Chapter 746 - Components

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Chapter 746: Components

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[Hint: You have been detected to possess sacred study. You have obtained fragments of the holy spear (spear blade).]

Item: Fragments of the holy spear (spear blade).

Tier: Special artifact fragment(s).

Description: According to legends, the first Pope of the Holy Court personally made the spear to deal with vampires. After shattering it, it still possesses great strength.

Description: You can try to find more fragments of the holy spear to assemble.

Description: Currently, you can only tie the spear blade to an item for long-range attacks, causing a huge amount of damage to vampires (due to the lack of other components, you can only deal damage from long-range, and the damage is only 1/10).

Description: Can only be used by a player who has a sacred skill. The attack will consume all of the player’s current mental strength. If the player’s mental strength is less than 80% of the current maximum, it cannot be used.

Description: A single component lacks stability. A long-range attack’s hit rate is reduced by 80% and requires extra time to aim.

Fang Heng touched his chin. It was something exclusive to vampires.

Long-range attacks only had a 20% hit rate…

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With this thought, Fang Heng put the fragment into his backpack.

Chu Yan walked to Fang Heng and said in a low voice, “Boss Fang, I heard that the headquarters of the Holy Court has a broken gun barrel that needs to be exchanged with contribution points. When I go back to the headquarters next time, I’ll see if I can exchange it for more components.”

“Thank you, Brother.”

“By the way, there’s one more thing, Fang Shuo.” Chen Lin saw Fang Heng put away the spear blade and continued, “Actually, it’s about the blood you got from the Marquis of the vampires.”

“The blood of the Marquis is very useful for us demon hunters to improve the strength of our bloodline. I’m not asking you for anything. You can choose whatever you like from our demon hunter warehouse.”

Chen Lin thought for a while, then added, “I know the value of the blood essence of the Marquis is very high. We are willing to believe you and exchange it with the inheritance of the demon hunters. But you also know that the inheritance is very rare, so we need more blood essence…”

Fang Heng’s eyelids twitched when he heard that.

A row of game hints appeared.

Fang Heng and the others saw the game hints that popped up.

[Hint: You have gained Chen Lin’s trust.]

[Hint: Your favorability rating with the demon hunter camp has reached a limit.]

[Hint: You have triggered a special transaction-demon hunter bloodline heritage.]

Optional mission: demon hunter bloodline heritage.

Mission difficulty: SS.

Mission requirements: Marquis of the vampires’ blood essence*5 bottles (600 ml).

Mission reward: Accept the demon hunter bloodline heritage under the guidance of Chen Lin.

Demon hunter bloodline?

Fang Heng had noticed it when he was dealing with the Marquis of the vampires, Hill.

Apart from the third stage, Chen Lin could also unleash the terrifying close-combat ability of the fourth stage.

He was very powerful and had already suppressed the Marquis of the vampires.

As long as there was no conflict between bloodlines, the more the better. Even if he couldn’t use his skills, he could at least increase his basic attribute!

Mo Jiawei was also very envious.

Every top-notch helper had the heart to carry the entire battlefield.

Fang Heng saw Mo Jiawei’s burning gaze and understood what Mo Jiawei meant.

He had a lot of Marquis of the vampires’ blood essence.

Previously, in District 7 of the Zombie Apocalypse, Fang Heng had gotten a lot of blood essence from the Marquis of vampires. He had planned to make the blood marrow and sell it for money, therefore, when he came to the Vampire Apocalypse, he had brought all of them with him in his backpack.

He didn’t expect that there would be such benefits.

While thinking, Fang Heng turned to look at Chu Yan and Sandy.

“What about you guys? Do you want to learn how to defend yourself?”

Chu Yan was stunned for a moment.

Bloodline? Learn about self-defense?

Why did it sound the same as handing out fliers on the street?

“I don’t want to.” Sandy shook his head repeatedly. The thought of fighting and killing made him feel disgusted. “I’m an artist, and the runes on their bodies really don’t have aesthetic value. With such an ugly thing on the body…”

Fang Heng looked at Chu Yan again.

Chu Yan hesitated for a moment.

He had seen the performance of the demon hunters before, and he was indeed very envious.

However, learning the sacred study was a handful for him.

He couldn’t bite off more than he could chew. Learning more bloodlines or academics would lead to a higher learning requirement for both of them. It was more obvious in the later stages.

Chu Yan knew what he wanted. He resisted the temptation and shook his head, saying, “Thank you. I’ve mastered sacred study and it’s enough for me. I’ll pass.”

Fang Heng nodded, thinking that he was right.

After all, ordinary players had never learned the academic integration skill, nor did they have the zombie clones to gain experience. They were not like him who could learn it without any scruples.

Back then, he was disgusted by the nearly 2,000 to 1 experience points gained from the sacred experience points.

Fang Heng took out ten bottles of Marquis of the vampires’ blood essence from his backpack and lined them up. He looked at Chen Lin and said, “Thank you. I need to exchange for two demon hunter bloodlines.”

Chen Lin was even more shocked when he saw how bold Fang Heng was.

Where did he get so many vampires’ blood essence?!

Chen Lin thought that Fang Heng would have to spend more effort to get it. He did not expect it to be so simple.

“Fang Shuo, you are my good brother forever.”

Chen Lin was immediately overjoyed.

With so many high-tier vampires’ blood essence, it was enough for his entire demon hunter camp to use for a long time.

Chen Lin motioned for his men to carefully put away the bottles containing the blood essence. He turned his head and said, “The demon hunter inheritance doesn’t need any complicated preparatory work. There’s no time to lose. How about I take you there now?”

Mo Jiawei said excitedly, “Of course! As soon as possible!”

The third basement of the demon hunter camp.

In front of an ancient demon hunter stone statue.

The elderly demon hunter elder told Fang Heng and Mo Jiawei the story of the demon hunter heritage.

He told the story from the beginning for more than 20 minutes, and Fang Heng listened until he became a little drowsy.

But he got the gist of it.

The demon hunters had a wide range of races. They were born to hunt monsters.

Vampires were only one kind of monster, and demon hunter was only a small branch in this world.

In the demon hunter books, the ancestor of demon hunters came to this continent when he was hunting the ancestor of vampires, leaving behind a legacy of the demon hunter.

What happened after that was unknown. Anyway, he just killed vampires whenever he saw them.

The demon hunter needed the blood of vampires to complete the advancement and gain experience points.

In short, in the words of the demon hunter elder, the deep hatred between the two sides could only be washed away with blood.

After the narration, the demon hunter elder looked at Fang Heng and Mo Jiawei.

“The ritual needs to be carried out separately. Which one of you will carry it out first?”

Fang Heng waved his hand and motioned for Mo Jiawei, who was too excited to sit still, to go first.

“Hey, thanks, Brother. I won’t stand on ceremony.”