Chapter 1358 - Clash of the Demonic Forefather Successors, the Burial of Gods and the Great Wasteland Subjugation

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Chapter 1358: Clash of the Demonic Forefather Successors, the Burial of Gods and the Great Wasteland Subjugation

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Shi Tianxuan was delighted to see Chu Kuangren forced back by his attack.

Although the outcome of their battle was uncertain, he was filled with confidence now!

“Chu Kuangren, have another taste of my Godkiller Spear Technique!” Shi Tianxian yelled and thrust out his demonic spear. An incredible destructive power immediately erupted, shocking all who were present!

In the face of that attack, Chu Kuangren formed a sword hand sign. “Blade of Zhou, Infinite Void!”

The tyrannical sword of the Infinite Void burst forward!

As the sword qi from that attack swept out, it felt like every Dao in the universe had to give way to its power.

However, Shi Tianxuan’s spear attack, which was brimming with destructive power, collided with the Infinite Void technique, and the latter was immediately shattered. Once again, Chu Kuangren was forced back!

At that, the crowd was in an uproar!

“Is Chu Kuangren going to lose this time?!”

“That might be possible. Firstly, Shi Tianxuan’s cultivation level is on par with Chu Kuangren, with both of them being Second- or Third-grade True Immortals. Besides, Shi Tianxuan possesses the Godkiller Spear, a powerful weapon. On the other hand, Chu Kuangren is unarmed. How can he possibly be a match for Shi Tianxuan?”

Some of the great ones observing the battle from space were slightly puzzled.

‘Doesn’t Chu Kuangren possess a weapon as powerful as the Godkiller Spear?’

‘Even if he doesn’t, there’s no way he’ll continue fighting unarmed, right?’

“Chu Kuangren, where’s your Black Annihilation Lotus? When are you going to use it?!” Shi Tianxuan said coldly.

He knew the Demonic Forefather Luo Hou’s other Innate Treasure, the Black Annihilation Lotus, was in Chu Kuangren’s possession.

At the thought of the Black Annihilation Lotus, Shi Tianxuan could not help but look excited.

After all, the Black Annihilation Lotus was an Innate Source Supreme Treasure. Even during the ancient Immortal period, it was still considered one of the most top-tier treasures.

It was so valuable that even Arch Gilded Immortals would fight over it.

Any cultivator who managed to obtain an Innate Source Supreme Treasure was said to be favored by the heavens!

If Shi Tianxuan could defeat Chu Kuangren, he would then have two Innate Treasures in his possession!

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If that were the case, he might even become as powerful as Demonic Forefather Luo Hou in the future.

“Hmph, do you think I need to use the Black Annihilation Lotus to defeat you?” Chu Kuangren chuckled.

Then, a long bronze halberd suddenly appeared in his grasp.

Countless demonic patterns were carved onto the halberd, and its power surpassed most of the Immortal Weapons in the universe.

Even Arch Gilded Immortal Weapons could not compare to it.

“That halberd is emanating the aura of Daoist laws. It’s an… Embodier Immortal Weapon!”

One of the great ones narrowed his gaze when he discovered the level of that halberd.

As the name implied, the Daoist law was the law of the Great Universal Dao itself!

The full potential of Embodier Techniques and Embodier Immortal Techniques could only be unleashed when one had mastered the power of Daoist laws.

Usually, Embodier Weapons like Chu Kuangren’s halberd would contain Daoist laws.

“An Embodier Weapon, huh? A weapon like that is already on par with a Source Supreme Treasure. Although it’s not an Innate Source Supreme Treasure like the Godkiller Spear, I don’t think Shi Tianxuan can unleash its full potential either. So, with this Embodier Weapon, I suppose Chu Kuangren should be on par with Shi Tianxuan now.”

“This halberd… Is it Chiyou’s Great Wasteland Halberd?”

“Judging by this terrifying demonic qi, I’m certain that’s the Great Wasteland Halberd. I never thought I would have a chance to see the great weapon. Will I have a chance to witness the Great Wasteland Halberd Technique?”

The Great Wasteland Halberd and Great Wasteland Halberd Technique were, respectively, Chiyou’s main weapon and technique of choice back in those days.

Hence, many great ones were very interested in it.

