Chapter 744 - Intelligence

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Chapter 744: Intelligence

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After filling up three bottles, Fang Heng withdrew his hand and turned to look at Chen Lin.

Chen Lin also looked at Fang Heng.

After a long while, Chen Lin rolled his throat and asked, “Brother, who are you?”

This method of handling the corpses of vampires was too professional! Too awesome!

For a moment, Chen Lin felt that Fang Heng acted more like a demon hunter than him.

“Is it important? He’s not an enemy.”

As Fang Heng spoke, he waved his hand at Hill’s corpse.

Ever since Fang Heng’s vampire bloodline had leveled up to the high tier, coupled with the blood affinity attribute of a large number of vampires’ holy weapons, he was now able to do many things by manipulating blood, such as automatically extracting blood from the deceased.

[Hint: You have obtained the holy weapon of vampires-gauntlet (right)(inferior).]

Seeing Fang Heng holding the holy weapon of vampires in his hand with ease, Chen Lin was completely dumbfounded.

Even the demon hunter clan had to go through some seals before they could pick up the holy weapon of vampires so easily.

“Let’s go.” Fang Heng patted Chen Lin’s shoulder. “He’s already dead. There’s no need to waste time here. Let’s go back first.”

Chen Lin was still in a daze. He turned his head and looked at Fang Heng, then nodded silently.

“What?! Marquis Hill was killed?!”

When the vampires received the news that the center of Calcubano City had been attacked and Marquis Hill had died, the Elders Council immediately called for an emergency meeting.

All the information was immediately reported to the Elders Council.

Hill’s death was indeed unexpected. The loss of the holy weapon of the vampires was the most important thing!

From the initial attack by the Holy Court to the pursuit of the Holy Court to the demon hunters to being killed by the demon hunters…

The council of vampires was discussing furiously as they could not figure out the reason.

Among the crowd, Lin Nuo lowered his head and pondered.

The whole thing was too strange!

Was it related to that person?

When the incident happened, Fang Shuo also happened to appear in the Calcubano region.

Lin Nuo thought quickly in his heart.

In fact, he knew from the beginning that the loss of the blood cross was related to the demon hunters.

And he also knew that the demon hunters and the Blood Glory Guild had a close relationship.

All intelligence was leaked by the Blood Glory as it had been infiltrated by the twelve corporations.

The demon hunting clan had a special ability. They could sense the exact location of the vampires’ holy weapon, with an error of about a kilometer.

The twelve corporations had been collecting the vampires’ holy weapons. It was for this reason that the twelve corporations had been secretly supporting the demon hunting clan to ensure that they would not be weakened too much by the vampires.

However, things were different now. The holy weapons of the vampires had been left behind.

Lin Nuo would not sit idle, and neither would the vampires.

A player quietly walked over and whispered into Lin Nuo’s ear, “We just confirmed from the internal department of Blood Glory that Chen Lin did have contact with an unknown person today. We think it’s very likely to be Fang Shuo.”

Lin Nuo’s pupils constricted.

Fang Shuo actually did an investigation about the demon hunters so quickly!

But what he could not understand was that even if Fang Shuo really investigated the demon hunters, why was it the vampires who died this time!?

The loss of the blood cross was very strange. Lin Nuo had originally planned to use Fang Shuo to find out the truth and also find the missing holy weapon of the vampires, the blood cross. But now, the holy weapon was not found and the Marquis was dead, they even lost one more holy weapon.

Lin Nuo asked softly, “Has there been any feedback from the upper management regarding the investigation of the vampires’ holy weapon, the spirit cane?”

“Yes, there are a total of nine servers for the vampires during the Vampire Apocalypse. There are a total of nine vampiric spirit canes. Three of them are under the control of twelve corporations. Three of them are under the control of the vampires’ NPCs without any anomaly. One of them can not be tracked. The remaining two are most likely to fall into the hands of Fang Heng, World Lord of Zombie Apocalypse, District 7 and District 8.”

What a coincidence, both of them had the same surname.

In the past few months, Fang Heng’s name had become a hot topic in the elementary game world.

Lin Nuo had some understanding of Fang Heng and knew that this person was very powerful. He was able to obtain the position of World Lord within less than half a year after the game started.

Fang Heng was extremely mysterious. It was unknown which faction was controlling him. It was said that he was working closely with North River Heavy Industry.

North River Heavy Industry?

Lin Nuo remembered that he had received news this morning that the young master of North River Heavy Industry had transferred to Zombie Apocalypse District 9.

Lin Nuo’s first reaction was that Fang Heng and Fang Shuo were closely related. They might be from the same big family.

There must be something wrong with Fang Shuo!

Lin Nuo felt that the situation was getting out of control.

He had to use swift methods to clean up the situation and regain control.

The twelve corporations had a huge say in Hill’s clan. His death was equivalent to weakening part of the twelve corporations’ power.

Lin Nuo had reason to believe that Fang Shuo was targeting the twelve corporations.

As for who was behind Fang Shuo, there was no time to think too much about it.

He had to make a decisive move and solve this problem once and for all.

Lin Nuo immediately made a judgment, “Execute the emergency plan immediately. We’ll go see Duke Stuart.”

The subordinate’s eyelids twitched slightly and confirmed with him, “Don’t we need to authorize it through the twelve corporations?”

Lin Nuo shook his head. The uneasiness in his heart grew stronger.

“No, it’s too late, Huang Hao. I feel very uneasy.”

The demon hunter camp in the bell tower

Chu Yan was in a very good mood.

Not only did they get rid of the regional bishop who had come to the Holy Court to seize power, but they also killed many vampires along with the demon hunters. They also earned a large number of merit points and made a lot of money.

They would be laughing in their dreams.

After the matter was settled, he came back with Fang Heng and the others, ready to confirm the holy spear blade found in the demon hunter camp.

Chen Lin quickly chased the others away, leaving Fang Heng and the others alone in the room to talk in secret.

Then, Chen Lin told the whole story about the blood cross in detail.

“Huh? What? Are you saying that the blood cross is not in your hands?”

After listening to Chen Lin’s narration, Mo Jiawei could not help but cry out. He looked as if he had been cheated greatly.

“Good Lord, are you playing with us?! After all this time, you are the one who is controlling everything, right?”

“Haha, don’t say that. You make it sound like I am as sinister as those people from the Holy Court.” Chen Lin looked apologetic. He rubbed his cheeks with his fingers. He was rather embarrassed. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Mo Jiawei and Sandy looked at Chen Lin with a look of agreement.

“We feel that you’re even more sinister than the Holy Court.”

Chen Lin laughed awkwardly.

He originally thought that Fang Heng and the others were just joking.

Who would have thought that they could really kill a Marquis of the vampires so easily?

They even took out souls, absorbed blood, and acquired holy weapons along the way…