Chapter 1357 - In This Vast Universe, I Have Proclaimed Myself With Great Arrogance, No One Is a Match for Me

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Chapter 1357: In This Vast Universe, I Have Proclaimed Myself With Great Arrogance, No One Is a Match for Me

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“Damn it! I am not his match! Run!”

Seeing that Chu Kuangren had broken through his ultimate technique, Qin Fei became horrified and immediately attempted to flee!

That was his most powerful technique, after all.

However, it was still nothing in the face of Chu Kuangren’s attack. It showed how tremendous of a gap there was between their powers.

Jin Fei was no match for Chu Kuangren at all!

The only thing he could do now was to escape!

“Oh, where do you think you’re running off to?”

A chilling grin appeared on Chu Kuangren’s face.

Samsara energy soon gushed out from his body and spread everywhere. In an instant, it enveloped the surrounding area, forming a terrifying energy domain!

It was the Divine Samsara Overworld!

As the Divine Samsara Overworld was cast, every sky-pride and Heavenly Champion felt a surge of samsara energy weighing on them.

Those with weaker cultivation levels stood no chance as they immediately exploded into a blood mists.

Even Heavenly Champions like Zi Yunxi and Gui Ming also felt a tremendous force crushing down from above, making their faces pale.

“Do you think my attack ends here?” Chu Kuangren sneered while raising his hand.

A burst of Celestial Demon qi was released to form a seemingly endless band of light, consisting of black and white Immortal Sparks!

Countless mysterious Daoist patterns intertwined within it, brimming with powerful life-death energy.

With the Life-Death Cycle appearing, life-death energy poured out like a merciless tsunami, crushing every sky-pride with its immense power!

Inside the void, the Qin clan’s Arch Gilded Immortal could not help but feel anxious upon seeing that.

Qin Fei was the Qin clan’s Prodigy. If he was killed, it would surely be a great loss for the Qin clan.

However, since they were Arch Gilded Immortals, they could not interfere.

“Daoist Five Dragon Robe, lend me your strength!”

At that moment, Qin Fei’s gorgeous long robes shone brilliantly. The five-dragon qi that was carved into it seemingly came to life and swirled in the void, blocking the corrosive effects of the life-death energy.

That long robe he had was a life-saving item given to him by a great one of the Qin clan.

It could increase Qin Fei’s five dragon powers in a critical moment.

Meanwhile, Zi Yunxi and Gui Ming also took out their respective life-saving items, which protected them from Chu Kuangren’s life-death energy!

Zi Yunxi held his Immortal Sword high, activating the seals of the runes carved within it, while Gui Ming crushed the skull in his hand, letting out an endless barrage of ghouls!

“Hmph. So what if you guys use every life-saving item at your disposal?”

“If I want you dead, there’s no way you can live anymore!” As Chu Kuangren said that, the Immortal Sparks on his Life-Death Cycle shone even brighter, and a more powerful wave of life-death energy swept out!

With that, the five-dragon energy was destroyed!

The purple Immortal Sword blasted out of Zi Yunxi’s hands, and the endless horde of ghouls was all wiped out!

Three clouds of blood mist exploded in the air at the same time.

The three Prodigies had perished!

The Qin clan’s Arch Gilded Immortal, who was watching from the void, was enraged by what happened.

“Just you wait, foreign sky-pride. The Qin clan will never let this act of aggression go unpunished. The Qin clan sky-prides will one day seek justice for what happened!” the Qin clan’s Arch Gilded Immortal said coldly.

“I’ll welcome them anytime!” said Chu Kuangren calmly as he stood with his hands behind his back.

Then, he looked at the remaining sky-prides in the Divine Samsara Overworld and prepared another attack, seeking to wipe them out as well.

“Why is Chu Kuangren so powerful? None of us is a match for him.”

The few Demonic Dao sky-prides used their life-saving items to protect themselves from the effect of the life-death energy.

However, if the three great Prodigies could not survive it, let alone them.

Even with the treasured items’ help, it was obvious that their protecting effects were at their limit.

Just when Chu Kuangren was preparing to attack, an incredibly powerful burst of demonic qi erupted from the distance, shocking the whole area!

