Chapter 740 - Ambush

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Inside the carriage, when the members of the Holy Court saw the distress signal flare of the Holy Court exploding outside the window, their expressions instantly changed drastically.

There were companions of the Holy Court nearby!?

Miranda suddenly realized that he seemed to have fallen into a trap.

A holy cast knight hurriedly entered the carriage and reported to Miranda, “Lord Bishop, a large number of vampires are coming this way.”

Through the carriage window, the people could clearly see that a large number of vampires were gathering in the direction of the train station.

Facing the gazes of the group of people, Miranda realized that he had to do something.

“Let’s go out! Think of a way to evacuate quickly.”

With that, the people of the Holy Court left the carriage in an orderly manner and retreated to the right side of the train station.

However, a large number of vampires had already gathered here faster than them.

Just as they ran out of the train station, several vampires descended from the sky and transformed into human forms, blocking Miranda and the others’ paths.

The vampires noticed Miranda and the company’s odd behavior.

Were they normal humans?

It did not seem like it.

“Go up the train! Await for investigation!”

A high-tier vampire flew over and shouted at them when he saw the humans.

Miranda and the others did not move.

Both parties stood in a stalemate for a moment.

“I’m talking to you! Do you hear me?!”

Suddenly, the vampire seemed to have realized something.

Normal humans would be terrified when they encountered vampires, but they did not. Moreover, this group of people looked a little too calm standing where they were…

Miranda realized that more and more vampires were gathering here. He shouted in advance, “Do it!”

Golden Holy Light instantly erupted!

The circle of vampires surrounding them were instantly repelled!

Several holy cast knights were covered in a layer of Holy Light armor. They took the lead to attack the vampires in front of them.

“It’s the Holy Court! They’re from the Holy Court!”

When the vampires discovered the people from the Holy Court, they immediately shouted and charged forward!

After being enemies with the Holy Court for hundreds of years, the vampires had become very sensitive to the Holy Court’s aura.

Under normal circumstances, it was fine. Once they attacked, the holy aura of the Holy Court would immediately be detected by the high-tier vampires in the area!

A large number of vampires who were entrenched in the air immediately gathered toward Miranda and the others below.

Faced with the vampires that were continuously gathering around them, Miranda’s expression was gloomy.

He raised his head and looked at the pitch-black group of vampires in the air.

Miranda was certain that he had definitely been set up!

There was no time to think about this problem now.

He needed to think of a way to escape with his team!

“Let’s retreat to the forest area to the west!”

The two Holy Court judges joined hands and released a Holy Light screen. Under the escort of the holy cast knights, they retreated to the west in an attempt to escape from the vampires’ pursuit.

“Lord Bishop, the more vampires there are, the greater the pressure is on us. If this continues, I’m afraid there’s no chance for us to escape.”

Miranda hummed softly. He also understood the danger they were in now. He thought quickly as a large number of vampires were chasing after them.

The Holy Court had made a contingency plan in advance. If they were in danger, they would retreat towards the western region.

There was a large forest nature reserve area there. Once they entered the forest, they would be able to avoid the pursuit of the vampires!

However, there were too many vampires behind them and they were hot on their heels. They needed to think of a way to stop them for a moment.

Miranda made a decision. “Protect me. I will try my best to eliminate the vampires. When that time comes, my ability will be reduced. I need your help to evacuate together.”

Miranda stopped running and took out the Book of Creation.

He chanted a spell silently and golden Holy Light was faintly emitted from the Book of Creation.

Golden Holy Light exploded around Miranda!

Dark golden holy ripples rapidly spread out in all directions!

The sudden burst of Holy Light ripples instantly killed all the vampires within a five-hundred-meter radius!

The Holy Light ripples that continued to spread out still caused great damage to the vampires in the periphery!

The vampires of the lower tiers exploded when they came into contact with the ripples. Only the high-tier vampires could barely survive with serious injuries!

Fang Heng, who was hiding under the train, had just logged in when the ripples of Holy Light instantly passed over his body.

[Hint: You have received damage from the Holy-Judgement. You have received 2,811 damage.]

A game hint appeared on his retina.

Fang Heng muttered to himself. His injured body was also rapidly healing under the effect of the undying body.

Not far away, Miranda’s body swayed a little after casting his skill.

After using a special skill to clear out a large area of vampires around him, he also suffered a considerable backlash.

“Protect the bishop! Let’s go!”

Taking advantage of the fact that the vampires were temporarily repelled, the Holy Court’s holy cast knights covered Miranda and quickly retreated.

Under the night sky, Fang Heng’s pupils flickered with a red light. He looked in the direction where the Holy Light skill had exploded and narrowed his eyes.

The western area was a forest area. It was undoubtedly the best place for the people of the Holy Court to escape to.

They might have considered this when choosing a place to gather.

Fang Heng used his academic integration skill to switch to the vampire form and raised his head to look at the sky again.

The holy attribute ripple from the explosion attracted more and more vampires to gather here.

Marquis of the vampires, Hill, rushed to the railway station area. When he saw a large number of dead vampires, his heart was filled with anger.

“D*mn the Holy Court! How dare you…”

“You think you can escape?!”

Marquis Hill did not notice anything wrong at all. He pointed towards the forest area where the people from the Holy Court had escaped to.

“Chase after them! I want to kill them! Leave no one alive!”

“Yes! Lord Marquis!!”

The vampires circled in the air and gathered together. Under Hill’s lead, they once again charged towards the dense forest in front of them.

Seeing the vampires in pursuit, Fang Heng pursed his lips and revealed an ‘as expected’ expression.

Everything was under control.

Thinking of this, Fang Heng also quickly rushed towards the dense forest.

After using the forbidden spell, the regional bishop Miranda became much weaker. Under the leadership of a few holy cast knights, he entered the dense forest and ran towards the depths of the dense forest, using this to avoid the vampires’ pursuit.

“Lord Bishop, please hold on a little longer. After entering the dense forest, it will be very difficult for the vampires to find us. We can find another route to return to Victoria City.”

As Judge Buda was speaking, he raised his eyebrows and extended his hand to signal for everyone to stop.

He looked at the bushes at the side warily.

“Rustle, Rustle, Rustle…”

A gust of wind blew past, and a faint sound came from the bushes.

Buda stared at the underbrush and said coldly, “Who’s there?! Come out!”

The underbrush moved and then a few people walked out from the surrounding underbrush.

They had obviously been lying in ambush here for a long time.

Buda’s pupils constricted.

The familiar tattoo on the person’s body…