Chapter 743 - Deal With

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Chapter 743: Deal With

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Chen Lin raised his broadsword and swept it forward.

A solid red light from the broadsword burst forth and swept away the surrounding vampires!

Upon contact with the blade, the vampires exploded in the air!

Amidst the sound of bloody explosions, Chen Lin strode forward and quickly chased after Hill who was escaping.

Mo Jiawei opened his mouth.

The demon hunter at the fourth stage was indeed awesome.

“So powerful? Why didn’t he just go to the fourth stage from the beginning? Why did he have to get beaten up?”

Ye Yong wanted to say that Chen Lin didn’t get beaten up, but he didn’t dare to talk back to his boss, so he patiently explained.

“Mr. Jiawei, I heard that the advanced state of demon hunters is related to an anger value setting. You need to accumulate your anger before you can advance to the next state. I’ve only heard that this state is very troublesome and difficult to control.”

Mo Jiawei agreed and looked excitedly in the direction where Hill was escaping. “Let’s go, hurry up. Let’s chase after them.”

Chen Lin quickly chased after the fleeing Marquis Hill while trying to adapt quickly to the fourth stage.

The demon hunter’s advancement to the different stages and form was extremely troublesome. In addition to the requirement for one’s own strength to reach the advanced standard, one also needed sufficient proficiency. If one was not proficient enough, he would be overwhelmed by the sudden increase in strength like he was just now and be trapped in an illusion.

Although the illusion only lasted for less than a second, in a critical battle, such an illusion could be life-threatening.

Therefore, the demon hunter had to constantly train to adapt to the change in form.

If the enemy was too weak and could not give him enough pressure, he would not be able to practice at all.

Chen Lin’s aggressive personality was one thing. The characteristics of the demon hunter’s skill allowed him to seize every opportunity to fight the enemy.

It was the same when he first met Fang Heng.

Chen Lin’s heart sank as he chased after Hill.

The vampires were very troublesome!

He had to deal with the mid to high-tier vampires when he chased after them!

This was wasting too much of his time!

Right now, the distance between him and Hill was rapidly closing.

However, he could not maintain the fourth stage for a long time. Once he exited the state, it would be even more difficult to enter the state within a short period of time.

As he was thinking, the incantation on his body gradually dimmed.

Chen Lin’s heart stirred and he realized that something was wrong.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Lin retreated back to the third stage. The speed at which he was running forward instantly slowed down significantly, and it was roughly the same as Hill’s speed.

The large number of vampires that had gathered nearby were slowing down his pursuit speed!

He was going to suffer!

Suddenly, Chen Lin was startled.

Not far ahead in the open space, a figure stood there, casually blocking Hill’s path.

When Chen Lin saw Fang Heng, he was overjoyed and immediately shouted, “Fang Shuo! Stop him!”

Fang Heng raised the Holy Light spear in his hand and aimed at the target.

In the next moment, the spear pierced Hill’s body.

“Meddlesome Holy Court!”

Hill was pierced by the spear and his stopped in his tracks.

He felt that Chen Lin was closing in quickly behind him and immediately turned to escape to the other side.

However, just as he finished turning, an extremely strong sense of danger rose in Hill’s heart!

A gunshot rang out in his ear!

The bullet from the sniper rifle brushed past Hill’s body!

The modified and enhanced bullet exploded the moment it grazed his skin.

Hill’s entire body was enveloped in the flames of the explosion!

During the chase, Chen Lin shouted excitedly when he saw the situation. He increased his speed and closed in on Hill who had been hit.

However, someone was faster than him!

In the next moment, a large number of grayish-brown Lickers swarmed out from the shadows in all directions. They rushed towards Hill who had fallen from the sky and surrounded him!

Sharp claws kept inflicting wounds on Hill’s body. Sharp teeth tore off pieces of flesh from Hill’s body.

Chen Lin could not help but be startled when he saw this.

What was going on? What kind of monsters were those?

He turned his head in surprise and looked at Fang Heng, who was standing not far away.

It was obvious that those strange creatures were controlled by Fang Heng.

[Hint: Your snipe dealt 3,810 explosive damage to Marquis of the vampires, Hill.]

[Hint: Your zombie clone (Licker) dealt 215 damage to Marquis Hill, causing tearing.]

[Hint: Your zombie clone…]

[Hint: You have killed Marquis of the vampires, Marquis Hill.]

[Hint: You are currently in an anonymous state. You will not receive any survival points, reputation points, or other rewards for killing him (click here for details).]

The game hints in Fang Heng’s vision refreshed rapidly.

It was even smoother than expected.

Fang Heng quickly opened his backpack and opened the Book of the Dead.

At the same time, Chen Lin turned to look at Fang Heng again.

He realized that Hill had been surrounded by the ghouls in an extremely short period of time. He felt that Hill was about to die. He frowned and shouted at Fang Heng, “Brother, let’s wait before killing him first. Leave it to me. I’ll set up a magic array to seal him. Otherwise, he’ll use the strength of Angetas to… come back to life…”

Chen Lin stopped talking.

He was surprised to find that the aura surrounding Fang Heng had changed.

It was completely different from what he felt when he met Fang Heng!

What was in his hand?

The Book of the Dead?!

Chen Lin’s pupils dilated dozens of times.

Was the book in his hand the legendary Book of the Dead?

The demon hunting clan had been researching how to deal with vampires for thousands of years. He had been learning since he was three years old, and the relevant knowledge had been firmly engraved in his genes. The first thing he did was to reflect on the relevant information in his mind.

The Book of the Dead could also act as a soul seal, preventing Angetas from resurrecting the soul.

[Hint: You have obtained a high-tier special soul body*1.]

[Hint: You have obtained a high energy evolution crystal*1.]

After completing the soul capture using the Book of the Dead, Fang Heng closed the book with a bang, and the grayness in his eyes gradually faded.

The surrounding Lickers quickly dispersed again and hid in the dark forest.

Ignoring Chen Lin’s surprised gaze, Fang Heng strode forward and came to the corpse. He aimed at Hill’s wrist and slashed it.

A small wound instantly appeared on the corpse’s wrist.

Fang Heng immediately took out an empty glass bottle from his backpack.

Chen Lin was completely shocked by that skillful operation. He opened his mouth and silently walked to Fang Heng’s side, watching his step-by-step operation.

He was extremely surprised at this moment.

Hill’s blood essence bubbled out of the wound on his wrist under Fang Heng’s control. It directly condensed in a strange way, floating in mid-air, and was guided into the glass bottle by Fang Heng.