Chapter 1359 - Shi Tianxuan’s Embarrassing Escape, Conjurations on the Holy Violet

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Chapter 1359: Shi Tianxuan’s Embarrassing Escape, Conjurations on the Holy Violet Emperor Planet

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The spear energy and the halberd ray clashed in the void, sending terrifying shockwaves everywhere that leveled the surrounding terrain and ruptured the void!

The surviving sky-prides and Jiuli Tribe cultivators quickly deserted the area for fear of being caught up in the shockwaves.

“What powerful shockwaves.”

“So this is what a battle between top-tier Prodigies looks like. Although Zi Yunxi and Qin Fei are Prodigies, compared to those two, the difference is day and night.”

The Jiuli Tribe cultivators were secretly shocked.

Meanwhile, many people were watching the battle from a faraway mountain peak. They were sky-prides and Heavenly Champions that were drawn over here by the commotion.

One of them was a young girl dressed in a gorgeous black robe with Equinox flower patterns. A look of surprise flashed across her blood-colored eyes.

“His clone has gotten stronger.”

That young girl was Hua Wu Ai (TN: Used to be called “Hua Wuai”).

Initially, she had no interest in coming to the Holy Violet Emperor Planet. However, since she saw Chu Kuangren, she found herself subconsciously attracted to him.

Putting it in another way, she was attracted by his nonexistent fate.

That was why she came to the Holy Violet Emperor Planet — to see what else he, a person with a nonexistent fate, could do.

She was even planning to meet Chu Kuangren’s true self and have a chat with him.

“And that white-robed woman… How interesting. So, she has taken on that form and is now following Chu Kuangren by his side. What is her motive, I wonder?”

Looking at Shi Ying standing in the crowd, Hua Wu Ai murmured to herself.

However, she only took a glance at her and looked away right after.

Although something about Shi Ying intrigued her, she was more interested in Chu Kuangren.

In the skies above Jiuli Tribe, Chu Kuangren and Shi Tianxuan’s battle had reached a climax. Endless destructive power continued clashing against the raging murderous qi that was mixed with demonic qi.

Everyone could vaguely make out two silhouettes fighting in the sky.

One had a determined expression while holding a long black spear. Countless Daoist patterns swirled around him as his body radiated with Immortal Sparks!

Another was armed with a bronze halberd, with bolts of lightning sparking in his eyes. He was also wearing an extremely frightening mask, which made him look like the god of the entire battlefield!

“It’s Demonic Forefather Luo Hou and Chiyou!” A sky-pride could not help but exclaim.

The Embodier Techniques of the two Demonic Forefathers clashed, unleashing a fraction of their power through Chu Kuangren and Shi Tianxuan. As a result, it was as if the two ancient beings had revived and were battling each other!

Despite being a fraction of their power, everyone was already terrified by it!

As the battle ensued, the onlookers could not help but wonder. Had the ancient Embodier elites disappeared from the universe?

Countless years had passed, yet their inheritances and Immortal Consciousness persisted.

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If that were the case, what about themselves? Had they really perished?

No one could say for sure.

That was because the Embodier Realm was just too ethereal and mysterious. Throughout the current Immortal World and even the vast universe, only a handful of them once existed in history.

At that time, Chu Kuangren and Shi Tianxuan’s attack collided, forcing both of them back!

“Is that all you’ve got?” said Chu Kuangren indifferently while holding the Great Wasteland Halberd.

Shi Tianxuan frowned and snorted. “You’re not fooling anyone either, Chu Kuangren. I bet you must be nearing your limit as well.”

“How could someone like you possibly comprehend the limits of my strength?” Chu Kuangren replied emotionlessly.

The next instant, countless mysterious purple demonic patterns appeared on his body, and an even brutal aura poured out right after!

The Jiuli Tribe Leader could not help but exclaim, “That’s… That’s Chiyou’s Demonic Patterns!”

He did not expect Chu Kuangren to master the Great Wasteland Halberd Technique and even Chi You’s Demonic Patterns in such a short time.

