Chapter 1356 - Blood Wreckers Sky-Pride, No One Can Make Me Flee Yet  

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Chapter 1356: Blood Wreckers Sky-Pride, No One Can Make Me Flee Yet

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“Are all of you prepared to welcome despair?”

Chu Kuangren stood with his hands behind his back, uttering those frightful words in the coldest tone as he peered down at all of them.

A sky-pride opposite him was so horrified that his face turned bleach white, his body shook uncontrollably, and his eyes widened in fear.

Chu Kuangren’s one-man aura successfully overwhelmed every sky-pride and Heavenly Champion on the field. No one was even close to matching his intimidating presence.

In addition to his overflowing demonic qi, he was akin to a Demon God.

Horrified, a certain sky-pride lost his will to battle and decided to run.

His figure flashed and transformed into a stream of light that flew out of Jiuli Tribe.

“Fool.” Chu Kuangren pointed his sword hand sign forward, and a sword ray shot out.

The sword ray that contained countless Daoist patterns and its dazzling shine astonished even Gods. It was the Godfearing Daoist Sword Technique of the Twenty-Four Sword Dao Technique!

“Everyone! Fleeing with your backs to Chu Kuangren is unrealistic! This is our fate! The only way we can escape alive is to defeat him!” Zi Yunxi shouted at the others, attempting to instigate the others into teaming up against Chu Kuangren.

At that moment, the sky-prides and Heavenly Champions were reminded of everything horrifying about Chu Kuangren. They knew the man meant everything he said, and if he said he would kill them all, no one could escape his fury.

The thought granted them the resolve they needed to fight this life and death battle!

“Chu Kuangren! It’s us versus you!”

“There are so many of us. I’m sure there’s a chance we can defeat you!”

“I refuse to believe you’re invincible.”

The Demonic Dao Sects sky-prides, yokai sky-prides, cultivators from the Immortal Hall — everyone rallied up and formed a temporary alliance just to fight Chu Kuangren.

Among them, the avarice led the attack against Chu KUangren.

A powerful yokai qi burst and transformed into a black vortex that attempted to suck Chu Kuangren in.

However, a beam of sword ray flashed across the air the next second!

The sword ray ripped the vortex into two, together with the avarice that cast it.

“Holy Violet Sword Art!”

Zi Yunxi revealed an Immortal Sword and unleashed the dazzling purple sword ray that shadowed heaven and earth.

The overwhelming number of attacks enveloped Chu Kuangren. Even the people of the Jiuli Tribe were caught within the area of attack.

Had Chu Kuangren stepped away, the Jiuli Tribe would suffer catastrophic damages.

Hence, the sky-prides and Heavenly Champions were taking a gamble, trying to find out how important the Jiuli Tribe was to Chu Kuangren.

After all, since Chu Kuangren appeared in the Jiuli Tribe, he must be related to them.

As a matter of fact, the Jiuli Tribe was not at all important to him. However, he never thought of stepping away either because he had decided to protect the tribesmen from harm.

“Nine-layered Sword Barrier!”

Chu Kuangren pointed his sword hand sign forward, unleashing countless sword qi from his body that intertwined in the air to form layers of sword qi barrier.

It only took less than a second for the sword qi to form nine sword qi barriers.

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Several loud explosions later, a few layers of the sword qi barriers shattered.

The realm was instantly blinded by countless dazzling Immortal Sparks!

When the energies and lights slowly faded and the dust settled, five layers of sword barriers emerged as though they were the sturdiest walls, immovable by any attacks.

Chu Kuangren and the whole Jiuli Tribe behind the remaining barrier were unscathed.

The scene left everyone else speechless and awestruck.

“Our combined attack didn’t even break half of his sword qi barriers?!”

“How ridiculously powerful is he?!”

Even Zi Yunxi and Gui Ming were stunned, with their eyes bulging in disbelief.

They knew Chu Kuangren was powerful, so they dared not be arrogant or underestimate the man in any way just because they were Prodigies. That was why they believed that with the advantage of numbers, they could somehow match Chu Kuangren’s monstrous strength.

Unfortunately, the outcome was far more disappointing than they had thought; it was hopeless.

“Is this the true strength of a monster?” Zi Yunxi murmured as his eyes flickered in fear.

Could the Holy Violet Imperial Commander match the monster in battle?

“Now, it’s my turn to return the favor. After all, it’s impolite to receive and not give,” Chu Kuangren said.

Again, he pointed his sword hand sign forward. A green light gleamed in his eyes, and the Green Leaf Sword Vision was activated.

Horrified, Zi Yunxi and the others immediately pulled out their life-saving items.

Chu Kuangren simply drew an arc in the air with his finger. In a split second, rampant sword qi gushed forward like a never-ending storm, sweeping over everything within the realm.

Several weaker yokai sky-prides were the first to be caught in the sword qi storm. They were torn to shreds before their body burst into clouds of blood mist.

The sword qi continued forward to the other sky-prides and Heavenly Champions.

Excruciating wails and screams were endless as torn limbs and broken torsos scattered across the field, and clouds of bloody mist filled the air, painting the realm red.

The sword qi storm painted a live picture of purgatory on land!

Many other great ones watching the battle from the dark were rendered speechless, especially the natives.

Holy Violet Emperor Planet only opened up its door not long ago, so it would be the first time they saw Chu Kuangren slaughtering others like a monster.

“This is terrifying! I didn’t know there was a foreign sky-pride this powerful!”

“I believe only the strongest native Prodigies can rival his strength!”

“Only Qin clan’s Qin Fengyun, Holy Violet Pavilion’s Little Heavenly Ruler, and Great Frost Dragon Mountain’s iceworm can match his power!”

Jiuli Tribe Leader was over the moon as he watched Chu Kuangren slaughter the enemies.

‘Master Chu is indeed a peerless genius!’

At the same time, he was moved by Chu Kuangren’s appearance. He knew Chu Kuangren was in closed-door meditation to refine Chiyou’s inheritance. However, having some out so soon meant he had yet finished refining his progress.

He assumed it would take Chu Kuangren several years, yet he came out prematurely just to save the tribe from the enemies.

“Who is this person?” Qin Fei was flabbergasted by Chu Kuangren’s appearance.

Among the younger generations, he had only seen his brother, Qin Fengyun, possessing that much power.

“Hmph! If you leave now, maybe you can walk away alive,” Fu Yin said with a grin.

“Leave? No one on this planet can make me flee from a battle!” Qin Fei cackled.

He raised his hand to channel his ultimate technique. Five different dragon qi gathered above him and formed the mighty Five Ways energy.

Qin Fei might be powerful, but he knew Chu Kuangren was not an easy opponent. That was why he used his most powerful move as the first attack.

The five dragon qi converged and transformed into a ball of colorful light, from which came a dragon’s roar and emanated a domineering aura.

“Five Dragon World Destruction!”

His ultimate attack went off as he hurled the ball of colorful light at Chu Kuangren.

Its mighty and vast energy tore the void in its wake.

Chu Kuangren, too, could sense the energy coming.

“Oh, I have never heard a Prodigy mixing dragon qi with the power of Five Ways. Interesting, but that’s it.”

He pointed to his sword hand sign to cast the Blade of Zhou, Tyrannical Ascension!

The massive sword shadow slashed forward. Compared to the five dragon qi, Its sword qi was more rampant and domineering.

As the two attacks clashed, the sword qi slashed the ball of dragon qi in half!

Just like that, Qin Fei was blasted away with blood gushing from his mouth.

His face turned as pale as snow. “Damn it! I am not his match! Run!”