Chapter 742 - Stage Advancement

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Chapter 742: Stage Advancement

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[Hint: You have killed the Holy Court’s Judge Garr. You have obtained Tier 2 evolution crystal*1.]

[Hint: You are currently in anonymous mode. You cannot obtain survival points, reputation points, and other rewards (click here for details).]

[Hint: You have killed the Holy Court’s regional commander, Bishop Miranda. You have obtained high energy evolution crystal*1.]

[Hint: You are currently…]

In the bushes not far away, a dense number of game hints were refreshing on Fang Heng’s retina.

Fang Heng only revealed himself in the bushes after the Holy Court team was wiped out.

He walked forward and waved his hand at the red patches on the ground.

[Hint: you have obtained a high energy evolution crystal*1, complete evolution crystal*5, Tier 1 evolution crystal*2 and Tier 2 evolution crystal*2.]

Not bad, not bad, high energy evolution crystal.

He was one small step closer to upgrading the space tearing device.

Fang Heng looked in the direction of the battle between the vampires and demon hunters not far away.

He wondered how Chen Lin was doing.

Fang Heng’s eyelids twitched when he thought of Chen Lin, the demon hunter who could have three forms of strength boost.

“I hope he’s not too aggressive. He should at least leave some soup for me to drink…”

With that thought, Fang Heng controlled the Lickers to scatter again while he returned to the original path alone.

The demon hunters hiding in the woods had already engaged in a battle with the early vampire troops!

They had only encountered the early scouting vampire troops at first. Chen Lin did not let his demon hunters activate the magic array immediately.

The sudden burst of Holy Light in the depths of the forest distracted the demon hunters a little.

Many demon hunters could not help but look back in the direction of the Holy Light.

Chen Lin, who was killing the vampires, was also puzzled.

That was the direction where the people of the Holy Court had fled not long ago.

Were they in trouble again?

“Boss Chen Lin, over there…”

“I don’t care. Let’s deal with the vampires first!”

Chen Lin thought that the Holy Court encountered danger.

Or, it might be a trap.

The best thing was to ignore it and not risk saving the people he hated.

Behind the demon hunter team, Chu Yan looked excited as he exchanged a quick glance with Mo Jiawei.

That’s right! Boss Fang must have attacked them from behind!

Most of the bishops of the Holy Court sent by the higher-ups had been wiped out by Boss Fang, and his position as the temporary bishop of the Holy Court had become more stable.

Suddenly, Chen Lin, who was in the center of the battlefield, looked up into the sky.

He was slightly excited. It was a sense of excitement that came from his bloodline.

The group of vampires led by the Marquis of the vampires was approaching them at a high speed!

It was a group of bats.

The leader was none other than the Marquis of the vampires, Marquis Hill!

In mid-air, when he saw the spot of Holy Light that exploded not far in front of him, Hill instantly felt that something was not right. However, the uneasiness at that moment was quickly dispelled by the anger in his heart.

They destroyed the teleportation array of the vampires’ building that he was in charge of, and even caused his subordinates to be so miserable!

Such humiliation could only be washed away with the blood of sinners!

Hill increased his speed once again and rushed to the place where the people were fighting.

Hill suddenly realized something.

It wasn’t the Holy Court?!

Below, Chen Lin was also staring at the vampires that were attacking from high up in the sky.

Chen Lin was secretly watching the vampires and muttering to himself.

Seeing Hill leading the vampires to completely surround him, Chen Lin shouted, “Do it!”

A few demon hunters lying in ambush nearby immediately triggered the magic array!

On the ground, the area covered by the withered leaves immediately flashed with a scarlet magic array!

The red light instantly shone!

The vampires in the air were affected by the sudden magic array, and their attribute was greatly weakened. Then, they could not maintain their bat form and quickly fell to the ground.

A ferocious smile flashed across Chen Lin’s face, and the runes on his body flickered with a demonic red light. He raised his beheading broadsword again and charged at Marquis Hill.

“Demon hunters!! Chen Lin!”

First, he was fooled by the Holy Court, and then he was set up by the demon hunters.

Hill found that the person who designed the ambush magic array was the demon hunter Chen Lin, and his anger rose to the extreme. A blood blade appeared in his right hand and he approached Chen Lin.

“Haha! Idiot! You also have this day!”

Chen Lin laughed wildly and waved the beheading broadsword.

Since he came to this area, he had fought with Hill several times, and each time he was at a slight disadvantage.

For the first time, he had finally tricked Hill!

He was in a great mood!

The beheading broadsword hit the blood blade, and the huge brute force knocked Hill back.

Following that, a circle of vampires surrounded Chen Lin and entangled him.

Chen Lin shouted loudly, and the beheading broadsword in his hand swept forward fiercely.

With a gust of wind, several vampires were killed directly!

Chen Lin frowned and chased after Hill again.

Although the demon hunter magic array had a remarkable effect, a large number of vampires continued to join the battlefield! The magic array under their feet was being destroyed by the vampires.

“Hey, can your boss do it?”

Not far away, seeing the battle gradually falling into a stalemate, Mo Jiawei was a little worried. He thought to himself, it was not easy to set up a trap. Could it be that he could not defeat him and ended up losing himself?

Beside him, a few demon hunters kept pulling the trigger and shooting at the surrounding vampires. They did not have time to pay attention to Mo Jiawei.

Ye Yong naturally couldn’t ignore his young master. He replied, “Mr. Jiawei, don’t worry, Chen Lin’s combat strength is ranked in the top three among the demon hunters of the Vampire Apocalypse.”

Did It mean that the top three demon hunters could only fight 50-50 with Fang Heng who didn’t use his undying body?

Why was the demon hunting clan so weak?

Mo Jiawei suddenly felt that the situation was not good, and he thought that it was best to get ready to escape.

A violent explosion followed by a red light exploded in front of him!

Mo Jiawei raised his eyebrows and looked at the center of the battlefield.

The red incantation seemed to be burning on Chen Lin’s body, and his skin was glowing red.

“There’s actually a fourth stage!”

Mo Jiawei was surprised.

He wanted to take back his words.

The demon hunting clan still had something!

Chen Lin’s attributes rose again. His right foot left a shallow hole in the ground, and his body shot toward Hill like an arrow.

Hill’s pupils suddenly constricted, and he raised his hands in front of his chest.

A tremendous strength sent Hill flying.

Anger made Hill lose his mind, but the imminence of death brought him to his senses quickly.

If this continued, he would really die.

Making a decision, Hill used the force of the impact to quickly dodge backward.

Chen Lin seemed to have not completely gotten used to this explosive strength. He stood rooted to the ground for a full second.

Taking advantage of this gap, a large number of vampires swarmed toward him to buy time for Hill’s escape.