“It won’t be that easy. The Great Wasteland Halberd Technique is an Embodier Technique. Judging by how recently Chu Kuangren obtained Chiyou’s inheritance, how can we expect him to master that technique in such a short time and even use it in battle?”

“Even if he’s a Prodigy, it’s impossible.”

Only a few days had passed since the appearance of Chiyou’s inheritance.

It would be madness to think that mastering an Embodier Technique in a few days was possible.

“If Master Chu had more time, he surely would’ve comprehended and mastered the Great Wasteland Halberd Technique. Alas…” The Jiuli Tribe Leader could not help but sigh.

Meanwhile, Shi Tianxuan charged forward while activating the Godkiller Spear Technique. Suddenly, a burst of destructive power, along with countless Immortal Sparks, erupted. Daoist patterns formed in the void, turning into devastating spear energy!

“Chu Kuangren, once I launch this attack, your defeat shall be set in stone!”

“Godkiller Spear Technique, Merciless Slaughter!”

With a thrust from his spear, the spear energy erupted with incredibly destructive power that could kill every living being present!

Despite not being on the receiving end of that attack, the surrounding sky-prides were horrified upon seeing it.

“With your current strength, you’re still too weak!”

Chu Kuangren’s body began emanating demonic qi that gathered around the Great Wasteland Halbert in his hand.

At that instant, the Great Wasteland Halbert radiated with brilliance!

“Great Wasteland Halbert Technique, Planetary Annihilation!”

It was the spear versus the halberd!

The energies released by the two weapons collided with a bag that brought the surrounding terrain to the brink of collapse!

“How is this possible?!”

The great ones secretly observing the battle were shocked. They could not believe their eyes.

“Can he really use the Great Wasteland Halberd Technique?!”

“How long has it been? How did he do it?!”

Everyone could not believe it.

The Jiuli Tribe Leader was stunned too.

He initially thought that Chu Kuangren would need to spend dozens of years to fully comprehend Chiyou’s inheritance and master the Great Wasteland Halberd Technique.

However, how many days had it been?

‘His level of cognizance and his talent are just out of this world.’

“It might be impossible for everyone else, but he’s a monster!”

Some of the great ones observing from space lamented.

Chu Kuangren had achieved too many impossible feats. Although the great ones were shocked that he had mastered an Embodier Technique in just a few days, they soon realized that if it was Chu Kuangren, anything that seemed unbelievable would eventually make sense.

After all, that person was Chu Kuangren!

“I can’t believe he has mastered the Great Wasteland Halberd Technique. With this Great Wasteland Halberd, his combat strength will surely increase to another level now!”

Shi Tianxuan frowned as he continued swinging his spear, launching waves of destructive power toward his opponent.

However, with the Great Wasteland Halberd, every advanced technique that Chu Kuangren unleashed contained incredibly terrifying power.

The Godkiller Spear Technique and the Great Wasteland Halberd Technique were both Embodier Techniquesmeant for destruction and killing.

Besides, both Luo Hou and Chiyou were Demonic Forefathers too!

From everyone else’s perspective, Chu Kuangren and Shi Tianxuan’s battle was akin to the two Demonic Forefathers appearing across time, fighting with their lives on the line!

Just a trace of their terrifying demonic qi was enough to cause the surrounding area to crumble.

“Godkiller Spear Technique, Burial of Gods and Buddhas!” Shi Tianxuan yelled as he held the Godkiller Spear tightly and channeled his demonic qi to the maximum.

An endless surge of destructive power gushed out. That attack was seemingly intent on slaying every god and Buddha in the world!

Meanwhile, Chu Kuangren held his Great Wasteland Halberd, not intending to back down at all.

“Great Wasteland Halberd Technique, Great Wasteland Subjugation!”

With a swing from his halberd, an endless sea of flames filled the land!

That attack was the embodiment of Chu Kuangren’s combat intent, demonic qi, and murderous qi combined!

A single attack from his halberd could lay waste to everything in its path!

As the two ultimate techniques — the Burial of Gods and the Great Wasteland Subjugation — collided, a gigantic explosion erupted. Along with that, the universe rumbled, and the suns and moons lost their shine!

The endless spear ray and halberd light released in all directions!