Chapter 1350 - Breaking Heavenly Eighty Demonic Formation, Warlord, My Name Is Chiyou

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Chapter 1350: Breaking Heavenly Eighty Demonic Formation, Warlord, My Name Is Chiyou

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“Green Leaf Sword Ocean!”

An endless surge of sword qi gushed out from his body and formed countless green leaves in the void.

Each piece of leaf was formed by the purest of sword qi.

After that, the countless leaves formed a leafy ocean that crashed upon the shrinking boundary.

The collisions caused rings of ripples on the boundary’s surface. Unfortunately, even though the sword qi slowed the shrinking, it failed to fully stop or destroy the boundary.

Hence, the boundary continued to shrink onto Chu Kuangren.

“Hm. It seems like Green Leaf Sword Ocean’s power is not enough.” Chu Kuangren chuckled.

Then, a strong surge of samsara energy erupted from him.

Divine Samsara Overworld, activate!

A massive energy domain formed around Chu Kuangren and expanded outward, crashing into the shrinking boundary.

Explosions erupted in the void shattered as the samsara energy domain clashed with the Heavenly Eighty Demonic Formation’s boundary.

Fortunately, Chu Kuangren was able to stop the boundary from shrinking further.

The scene stunned the eighty Demonic Generals.

“That’s the Heavenly Samsara Physique?!”

“Oh my goodness! I heard only the Yin Underworld Daoist possesses this physique. How could this kid have it as well?!”

Chiyou watched from afar, and the development of the battle made him raise a brow.

It was unbelievable to see that many peerless physiques on one person.

“I didn’t expect a monster like him to exist in this era,” Chiyou murmured with a hint of anticipation in his eyes.

He looked forward to finding out what else the young man could surprise him with.

The combination of the Green Leaf Sword Ocean and Divine Samsara Overworld managed to match the Heavenly Demonic boundary in strength and protect Chu Kuangren for now. However, it still showed no signs of breaking.

He was not shy with the praises, but it did not mean they would go easy on him.

“Maybe.” Chu Kuangren gave an ambiguous answer and chuckled.

On top of that, he also had to maintain the Hundred Academy’s Three Great Conjurations, which was difficult even for a Prodigy.

However, Chu Kuangren felt he could still maintain all of it together.

“Everything has its weakness, especially a formation.”

Chu Kuangren was a peerless master in formation art, so he knew there was no perfect formation with no flaws in the world.

Even the Heavenly Celestial Mega Formation, which was known as the ultimate formation, had a weakness.

The Heavenly Demonic boundary was part of the Heavenly Eighty Demonic Formation, so it must have a weakness or a flaw.

In that case, what he needed to do was to locate the weakness and break the formation using the least effort.

“Too bad my true self isn’t here, or I can use Lil Ai to scan this formation for its weakness,” Chu Kuangren murmured.

He realized Lil Ai had always been a great help.

Fortunately, Chu Kuangren could still break the formation without Lil Ai’s help.

Countless green leaves circled around him and flew within the boundary in a flurry, repeatedly hitting every corner of the boundary.

“What’s he doing?” Some of the Demonic Generals were confused.

Chiyou nodded with praise when he saw what Chu Kuangren was doing. “Smart.”

“Damn it! He’s looking for the formation’s weakness!” one of the Demonic Generals said with a serious look on his face.

Chu Kuangren was using the countless sword qi to test and find out the weakest point on the Heavenly Demonic boundary.

“With all that sword qi, could he even sense the feedback from each and every sword qi precisely?”

“His mastery over his sword qi is insane!”

“Don’t forget he has the Green Leaf Sword Vision, the strongest Sword Dao physique. His mastery of sword qi must be at its peak!”

“Hurry up and increase the intensity! We have to defeat him before he can locate the weakness!”

All eighty Demonic Generals concentrated and channeled their energies to their fullest potential.

With that, the Heavenly Demonic boundary started to shrink onto Chu Kuangren at a faster rate.

The violent and domineering aura shook the void.

Slowly, the Divine Samsara Overworld, which had been holding its own, started to give way and crumble.

“Oh, you guys increased the intensity, huh? Hah. You guys are getting nervous. The more nervous you are, the more obvious the weakness would be!”

The eighty Demonic Generals increased the boundary’s intensity, but although the boundary was stronger than before, its weakness would be more obvious.

Soon enough, Chu Kuangren narrowed his gaze at a certain spot on the boundary. “I got it!”

He immediately retracted his sword qi and recalled the Divine Samsara Overworld.

On the other hand, the Hundred Academy’s Three Great Conjurations shone brightly, and the ancient Fusang Tree shone with Immortal Sparks. The combined Yin Yang energy shook the void.

Chu Kuangren activated Duality Rites Immortal Physique once more.

The Duality Rites Immortal Physique and Fusang’s Yin Yang energy merged instantly. With the buffs from the Hundred Academy’s Three Great Conjurations, the energy transformed into a pillar of black and white light.

The boundary exploded, and a torrent of terrifying energy gushed out from within.

All eighty Demonic Generals suffered the repercussions from the formation and were sent flying backward.

All it took was one attack on a single point to break the entire boundary.

As the remaining energy went rampant across the field, a figure in white stood in the air covered in Immortal Sparks, looking like the indomitable Immortal King.

“You guys lost,” Chu Kuangren said calmly while looking at the defeated Demonic Generals.

All the Demonic Generals wore a mix of disbelief, anger, and embarrassment on their faces.

They themselves were famous figures at their times, and now, even with their strength combined, they had lost to that young man.

Despite not being at their prime and no longer possessing one-thousandth of their original strength, they lost.

It was a fact that could not change.

“Now, Chiyou Demonic Forefather, it’s time for our battle,” Chu Kuangren said as he looked at Chiyou, expressing his intention to continue the battle.

Chiyou’s lips curled into a grin. “Since you’ve defeated my eighty Demonic Generals combined, my inheritance is already yours. However, I’d like to see what else you can do, so I shall answer your wish and fight you!”

It was at that moment, a torrent of demonic qi, with a mix of intense destructive and murderous energy, swept across the field.

Chiyou wielded his bronze halbert like a warlord who brought disaster and death wherever he went.

He was like the source of all war — the creator of calamity and the bringer of disaster.

As he stepped forward, endless flames of war burned the land.

“My hands wield destruction, and my feet bring the flame of war. My name is Chiyou!”