll give you another piece of meat to try, okay?”

Yueyao grew excited. “I want meat!” She clenched her fists and looked expectant. There was a twinkle in her eye that made Chu He feel bad.

Linxi grabbed another ball of air and brought it to her mouth. When she bit into it, she still didn’t taste anything. She even chewed at it seriously, but it tasted like nothing. The confusion in her eyes grew.

Chu He couldn’t take it anymore and told the boy, “Alright, stop teasing her. Look how aggrieved she is.”

Even Linxi couldn’t bear it now, let alone Chu He. He felt so guilty that he finally picked up a small piece of real meat and brought it to her mouth. It was a small piece of octopus. They were very tender and chewy. Yueyao had just developed new teeth, and the octopus was a little hot, but Linxi blew on them so that they were much more comfortable to eat.

After eating a few pieces of octopus, Yueyao smelled the enticing aroma coming from the grill where Youyou was standing. She ran to his side and looked up. As Gu Linxi watched, he could not help but feel his heart soften. He thought, when his little sister and brother grew up, they would definitely be as cute as Yueyao! At that point, he would be Big Brother. However, his little sister was still too young now. She could talk a little. But he wondered if she would end up looking more like Dad or Mom when she grew up.

Chu He saw that he was deep in thought, and was compelled to ask, “What’s on your mind?”

“Oh, I…” Gu Linxi came back to his senses and looked at Yueyao’s back view. He paused and then replied, “I’m thinking about how cute my little sister would be when she grows up!”

“When you were a kid, you must have been just as cute. All kids are cute.”

“Hee hee. I was thinking my little sister would look so pretty, no matter whom she ends up taking after.”