Chapter 745 - Mastermind

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Chapter 745: Mastermind

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“After all, I wouldn’t dare to trust a random person just like that, would I? I hope that you can understand. In short, this is my fault. I apologize, and I will make it up to you.”

“I’ll give you that spear blade. I know it’s a good thing. I’ll bring you over to take it later, treat it as my apology to you all. You can choose whatever you want from the storage room. It’s all on me.”

Indeed, if they were to put themselves in his shoes, it seemed to make some sense.

He would be wary if someone came up and asked to cooperate with him.

Mo Jiawei sat down and crossed his arms in anger.

Didn’t they say that this kind of boor was simple-minded? How could he lie to them?

He had never expected this.

Fang Heng nodded. He didn’t think it was a big deal.

Anyway, this wave was not a loss. He had to think of a way to deal with the people of the Holy Court. He killed a Marquis of the vampires and also obtained a high energy evolution crystal and a holy weapon of the vampires.

Even though it was a repeated holy weapon.

In short, Chen Lin could at least provide some clues and allow them to continue following the clues to search for the holy weapon.

“You didn’t get the cross? What happened? Do you mind telling us?”

Chen Lin nodded and his expression became serious, “Actually, it’s like this. That day, we did plan to attack the vampires’ building. We had already thought of ways to seal and weaken the strength of Marquis of the vampires, Ni Dong. Then, we lured away a large number of vampires in the central building area.”

“In the end, we did see the Marquis of the vampires, but when we saw him, he was already dead.”

Fang Heng’s heart skipped a beat.

Dead? Someone was ahead of them?

“Yes, someone beat us to it.”

Chen Lin was not an idiot. He immediately realized that he had been set up.

After that incident, he was even more cautious. “When I found Ni Dong dead, I realized that it might be a trap, so I immediately took Ni Dong’s corpse and returned to the camp.”

“After that, the matter was left hanging there. No one believed it anyway, so we demon hunters took the blame. We approached the chaotic situation with a calm attitude.”

Mo Jiawei scratched his head in confusion.

Approached the chaotic situation with a calm attitude? Wasn’t that equivalent to standing there and getting beaten up?

“After talking for so long, you don’t know anything?”

“You can’t say that.”

Chen Lin spread his hands helplessly, “I’ve been wondering why someone could kill the Marquis and get the holy weapon ahead of us. After I came back, I conducted a review. I think the information must have been leaked. Someone knew our plan in advance, killed Ni Dong before we did, and took the holy weapon of the vampires.”

“But the strange thing is that the other party could actually know our overall plan…”

“Such secret information can only be known by the insiders who were involved in the specific attack plan. It means that there’s a traitor among us, and he has access to the core intelligence. He should know several strongholds of the demon hunter camp like the back of his hand.”

“The more I thought about it, the more fearful I became. I didn’t tell anyone about it. While I was secretly investigating, I immediately strengthened the defense and reconnaissance of each stronghold of the demon hunter camp.”

“But look, the demon hunter camp has not been attacked in the past few days.”

“You are the only ones who came to visit today.”

“So when you came to find me today, my intuition made me suspect that you are related to this matter and that you are playing tricks with me. I’m sorry about suspecting you guys.”

Chen Lin had been in a bad mood for a while after being blamed for the holy weapon of the vampires, the cross, for no reason.

He apologized again. “This is how it happened. I’m also helpless, okay? It’s my fault for setting you up. Please understand.”

Fang Heng, Mo Jiawei and Chu Yan looked at each other.

Well, now they were back to square one.

What should they do next?

There was a leak of intelligence from the demon hunter side.

NPCs were mostly loyal to bloodlines.

It was more likely that the players did it.

Should they start from the players of Blood Glory?

“Haha, don’t look so bad. It’s not that we came back empty-handed,” Chen Lin changed the topic and looked at everyone with shrewdness in his eyes, “Whoever has the blood cross is the mastermind who cheated me, right?”

The crowd looked at Chen Lin curiously and nodded one after another, looking forward to his follow-up.

“Actually, very few people know that we demon hunters have a secret method to find out the current position of all the holy weapons of the vampires. You have helped us so much, so we must help you with this matter. Of course, this is also to help ourselves.”

Fang Heng’s eyes lit up. “There’s such a method? When can we start?”

“I’ve already asked my men to set it up just now. In another hour, we’ll finish setting up the magic array slab. I want to know who tricked us more than you do. Oh right, we still need to borrow the holy weapon of the vampires that you just got. With that thing, we can activate the magic array.”

“Impressive, Chen Lin. You have such a backup plan. Not bad!”

Mo Jiawei also let out a sigh of relief and then praised him. He thought to himself that it was not a waste of effort this time.

“Haha, of course. We’re not bad at dealing with the vampires.”

Chu Yan was more concerned about the Holy Court’s holy weapon fragment.

He turned to look at Chen Lin. “Then we still have time. Take us to see the spear blade first?”

“Oh, okay. Follow me.”

The group followed him to the storage room and took out the old wooden box.

Chu Yan took out the spear blade from the bottom of the box and observed it carefully.

Mo Jiawei curiously came up and asked, “How is it?”

“Yes, it’s indeed a fragment of the holy spear.”

Chu Yan nodded and motioned for the group to move aside. “Help me clean it up a little. I need some space to unseal it.”

Hearing this, everyone immediately stepped back and cleared out a small area in the middle of the room.

Chu Yan walked forward and carefully placed the spear blade on the ground.

Before coming here, Chu Yan had already looked up some information in the Holy Court and was ready to unseal the holy weapon.

He took out a blue book.

The book in his hand emitted a faint dark golden light.

A magic array also appeared on the floor and slowly rotated. The golden light swirled on the spear blade.

After a soft sound, the magic array quickly disappeared, and the light on the spear blade also disappeared.

Mo Jiawei blinked his eyes and looked back at Chu Yan who was sweating as he had just run a few thousand meters. He asked tentatively, “Are you done?”

Chu Yan nodded and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

He was a holy cast knight, so it was very difficult for him to control the Book of Prayers.

Fortunately, he succeeded.

Fang Heng walked forward, switched to the holy form and picked up the spear blade on the ground to check.