Chapter 1352 - Warlord Halbert, Tyrant Sword, Acquiring the Inheritance, Ruler's Temperament And Manner

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Chapter 1352: Warlord Halbert, Tyrant Sword, Acquiring the Inheritance, Ruler’s Temperament And Manner

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Chiyou lost the battle of Zhuolu and eventually lost the throne of the Human Emperor.

It had always been a regret that haunted him, and now, the person that would inherit his legacy was a Human Emperor.

It was irony at its finest.

“The Human Emperor of this era is a young man of True Immortal level? This is astonishing,” Chiyou said ironically.

“The Great Deification Calamity, co-planned by the two great Immortal Halls, wiped the Human Emperor out of existence. Now that I have inherited the duty of the Human Emperor, I’ve sworn to overthrow the Immortal Hall and revive the glory of the Human Emperor! The respect of the Human Emperor will exceed the heavens,” Chu Kuangren said calmly and confidently.

The Human Emperor shared the same status as heaven, yet he claimed he would rise beyond it.

He wanted to surpass the previous generations of Human Emperors and achieve what they could not.

A strange gaze flashed in Chiyou’s eyes upon hearing Chu Kuangren. “Overthrow the Immortal Halls? You have chosen an unusual path.”

The Immortal Halls had yet to exist in Chiyou’s era, but the great ones of the Embodier Realm could deduce the past and future to a certain extent and peek into the long flowing river of time.

Hence, he knew of the two great Immortal Halls.

“Now, Human Emperor of this era, show me how much you’ve mastered the Ultimate Human Emperor Technique!”

Chiyou released a powerful shout. Then, the violet demonic patterns on his face glowed and swirled as he threw himself at Chu Kuangren.

Wielding the Blooded Crimson Sword, Chu Kuangren was surrounded by the nine Gold Emperor Dragons that granted him a dignified aura while the roars from the dragons shook the heavens.

With that, the sword and halbert clashed again.

This time, Chiyou was blasted back several meters. Even the halbert trembled non-stop.

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“The Gold Emperor Dragon is really powerful,” Chiyou exclaimed.

Chu Kuangren had yet to cultivate the Gold Emperor Dragon to its strongest state because it was closely related to his fortune.

His current human fortune level was not enough for him to achieve the highest state.

However, its buff was more than enough for Chu Kuangren as a True Immortal.

“Great Wasteland Halberd Technique, Nine Heaven Cry.”

The demonic patterns swirled violently as Chiyou used his technique once more.

On the other hand, Chu Kuangren countered with the last form of the Blade of Zhou, Infinite Void!

This time, the Infinite Void was buffed by the Gold Emperor Dragon. Countless Daoist patterns converged within the sword qi, granting it a peerless and domineering aura, as though the ancient Human Emperor, King Zhou, reappeared once more.

The Infinite Void crushed the boundless demonic qi!

Chiyou was blasted backward wretchedly. “Your sword technique rivals that of Xuanyuan’s sword qi. Who created it?”

He was curious. Xuanyuan’s sword qi was acknowledged as the Number One Sword Dao cultivation back in his era; its might was unrivaled.

However, in his opinion, Chu Kuangren’s Blade of Zhou was powerful enough to match Xuanyuan’s sword qi.

“Human Emperor Dixin, who is also known as King Zhou in the history records,” Chu Kuangren said.

“Created by the Human Emperor? Ha! Again!”

Chiyou attacked once more. This time, his offense got stronger and more violent while the demonic patterns on his face shone even brighter.

“I didn’t expect it would be a Human Emperor.”

“Is this the will of the heavens? Brother Chiyou failed to ascend to the throne, and now a new generation Human Emperor is here to acquire his inheritance.”

“Brother Chiyou was after the Human Emperor’s throne all his life but failed. Who would have thought that he is to pass his legacy to a Human Emperor after his death? It’s depressing and ironic…”

The Demonic Generals lamented.

Chiyou was a battle fanatic all his life. He devoted his life to pursuing the Human Emperor’s throne but eventually lost the Battle of Zhuolu.

Now, even after death, he had to contribute to his lifelong goal to a Human Emperor.

The thought of it was depressing enough, and it fueled the Demonic Generals’ grievances.

