Chapter 1353 - Ashura Mask, Great Wasteland Halberd, Demonic General Cauldron, Jiuli In A Pinch Again

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Chapter 1353: Ashura Mask, Great Wasteland Halberd, Demonic General Cauldron, Jiuli In A Pinch Again

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Back in the secret realm of the Jiuli Tribe, Chu Kuangren opened his eyes to three treasures placed on the altar before him.

The restriction seals on it were gone.

“Master Chu, you did it!” The Jiuli Tribe Leader looked at Chu Kuangren with the utmost astonishment.

Even though he knew Chu Kuangren was extremely talented and might be the successor that Chiyou had been waiting for, it still surprised him when Chu Kuangren finally did it.

He was awestruck by the fact that Jiuli Tribe’s duty had finally been completed today.

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Under the excited gaze of the Jiuli Tribe Leader and others, Chu Kuangren slowly walked toward the altar.

He reached out to the floating mask first.

The mask resembled the face of an Ashura, a ferocious looking one, and it also had many mystical runes carved into it.

It was called the Ashura Mask.

Forged by Chiyou, the patterns carved into it mimicked the demonic patterns that he cultivated, and it would enhance the demonic patterns when equipped.

Other than that, it could also conceal one’s presence.

Next to the mask was the bronze halbert, the Great Wasteland Halbert. It was an Embodier Weapon that contained Chiyou’s Great Wasteland Halbert Technique, which was also an Embodier technique.

Back in ancient times, Chiyou relied on his Great Wasteland Halbert and the Great Wasteland Halbert Technique to conquer the battlefield, making him the only human that could rival Xuanyuan’s forces.

Lastly was the pitch-black three-legged cauldron, named the Demonic General Cauldron.

It has all eighty-one Demonic Generals carved into it, including Chiyou.

The cauldron was forged using Chiyou’s Immortal Consciousness after the Battle of Zhuolu to collect the remaining souls of the Demonic Generals.

Refining the cauldron would enable one to summon eighty Demonic Generals, excluding Chiyou.

“The eighty Demonic Generals are still in soul form, and there’s still room for their powers to improve. If I can teach them the Ghost Dao cultivation technique and let them continue to cultivate, they will be a strong addition to Fengdu Underworld City,” Chu Kuangren murmured as an odd gaze flashed in his eyes.

The eighty Demonic Generals easily outmatched any other cultivator even in soul form.

On top of that, they possessed the experience and wisdom of their previous lives. If they converted to Ghost Dao, they could achieve new heights with only half the effort.

“Hm. I think the Demonic Generals are going to change their names to Yin Generals soon. I’m looking forward to them conquering the battlefields valiantly.”

Chu Kuangren’s chuckle showed how much hope he had in the eighty Demonic Generals.

The Ashura Mask containing the cultivation experience for the demonic patterns, the Great Wasteland Halbert, its Great Wasteland Halbert Technique, and the eighty Demonic Generals from the Demonic General Cauldron were all of Chiyou’s inheritance.

“Jiuli Tribe Leader, I have to go into closed-door cultivation for a while to refine Chiyou’s inheritance. Since I’m not seeing anyone, could I ask you to take care of my friends?”

Chu Kuangren was referring to Fu Yin and Shi Ying.

“Of course.” Jiuli Tribe Leader nodded and answered respectfully. The admiration he had for Chu Kuangren was overflowing from his gaze.

The Jiuli Tribe practically worshipped Chiyou as a religion.

Now that Chu Kuangren had acquired Chiyou’s inheritance, in a sense, he had become Chiyou’s representative, which granted him status equal to or higher than the Jiuli Tribe Leader.

Chiyou’s inheritance appearance attracted the attention of many with its vast demonic qi, but it only lasted for a short while.

Other than the dozen of neighboring tribes, the others on Holy Violet Emperor Planet could not even pinpoint where the inheritance ground was.

The news of the Chimei Tribe Leader perishing within the Jiuli Tribe shocked and deterred the other tribes from doing anything rash.

