Chapter 1354 - Qin Clan Fourth Young Master, Five Dragons Dominion Art, I Want You Dead

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Chapter 1354: Qin Clan Fourth Young Master, Five Dragons Dominion Art, I Want You Dead

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Yokai beast, Demonic Dao Sects, the two great Immortal Halls, and sky-prides from other forces came to the Jiuli Tribe for the Chiyou’s inheritance.

Every one of them had an astounding background, and they each possessed the capability to eliminate the entire Jiuli Tribe ten times over.

The Jiuli Tribe Leader stared at the sky-prides and Heavenly Champions with a terrible expression. Then, he started to shake uncontrollably as he was at a loss for action.

Even though he was a peak Gilded Immortal and none of the sky-pride and Heavenly Champion were his match, it did not mean he could just ignore them.

He could not put his entire tribe at risk and engaged the enemies. It would only bring catastrophe to his tribe.

“If only Master Chu is here,” Li Fei murmured as her eyes gleamed hopefully.

The Jiuli Tribe Leader let out a long sigh. “Even if Master Chu is here, he can’t do anything either.”

Every sky-pride and Heavenly Champion present were astounding on their own, and the forces they represented were terrifyingly massive.

No matter how powerful Chu Kuangren was, he was one man.

How could he go up against that many opponents?

The thought put the Jiuli Tribe Leader in despair.

Could that be the end of the Jiuli Tribe?”

“Jiuli Tribe, time’s up. Handover the inheritance,” Gui Ming of the Mountain Ghoul House shouted.

He raised the skull in his hand and released a dark, eerie Immortal Spark that turned into specters that filled the area.

The scene was reminiscent of the attack from the Chimei Tribe Leader, which put Jiuli in an even more terrible position.

Further away, a golden warship rose from the horizon.

The massive and majestic warship resembled a monstrous beast shrouding the sky.

The sky-prides and Heavenly Champions were astonished by its appearance and were immediately deterred.

“That ship is from the Qin clan!”

The Qin clan was a dominating force on Holy Violet Emperor Planet, possessing powerful resources that rivaled the ancient immortal orthodoxies from the Immortal World.

It was said that the Qin clan was related to a certain emperor of ancient times who wished to restore the supreme Human Emperor.

“The Qin clan is a native faction. Are they here to help the Jiuli Tribe?”

The Jiuli Tribe Leader could not help but feel hopeful all of a sudden.

It was then a cold voice came from the warship, saying, “Handover Chiyou’s inheritance, and Jiuli shall be enlisted as a guest under the Qin clan banner. We will offer you protection!”

The words shattered the tiny bit of hope the Jiuli Tribe Leader had.

After all, a small tribe like Jiuli would never be worthy of the Qin clan’s attention. They were here because of Chiyou’s inheritance, like everybody else.

“Jiuli might not be a big tribe, but as the descendants of God Chiyou, we will never betray our God by giving his inheritance away!” the Jiuli Tribe Leader said with resolve and determination.

“If you insist, don’t blame us for being rough,” the voice from the warship said.

A man in brown robes with five dragons sewn on it walked onto the deck.

Each step he took and each move he made screamed of dominance.

“It’s the Fourth Young Master of the Qin clan, Qin Fei!”

Someone recognized the man.

The most remarkable sky-pride of the Qin clan was the Eldest Young Master, Qin Fengyun. Rumor had it that he was a ridiculously powerful Prodigy who had become a Third-grade True Immortal.

Qin Fei might not be as powerful as Qin Fengyun, but he was also considered a Prodigy.

Even Gui Ming of the Mountain Ghoul House and Zi Yunxi of the Holy Violet Tribe was lackluster when compared to him.

Qin Fei raised his hand into the air and gathered the spiritual qi of the realm. Terrifying energy gathered above his palm and then transformed into a ferocious, violent fiery dragon.

The fiery dragon crashed down from the sky and went straight to the Jiuli Tribe.

“It’s the Qin clan’s Five Dragons Dominion Art!”

“That’s the Scarlet Dragon Shadow of the Five Dragons Dominion Art! It is said that the Immortal Scripture can be used offensively and defensively. It’s powerful and almost in the ranks of an Embodier Immortal Scripture!”

The fiery dragon terrified the crowd.

Its roar shattered the void as it flew down toward the tribe.

The Jiuli Tribe Leader was prepared to defend his tribe against the Scarlet Dragon Shadow.

Defending against the Scarlet Dragon Shadow was not that difficult for the Jiuli Tribe Leader with his Gilded Immortal cultivation base. However, before he could do anything, a surge of tremendously powerful energy appeared in the void and locked onto him.

The energy presence pressured even him, a Gilded Immortal.

It was from an Arch Gilded Immortal within the Qin clan! Someone inside was restraining him from defending his tribe.

Not only him but even the tribe elders were pressured and pinned to the ground. They could do nothing but watch the Scarlet Dragon Shadow crash onto them.

Right before the critical moment befell them, countless Immortal Sparks shimmered in the void and formed a reddish-golden tree to block the Scarlet Dragon Shadow.

It was the Fusang Tree!

Many sky-prides and Heavenly Champions were astounded and terrified by the tree’s appearance.

“Why is the Fusang Tree here? Is that man here as well?!”

Someone gasped in fear and started to tremble uncontrollably.

At that moment, the image of a white figure appeared in their minds.

However, a voluptuous woman in black emerged from the ancient tree, and each move she made screamed of dark, eerie qi.

“Phew! I thought it was really that guy!”

Some sighed a breath of relief, while some had yet to recover from their shock.

“This woman is closely related to Chu Kuangren. If she’s here, there’s a chance that he might be too.”

The sky-prides exchanged a quick look.

Then, multiple Immortal Consciousness scanned the Jiuli Tribe from inside to outside. Not a single corner was left unturned.

They were afraid that Chu Kuangren was hiding inside.

However, no matter how many times they scanned the place, up or down, shallow or deep, they did not find any traces of Chu Kuangren.

“Great! He’s not here!”

“Things would get ugly if he’s here.”

Gui Ming of Mountain Ghoul House sighed a breath of relief, and even Zi Yunxi relaxed.

The native sky-prides were baffled by the foreigners’ reaction, not knowing what they were afraid of.

“She controls the power of Fusang, but it’s not that scary.”

The native sky-prides simply assumed the foreigners overreacted to the girl’s appearance.

When Qin Fei saw Fu Yin block his Scarlet Dragon Shadow from the warship, it aroused his possessiveness. “What a cool beauty.”

“You are asking for it!” Fu Yin responded coldly upon sensing the man’s gaze. Then, mystical Nether Flame sprung out from her body at the next moment.

“Oh, Mystical Nether Flame. Nice!”

Qin Fei’s eyes glimmered before a surge of domineering energy exploded from him.

Scarlet, blue, yellow, gold, and green — dragon shadows of five different colors sprung out and surrounded him, forming a peerless defensive barrier.

The Mystical Nether Flame did not even lay a scratch on him.

“My beautiful girl, follow me, and I will give you whatever you want. Wealth, Immortal Crystals, Immortal Herbs, whatever you wish. What do you say?”

Qin Fei stood with his hands behind his back and grinned confidently.