Chiyou, however, showed no grievance in the battle with Chu Kuangren. He was overwhelmed with excitement and adrenaline. The satisfying grin on his face showed that he was enjoying the battle to the fullest.

He felt like he had returned to Zhuolu, where he fought his lifelong enemy, Xuanyuan.

“Young man, this is the last attack. Endure it, and the inheritance is yours!”

Chiyou released a warcry. As demonic qi shot up into the air, mystical Daoist patterns filled the void around him and released an aged but vast aura.

“Great Wasteland Halberd Technique, Final Form, Great Wasteland Subjugation!”

The halbert strike contained all of Chiyou’s experience, his battle, his ferocious qi, and his battle intent.

For a moment, Chu Kuangren thought he saw Chiyou in full armor, wielding his bronze halbert and charging forward with his brothers on the battlefield to conquer Zhuolu.

Chu Kuangren wore a serious expression on his face and countered. “Blade of Zhou, Infinite Void!”

He channeled his Immortal’s Core to the limit and activated the Single Qi Three Clarity Transformation. Then, boundless Immortal’s Core energy gushed into the Blooded Crimson Sword.

The slash he performed resembled that of King Zhou. It looked like the ancient Human Emperor had appeared once more and fought Chiyou across eras.

A halbert strike to subjugate the wasteland; a sword slash to defy the path of heaven!

The Wasteland Warlord’s halbert clashed with the Tyrant’s Infinite Void Sword!

The explosion silenced all sound in the realm, and only the dazzling Daoist patterns were left shimmering.

All the Demonic Generals stared at the explosion and were in awe at the Daoist patterns containing battle intent and unwavering will.

As the two powerful forces erupted, the shockwave blasted the two figures backward.

Chu Kuangren regained his balance and stood straight with his sword in hand. The Golden Emperor Dragons had faded, and the Blooded Crimson Sword was buzzing vigorously.

It was the fiercest battle he had ever been in.

“Chiyou, as expected of the Demonic Forefather and a warlord,” Chu Kuangren exclaimed.

Chiyou stood tall with his halbert in his hand. There were bloody injuries all over his body, putting him in a more sorry state than Chu Kuangren.

“Young man, you’ve amazed me. You are worthy of my inheritance and the Human Emperor’s throne.”

Admiration and praise filled Chiyou’s eyes as he was pleased to acknowledge Chu Kuangren’s victory. He was happy to have such an amazing person of human lineage inherit his legacy.

He might be known as the Demonic Forefather, but he was also a human.

Although he fought Xuanyuan for the throne, deep down, he was still human.

‘Thank you.” Chu Kuangren put the Blooded Crimson Sword away and nodded in gratitude.

“Young man, don’t let my brother down with his inheritance.”

“My brother is a mighty warrior, and you shall try to be at least half of what he is!”

The Demonic Generals came forward and expressed their thoughts.

Chiyou waved his hand. “Not only me. You cannot fail the Human Emperor too. Now that you’re my successor, you must be even more powerful than Xuanyuan.”

The mention of Xuanyuan reminded Chiyou of his old rival. “I wonder if that old bastard has a successor. If you happen to meet him, don’t you lose.”

Chu Kuangren immediately thought of Xuanyuan’s successor from the Human Emperor Sect. He grinned and said, “I won’t.”

Chiyou and Xuanyuan might be rivals, but they knew each other better than anyone.

Legend had it that after Chiyou lost the battle, Xuanyuan conferred Chiyou as a warlord using the right of the Human Emperor, hence shocking all the remaining humans at that time.

It stated how much the humans feared Chiyou and Xuanyuan respected his rival.

Henceforth, Chu Kuangren also respected Xuanyuan but not the successor. Xuanyuan’s successor was not worthy of respect.

“I failed to ascend to the Human Emperor throne, so I shall now pass my inheritance to you. You have inherited not only my legacy but also my willpower to a certain extent,” Chiyou said.

Unlike other Demonic Generals, he was not outraged by his loss.

Quite the opposite, he was a generous person. As long as it was for the sake of the human race, he did not mind if his successor was a Human Emperor or not.

That would be the magnanimity and the breadth of the spirit of a warlord!