“It will take time, or at least a few years for Master Chu to refine God Chiyou’s inheritance. During this time, the Jiuli Tribe is to strengthen its defense and protect Master Chu at all costs. No one is allowed to disturb him,” the Jiuli Tribe Leader said to the elders once they left the secret realm.

The elders knew the importance of Chiyou’s inheritance, so they carried out the order meticulously.

Everyone in the tribe viewed Chu Kuangren as the future of the Jiuli Tribe.

While Chu Kuangren was in closed-door meditation within the Jiuli Tribe, many other sky-prides and Heavenly Champions managed to locate the source of the demonic qi through various methods.

Especially the Demonic Dao Sect, they were able to find out that the surge of demonic qi originated from Chiyou’s inheritance.

Moreover, the Jiuli Tribe was closely related to Chiyou, hence the conclusion.

Soon, the news of the Jiuli Tribe having the Chiyou’s Inheritance spread like wildfire.

A powerful Yokai qi exploded above the sky of the Jiuli Tribe.

It was the avarice, an ancient wild beast!

The avarice peered down coldly at the tribesmen. “Handover Chiyou’s inheritance and Jiuli shall be spared.”

He was just a True Immortal, but he looked confident and capable enough to challenge the whole of the Jiuli Tribe.

The Jiuli Tribe Leader came out. “Young man, leave and you shall be spared.”

He unleashed a sliver of his Gilded Immortal aura, and the avarice immediately felt intimidated.

“You’re the Jiuli Tribe Leader?” the avarice asked coldly.

“Just as the rumor stated, the strongest within the Jiuli Tribe is just a Gilded Immortal. In that case, I have nothing to be afraid of anymore!”

The avarice chuckled. “I am the sky-pride of the Avarice Tribe from the Great Ten Thousand Mountains, and the King of the Avarice Tribe is an Arch Gilded Immortal. It’ll only take a flip of a hand for him to eliminate the entire Jiuli Tribe. If you don’t want to be annihilated, hand over Chiyou’s inheritance.”

The Jiuli Tribe Leader’s expression shifted upon hearing the avarice.

“Handover the Chiyou’s inheritance!”

Another voice sounded from further away.

Several Demonic Dao Sect sky-prides with overflowing demonic qi appeared.

The one with the violet demonic patterns on his face said, “Hand it over. As a fellow Demonic Dao cultivator, I can assure your safety.”

“Then don’t blame us for getting rough.”

The Demonic Dao sky-pride narrowed his eyes and chilly murderous intent started to show.

“Chiyou’s inheritance? Interesting.”

Farther away, several powerful energy presences appeared.

More sky-prides arrived at the scene.

One of them wore purple robes that complemented his noble presence.

“It’s Zi Yunxi of Kunlun Immortal Hall’s Holy Violet Tribe!”

“Rumor has it that he’s second only to the Holy Violet Imperial Commander within the Holy Violet Tribe!”

Someone recognized the person in violet.

“Hmph! The Mountain Ghoul Tribe is getting the Chiyou’s inheritance. No one is allowed to lay a finger on it!”

A sardonic scoff sounded.

A man holding a skull shrouded in ominous and eerie qi came over.

He was the sky-pride of the Mountain Ghoul House from Eastern Sovereign Immortal Hall.

“Oh, look at that. It’s Gui Ming from Mountain Ghoul House. I didn’t expect to see Eastern Sovereign Immortal Hall here,” Zi Yunxi said with a glance.

“If the Kunlun can be here, so can the Eastern Sovereign,” Gui Ming scoffed.

The sky-prides of the yokai beast, Demonic Dao Sect, and the two great Immortal Halls were all present at Jiuli Tribe.

Other than them, other sky-prides from different forces arrived at the scene as well.

They were all here for Chiyou’s inheritance.

The only similarity all of them shared was that every single one of them, or at least the forces they came from, was capable of obliterating the Jiuli Tribe easily.

Suddenly, the Jiuli Tribe found themselves in a pinch again after the attack from the Chimei Tribe Leader!