Chapter 739 - Anonymous

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Chapter 739: Anonymous

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The bishop of the Holy Court, Miranda, was having dinner in the carriage.

Victoria City had been severely damaged. Almost all the high-ranking officials of the Holy Court who had originally belonged to Victoria City had died in that terrible battle.

The archbishop of the Holy Court had no choice but to mobilize manpower from all the regions. He gathered a temporary team and prepared to head to Victoria City to take over a series of troublesome matters.

Not long ago, Miranda had been appointed by the archbishop of the Holy Court to head to Victoria City to become the regional bishop.

The train was expected to depart at 9:30 pm.

If everything went smoothly, they would be able to arrive at Victoria City at 4 am.

There was still an hour left before the team was almost assembled.

Everything was going smoothly.

However, for some reason, Miranda felt a little uneasy all the way.

The people currently seated in the carriage were the new group of people who were heading to Victoria City.

In order to avoid being seen, they used a freight train this time to minimize their contact with outsiders.

Suddenly, Miranda sensed something.

He frowned and looked out of the window.

In the distance, the vampires seemed to be in a riot.

What were they doing?

Did something happen?

“Reporting, Bishop Miranda.”

A holy cast knight of the Holy Court knocked on the door and walked into the carriage, he reported to Miranda, “We just noticed that the Holy Court has sent out a request for help. The signal’s location is in the central building of the vampire city in the neighboring district, Calcubano. The specific information is still unconfirmed.”

Miranda paused when he heard that. His mind was immediately filled with question marks.

A request for help from the Holy Court?

And it was located in the central vampires’ building?

He lowered his head and tried to clear his mind.

This was too strange!

If it was a special operation, there was no reason that they did not receive any news beforehand.

Moreover, the country that Calcubano belonged to did not have a branch established by the Holy Court.

“Lord Bishop, what should we do?”

Miranda thought for a moment, he raised his head and said, “It’s already too late for us to go over to support them now. Let’s stay put and be alert. Let the believers try to obtain information. I want to know what happened to the vampires’ building as soon as possible.”

Miranda rubbed her temples and looked out of the window.

Tonight, the vampires in the outside world were especially restless.

Miranda could not help but think about the distress signal he had just received.

The commanders of the knights of the Holy Court and the judges in the carriage were also puzzled.

About ten minutes later, someone knocked on the door of the carriage again.

The holy cast knight who had just come once pushed the door open and entered again.

Miranda put down the teacup that he had just raised to his mouth and looked at the person who had just arrived. “Speak.”

“Lord Bishop, we have obtained information through the believers. We have confirmed that the central vampires’ building has been attacked. The teleportation array of the vampires’ building has been severely damaged. Strangely, the Holy Court and the vampires did not engage in a large-scale battle. We suspect that it was a sneak attack.”

“In addition, the vampires are conducting a large-scale search of Calcubano. Marquis Hill, who is guarding the Calcubano region, has just arrived with a team.”

Everyone in the room was silent.

So the restless vampires in the outside world were searching for the Holy Court that had launched a sneak attack on the central vampires’ building?

They frowned even more.

If it was a sneak attack, why did they use the Holy Light’s distress signal?

Was the sneak attack a success or a failure? Who planned the sneak attack?

Calcubano did not belong to the national district.

Then the nearest Holy Court branch was… in the Russian region.

While everyone was puzzled, they heard a clear gunshot from outside.

The gunshot came from not far away, and it was very close!

Miranda subconsciously turned his head to look out of the window.

It was too dark outside and his vision was limited, so he could not see clearly.

“Go out and take a look at what’s happening outside.”

The holy cast knight’s expression froze and he reported, “Yes! Lord Bishop!”

At the top of the train, Fang Heng slowly switched the magazine.

A line of game notifications popped up on his retina.

[Hint: You have killed a high-tier vampire.]

[Hint: The system has determined that you are currently in a hidden state. You can make the following choices:]

[1. Exit the vampire faction. You can choose to join another faction or choose not to join one.]

[2. Enter an anonymous state. If your identity is exposed during the anonymous state, all types of friendships will be superimposed in subsequent calculations. In an anonymous state, your kill will not gain any faction friendship. Your kill will not gain any faction reputation. Your kill will not gain any survival points.]

The sound of gunshots spread far and wide in the quiet night. The vampires who were scouting in a large area soon realized that their own kind had been shot. They gathered in the area where the gunshots came from to scout.

Fang Heng glanced at the time set in the game. He raised his modified sniper rifle again and aimed at another flying high-tier vampire.

The gunshot sounded again!

The head of the high-tier vampire instantly exploded!

The vampires still hadn’t found Fang Heng’s hiding place, but they had all witnessed the scene of their companions being shot in the head.

“Enemy attack located around the Russian railway station!!”

“Inform Marquis Hill! We’ve encountered an attack!”

The vampires instantly became chaotic, and more and more vampires gathered at the railway station.

“It’s coming, it’s coming… it’s not enough, I need more.”

Fang Heng muttered to himself. He took out the signal flare that he had acquired from the Holy Court earlier on from his backpack and pressed it into the sky.

Brilliant golden flames bloomed in the sky, illuminating the night sky.

In the dark night, such fireworks were as dazzling as a beacon.

In the city, Marquis of the vampires, Hill, had rushed over to investigate after learning that the teleportation passage in the city’s central building had exploded. Then, he saw a flare of Holy Light.

Hill muttered to himself and immediately led a large group of vampires to the direction where the light was shining.

The train station area!

All the vampires in the vicinity were aware of Fang Heng’s location. They rushed toward Fang Heng in a frenzy.

More and more vampires swarmed to the periphery.

“He’s over there! He thinks he can escape by running to Russia!”

Fang Heng calmly flipped over and quickly landed on the train. He hid under the train and closed his eyes gently.

A magic array appeared and spread on the ground below Fang Heng’s body. It quickly melted into a pool of blood.

In less than two seconds, Fang Heng’s entire body gradually melted into the blood pool until he completely disappeared.

Vampires landed around the train one after another, looking for Fang Heng’s figure.

“I clearly saw him hiding here just now!”

“Search! He must be nearby! Search thoroughly!”