With the appearance of Chiyou’s Demonic Patterns, Chu Kuangren’s aura gradually grew stronger!

It became so powerful that Shi Tian felt terrifying pressure from his opponent. Slowly, his expression turned into that of caution.

“Do you think you’re the only one with a combat-strengthening technique?”

“Godkiller State, activate!” Shi Tianxuan roared.

As a mysterious energy fluctuation emerged from his Godkiller Spear, the Daoist patterns on his spear flashed.

Following that, Shi Tianxuan’s aura, too, increased.

“Oh, then what about this?”

Chu Kuangren took out a frightening mask and put it on.

The demonic patterns on that mask flashed and increased Chu Kuangren’s aura once again. He had put on the Ashura Mask, which strengthened the power of his demonic patterns!

Chu Kuangren stepped forward and attacked with his halberd. His attack was so powerful that it could cleave right through a whole mountain!

Shi Tianxuan raised his spear to block it, and a loud clang sounded when the two weapons collided. The horrifying impact from that exchange sent his body trembling uncontrollably, and the ground around him immediately blew up, causing the lower half of his body to drop beneath the surface of the ground!

At that moment, Chu Kuangren’s power was clearly above his!

“Damn it!” Shi Tianxuan yelled. Surges of demonic qi emanated from his body and blasted him free from the ground.

He tried to retaliate, but Chu Kuangren continued attacking in quick succession with his halberd. Every blow carried unimaginable power.

Even with the Godkiller Spear, Shi Tianxuan was still overpowered, with no chance to strike back!

Taking a hit from Chu Kuangren’s halberd, Shi Tianxuan was immediately blasted away, crashing into a nearby mountain range.

Laying in the ruins of that mountain, Shi Tianxuan was in quite a sorry state. His expression was grim. “Why? Why am I still no match for him?!”

‘Is he truly that undefeatable?!’

“Green Leaf Sword Ocean!”

An apathetic voice sounded at that moment.

As the countless strands of sword qi that filled the air were launched toward Shi Tianxuan, he swung his spear, deflecting most of the incoming sword qi attacks.

However, next came a black and white light beam, more powerful than all the sword qi released. That was the Yin Yang Duality Rites Divine Rejuvenation Light!

Everyone was shell shocked.

Besides Chiyou’s inheritance, Chu Kuangren also possessed various Honorable Supreme Immortal Physiques.

His techniques and attacks were endless and ever-changing!

“This is bad. I must leave right now!”

“I’m not a match for Chu Kuangren now. I must escape at once!”

Shi Tianxuan acted decisively and escaped by turning into a stream of light.

Countless silver-white Daoist patterns spread out from Chu Kuangren’s body, sealing away the whole area!

A powerful spacetime sealing energy appeared and instantly immobilized Shi Tianxuan.

Chu Kuangren swung his halberd and landed a direct strike on Shi Tianxuan’s Immortal body. Having been critically injured,Shi Tianxuan immediately spurt out another mouthful of blood.

Just when Chu Kuangren was going to finish the battle by killing Shi Tianxuan, a beam of radiant light suddenly rose into the air somewhere far away!

An incredibly powerful energy fluctuation swept out. In an instant, it covered the entire Holy Violet Emperor Planet!

Daoist chimes reverberated the realm while Daoist patterns appeared in the sky.

Auspicious conjurations of dragons, phoenixes, Kylins trodding across the sea, and the ground blooming with gold lotuses appeared in the sky, one after another.

Chu Kuangren was surprised as he looked into the distance.

While the conjurations appeared, Shi Tianxuan took the opportunity and channeled his demonic qi to its fullest potential. He even set aflame his soul essence without hesitation, which in turn, gained him another burst of demonic qi. Tearing through the restraints of the Spacetime Sealing Technique, he turned into a black ray of light and disappeared into the void.

“Hmph. I shall let you struggle on the verge of death a little longer.”

Chu Kuangren chuckled and did not bother to chase Shi Tianxuan. Instead, he looked at the conjurations that were happening far away. “It seems like something more interesting is happening.”