Following that, a black pillar of light containing endless destructive power shot toward Chu Kuangren!

That attack immediately broke through the Divine Samsara Overworld!

To counter the attack, Chu Kuangren formed a sword hand sign and cast the Tyrannical Ascension Sword!

The moment his sword qi collided with the pillar of light, his Divine Samsara Overworld was destroyed, and the void was blasted open. Terrifying shockwaves sent the remaining sky-prides flying from the battlefield!

Everyone was shocked.

‘Who could save them from Chu Kuangren’s attack?!’

The great ones of the Holy Violet Emperor Planet and those secretly observing from space immediately looked at the source of that attack.

An arrogant figure dressed in long black robes was approaching through the air. He was holding a black demon spear as terrifying demonic qi surrounded his body, and the surrounding terrain crumbled in his trail!

His demonic qi, which was extremely pure and filled with destructive capability, eventually filled the land!

Some sky-prides even felt like the demonic qi were about devour them just by looking at it.

“What a terrifying person. His demonic qi must be almost on par with Chu Kuangren, right?!”

“Damn. Who the hell is that person?”

However, some of the Demonic Dao sky-prides were immediately overjoyed to see the person.

“It’s Shi Tianxuan of the Sky Demon Tribe!”

“With him around, Chu Kuangren will surely meet his match.”

Shi Tianxuan was the most powerful Heavenly Champion from the Demonic Dao’s Sky Demon Tribe. He was the current owner of the Godkiller Spear and Demonic Forefather Luo Hou’s successor!

Chu Kuangren grinned when he saw who arrived. “You’ve finally come.”

“I’m here to return that sword attack of yours!”

A colorful demonic light lit up in Shi Tianxuan’s eyes, and his Godkiller Spear started trembling uncontrollably.

That was not fear but delight!

A while back at the Demonic Dao’s Luo Hou Ancestral Land, Chu Kuangren had plunged the Demonic Dao into chaos and dealt a devastating blow to them, so Shi Tianxuan was here today to return the favor and wipe away the humiliation he received from that event!

Chu Kuangren chuckled. “That attack was my reward for you. ”

“You’re as f*cking arrogant as ever!” Shi Tianxuan said grimly.

“In this vast universe, I have proclaimed myself with great arrogance, yet no one is a match for me!”

Chu Kuangren did not say much. Standing with his hands behind his back, he gave off a sense of loneliness that came with standing at the pinnacle of power.

No one among the younger generation of cultivators could compete against him.

His feats and achievements had surpassed even that of the sun and the moon’s greatness!

Everyone could only see the endless glory he was basked in, but none of them understood the loneliness of standing alone at the top.

“I hope you can push me further than those weak Prodigies!” Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

“Today, I shall drag you down from the throne of gods and take your place among them!” Shi Tianxuan yelled. The next instant, his demonic qi erupted!

Without another word, he stepped forth and attacked with his Godkiller Spear!

That spear was an Innate Treasure, possessing terrifying offensive capabilities.

Although Shi Tianxuan could not unleash the full power of that spear, just a trace of its might was enough for him to stand amongst the top-tier Prodigies.

His spear energy was like a tornado, causing the surroundings to tremble as it headed toward Chu Kuangren!

“That’s what I’m talking about!”

Chu Kuangren formed a sword hand sign to unleash the Blade of Zhou’s Second Form, Tyrannical Ascension!

At that, a gigantic sword shadow charged forward toward the spear energy!

When the energies from the two attacks collided, the collision emitted a light so bright that the surroundings turned bleak, and both parties were forced back from that exchange!

Even Chu Kuangren was forced back a few meters.

The sight of that stunned many sky-prides!

“A-Am I seeing this right? Chu Kuangren has been pushed back!”

“That’s right. Chu Kuangren has been forced back! He’s not as invincible as we thought! He can be defeated!”

Some sky-prides could not help but smile as if they had gotten some great Opportunity of Fortune.

Fu Yin, who was standing somewhere far away, rolled her eyes.

‘So what? It’s just a few meters. Are they happy just because of that?’

‘Oh well. I guess these sky-prides have been standing in Chu Kuangren’s shadow for too long.’