Chapter 1351 - Fighting Chiyou, True Emperor Dragon Appearing Again

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Chapter 1351: Fighting Chiyou, True Emperor Dragon Appearing Again

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Chiyou stepped forward with endless flames of war sweeping across the land, and with that came a violent pressure that overwhelmed Chu Kuangren.

He alone could match that of eighty Demonic Generals.

“A mere Immortal Consciousness, and he still possesses this level of power? In that case, how powerful was he when he was in his prime? Or should I say only someone as powerful as him is worthy of becoming an opponent to the Human Emperor?” Chu Kuangren murmured.

His eyes were burning with battle intents as well. “Even though this is just a clone of mine, I shall enjoy a great battle with you, Chiyou.”

A crimson sword that glowed in a bloody-red color appeared in his hand.

It was the Blooded Crimson Sword, King Zhou’s Arch Gilded Weapon!

Chu Kuangren’s true self wielded the Descendant Self Sword, so he gave his clone the Blooded Crimson Sword and the Blooded Crimson Armor.

It was just that his clone had never faced an opponent worthy of him to unveil his sword or the armor until now.

However, facing Chiyou demanded more than one hundred percent effort from him, hence the sword.

“What a good sword! I can sense an indomitable battle intent from the sword! The owner of the sword must’ve been an outstanding person!”

Chu Kuangren nodded. “He was an outstanding person indeed.”

King Zhou was the last Human Emperor, and if he were not the most outstanding human of all, no one would be.

Chiyou stepped forward and thrust the halbert forward. Instantly, a chilling glare from the halbert’s edge enveloped heaven and earth, and endless murderous qi gushed toward Chu Kuangren like a tornado.

The halbert was born to kill and lived to fight wars!

In retaliation, Chu Kuangren narrowed his eyes and slashed his Blooded Crimson Sword horizontally.

“Blade of Zhou, Berserking Torment!”

The berserking sword and the murderous halbert clashed in the void.

A deafening clunk erupted upon collision and shattered the void. The shockwave from the clash even sent the eighty Demonic Generals retreating backward.

“Hahaha! What a good strike and swordsmanship! Again!” Chiyou cackled as he struck forward with his halbert again.

The halbert swung across the void, leaving a starburst pattern in its trail. It was as though the halbert strike could destroy stars and planets!

“Great Wasteland Halberd Technique, Planetary Annihilation!”

Chu Kuangren responded by raising his Blooded Crimson Sword high in the air and unleashing a surge of domineering and boundless energy.

“Blade of Zhou, Tyrannical Ascension!”

As Tyrannical Ascension was cast, a massive sword shadow appeared and swung downward at Chiyou.

It felt as though a lord had descended from the sky and dominated everything.

It was the Tyrannical Ascension versus Planetary Annihilation! The clash of two extremely powerful techniques shook the heavens and shadowed the brightest stars in the galaxy!

All eighty Demonic Generals grinned when they saw Chiyou smile.

“It has been a while since Brother Chiyou smiled so happily!”

“It seems like he really likes this young man!”

“It’s understandable. It’s rare to see such a powerful young man in this era. Even in our times, only less than a handful could match his powers.”

Discussion rose among the Demonic Generals while the fierce battle between Chu Kuangren and Chiyou continued.

Chiyou wielded his halbert wildly, seemingly without any technique. However, he was able to make up for the lack of technique with terrifying brute force.

Coincidentally, the Blade of Zhou worked in the same way.

The clash between the two was not a test of techniques but a competition of raw strength!

Without any restraints, the two of them battled with everything they got and had a great deal of fun!

Chu Kuangren wore a wide smile on his face as well.

It had been a long time since he had such an enjoyable battle. He was almost invincible among the younger generations, and the older generations dared not fight him because of all kinds of restraints and karmic consequences.

As such, he would get lonely at times because he did not have a worthy opponent.

However, fighting Chiyou, a powerful warrior from the past, now excited him. Even if it was just a sliver of the man’s Immortal Consciousness, he felt pressured, and the pressure fueled his adrenaline and excitement.

“Chiyou, your powers really live up to your name! No one in the same realm has been my match in a fight since I came to this world,” Chu Kuangren said with a wide grin.

He could tell that Chiyou’s strength was that of a True Immortal, which was the same cultivation level as him.

Maybe it was the limitation of the inheritance.

Since it was a trial, it should not be impossible for Chu Kuangren to pass.

Despite Chiyou demonstrating the power of a True Immortal, common True Immortals would never be able to defeat him, and only Prodigies could have a slight chance.

Only a top-notch Prodigy like Chu Kuangren could match Chiyou in battle.

“If your true self is here, I might have already lost,” Chiyou said. He had nothing but praise and admiration for Chu Kuangren.

“But unfortunately, you’re just a clone, and a clone can never be my match, no matter how strong you are!”

Chiyou released a powerful warcry, prompting violet demonic patterns to appear on his face. Then, he raised his bronze halbert into the air. “Great Wasteland Halberd Technique, Nine Heaven Cry!”

As the halbert rose to the air, endless demonic qi gushed out. It was as though a demon god was roaring at the gods in the heavens.

“Blade of Zhou, Infinite Void!”

Countless Daoist patterns gathered on Chu Kuangren and circled around his sword.

The moment he struck down with his sword, a dazzling sword ray that contained countless mystical Daoist patterns inside shot out.

The Infinite Void technique was truly the sword of a tyrant, and nothing would stand in the way of a tyrant!

However, the Infinite Void slowly fell into a disadvantageous position as the demonic qi continued to grow. With the sword qi shattered, the Daoist patterns started to disperse.

Endless demonic qi flooded toward Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren responded by swinging the Blooded Crimson Sword forward to cast the Nine-layered Sword Barrier!

However, the halbert’s strength was aggressive and domineering. Its lightning speed caught Chu Kuangren off guard and prevented him from utilizing the barrier’s full strength.

The sword qi intertwined in the void and only formed seven layers of the sword qi barrier.

The sword qi barriers shattered easily.

Chu Kuangren raised his sword to his chest to block the halbert’s attack, but the immense demonic qi blasted him several meters away.

“Hahaha! You’re trying to win me in that condition? It’s impossible!”

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Chiyou’s halbert continued to release a massive demonic qi.

“Is that so?” Chu Kuangren chuckled and took a deep breath. Then, a golden light started to radiate from his body.

“I, Chu Kuangren, am great at exceeding people’s expectations, especially when others think it’s impossible!”

The golden light shrouded the realm and released a majestic aura, as though an emperor had descended.

At that moment, Chiyou and the eighty Demonic Generals were shocked.

“This energy is… It’s impossible!”

“The one who takes up Chiyou’s trial is a Human Emperor?!”

A dragon’s roar came from above Chu Kuangren.

Nine strands of golden dragon qi gushed out from the light and transformed into nine golden dragons possessing mighty auras that shook heaven and earth!

“Chiyou, let’s continue the fight!” Chu Kuangren said.

The Blooded Crimson Sword buzzed excitingly. After all, it was a Human Emperor’s weapon, so it was natural for it to resonate with the golden dragon.

The Human Emperor’s energy further excited the sword, reminding it of its days fighting alongside King Zhou.

Chiyou went silent for a moment before he grinned widely, and his grin turned into laughter that echoed throughout the realm.

“Hahaha! This is interesting! Very interesting indeed! I fought Xuanyuan back in the day for the throne of the Human Emperor, but I lost. Now, the one who takes up my inheritance trial is a Human Emperor! This is indeed interesting!”