Chapter 1355 - It's Really Him, Two Choice, Prepare To Welcome Despair

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Chapter 1355: It’s Really Him, Two Choice, Prepare To Welcome Despair

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“I want you dead!” Fu Yin said in the coldest tone.

Then, a large amount of Yin qi spread outward and flooded the field.

Qin Fei’s expression turned grim upon hearing Fu Yin’s answer. “Woman, you’ve successfully made me mad!”

As an arrogant and proud person, Qin Fei always got what he wanted, especially the woman he liked.

“Since you don’t know how to be grateful, I’ll defeat you first and teach you some proper manners when I bring you back!”

After that, all five dragons around him released their respective dragon breath.

All five dragons represented the different elements in the Five Ways.

Five different energies with a mix of the dragon’s might were shot toward Fu Yin, leaving a trail of colors that painted the realm gorgeously.

Naturally, Fu Yin refused to step down. She channeled the Mystical Nether Flame and countered the dragon’s breath. The whirring of the eerie dark flame felt like it could freeze all life.

It was the mystical flame versus the dragon’s breath!

A deafening explosion went off upon collision and tore the void apart.

The clash sent Fu Yin sliding several meters backward.

However, Qin Fei did not even flinch as he was protected by the five dragons.

Fu Yin was horrified. “He’s stronger than me…”

The Fusang Tree behind her released its Immortal Sparks, and Yin Yang intent started to flow around it.

As the leaves rustled in the air, the full power of the Fusang Tree erupted.

This time, the blast from the Fusang Tree successfully pushed Qin Fei and his five dragons backward.

“The full power of the Fusang tree is indeed something else.”

The battle continued with Fu Yin deftly using the Fusang’s power and the mystical flame to counter Qin Fei’s five domineering dragons.

On the other hand, Gui Ming, Zi Yunxi, and the others finally made a move after realizing the battle between Fu Yin and Qin Fei would continue for a while.

“The Chiyou’s inheritance must be within the Jiuli Tribe. If they won’t hand it over, we will have to take it by force.”

“I believe the tribe leader won’t just sit back and watch his tribesmen die!”

All sky-prides and Heavenly Champions rushed toward the Jiuli Tribe.

The Jiuli Tribe Leader and the other elders were pinned on the spot by an Arch Gilded Immortal, so they could not do anything but watch their people slaughtered with their teeth gnashed.

A feminine voice suddenly sounded from the crowd of Jiuli tribesmen.

Shi Ying stepped up wielding her Immortal Sword, and countless sword qi intertwined before her to form seven layers of sword qi barrier that protected a bunch of Jiuli children behind her.

Further away, Li Fei and the other Jiuli cultivators tried their best in defending their tribe against the sieging sky-prides and Heavenly Champions.

The sky-prides did not care about casualties. They were merciless, all for the sake of getting Chiyou’s inheritance.

Li Fei and the others gave their fullest in defending, but it would not last long.

“Damn it! Those bastards!”

Shi Ying was overwhelmed with anger and helplessness as the Jiuli tribesmen died before her eyes.

Suddenly, a surge of powerful sword qi landed on the sword qi barriers, crushing them in one slash.

A cultivator wielding a black demonic sword and bathed in sharp demonic sword qi stepped up. He looked at Shi Ying greedily. “You’re using the Nine-Layered Sword Barrier of the Twenty-Four Sword Dao Techniques, right? Hand it over, and I’ll spare your life.”

Shi Ying wore a frosty look and lifted her hands to unleash her sword qi.

Clinks and clanks sounded in the air as she fought the cultivator.

The whole Jiuli Tribe was engulfed in the flames of war.

“Look, Jiuli Tribe is beyond saving,” Qin Fei said as he blasted five more dragon breaths at Fu Yin, pushing her back once more.

He stared at the strife-ridden tribe with zero compassion and mercy.

Then, he looked at Fu Yin and said, “I’ll give you one more chance. Come with me, and I’ll let you live.”

“My answer is the same: I want you dead!” Fu Yin said coldly.

She might sound feisty, but deep down, she was anxious and nervous.

She could only stall Qin Fei for a limited amount of time, and if the battle was prolonged, she would inevitably lose.

Similarly, Shi Ying, Li Fei, and the others were stretched out as well.

‘Is this the end for the Jiuli Tribe?’ Fu Yin thought with her brows furrowed.

To be honest, she could not care less about Jiuli Tribe’s life and death, but Chu Kuangren was still inside.

“Stubborn. I’ll end you with this last move,” Qin Fei said. As he raised his hand to the sky, his dragons roared in the sky.

Five dragons swirled in the air, releasing countless Immortal Sparks and five different elemental energies. The void around Qin Fei shook violently.

“I must block this attack with all I got!” Fu Yin’s expression turned bitter as she sensed a deadly threat from Qin Fei.

Hence, she quickly channeled Mystical Nether Flame and the Fusang’s power to the limit.

“Five Dragon World Destruction!” Qin Fei shouted and wanted to unleash his killer move.

However, before he could release it, he sensed something further away and looked in that direction in horror.

Not only Qin Fei but the other sky-prides and Heavenly Champions were also shocked by the energy presence.

An immensely powerful surge of demonic qi erupted and shattered half the void in the area, terrorizing every sky-pride and Heavenly Champion on the field.

The shattered void revealed a whole new world behind it.

“It’s a secret realm!”

“Could it be the realm that holds Chiyou’s inheritance? No wonder we couldn’t find it before this!”

“What a terrifying presence. Who’s inside there? Is it the one who has gotten Chiyou’s inheritance?”

A large cave opened up in Jiuli’s secret realm.

The demonic qi from the cave was so intense that it broke the void coming out.

Everyone who felt the demonic qi was terrified and stunned.

Some sky-prides and Heavenly Champions gulped in fear as a thought rushed into their minds.

“There’s a familiar presence mixed within the demonic qi. Is it… Is it him?!”

“If Fu Yin is here, does it mean he’s here as well?!”

“I heard the man has used Demonic Dao techniques before, so it’s not surprising that he has demonic qi of this level.”

Everyone immediately stopped fighting and stared at the cave leaking Demonic qi.

Then, footsteps came from within.

“You people have two options: kneel before me and take your own life, or I will do it for you.

“You can either die a quick death or experience despair from my hand.”

The person had yet to emerge from the cave, but the voice echoed throughout the realm. Everyone heard the terrifying voice.

Some of the sky-prides and Heavenly Champions were so horrified that their faces turned pale, their bodies shook violently, and fear was written all over their faces.

Following that, a pair of white boots stepped out from the cave.

The intense demonic qi was at its peak as a figure in white emerged from within.

Among the demonic qi that filled the realm, the man with the handsome looks but chilly gaze peered down at all invaders.

He was like a Demonic God that controlled death and destruction.

Zi Yunxi, Gui Ming, and the others were horrified.

The Avarice, manticore, and the other sky-prides from the Wild Beast Tribe trembled in fear. They feared the figure in white as though he was the apex predator on the field.

“No one is kneeling? Great. It seems like you people have chosen the second option.”

Chu Kuangren stepped out of the secret realm and glanced at everyone on the field. He stood with his hands behind his back and said, “Well then, are you all prepared to welcome despair?”