Chapter 747 - Explosion

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Chapter 747: Explosion

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Mo Jiawei was really excited. His hands couldn’t help but tremble.

When he was ambushing the vampires, he had seen Chen Lin’s combat strength with his own eyes.

Demon hunters seemed very strong, it’s like hitting flesh with their fists.

It was definitely worth learning!

Following the guidance of the demon hunter elder, Mo Jiawei walked to the altar in front and sat cross-legged in the center of the altar, which was engraved with magic array runes, facing the stone statue.

At the periphery of the altar, six demon hunter elders squatted down at the same time and pressed their hands on the edge of the magic array to activate the magic array.

The incantation gradually lit up from the edge of the altar.

At the same time, a faint incantation appeared on Mo Jiawei’s body under the illumination of the red light.

The red incantation gradually covered his entire body and was carved on Mo Jiawei’s body.

After a full five minutes, the light gradually dimmed.

The incantations on Mo Jiawei’s skin also gradually disappeared.

Mo Jiawei observed the game hint and confirmed that his various attributes had increased as well as his newly learned exclusive skills of the demon hunter. He couldn’t help but be overjoyed.

He quickly jumped down from the altar and said excitedly, “Big Brother, we’ve made a big win this time. S-level bloodlines, four additional skills, and only basic bloodlines. We can continue to improve…”

“Well, it’s been hard on you. Take a rest first. It’s my turn.”

Fang Heng patted Mo Jiawei’s shoulder and went to the center of the altar and sat down.

It was the same as before. The second ritual began, and the six demon hunters activated the altar again.

Fang Heng also slowly closed his eyes and prepared to receive the demon hunter bloodline skill.

A line of game hints appeared on his retina.

[Hint: Detected that player is currently inheriting the bloodline.]

[Hint: Is the player going to receive the bloodline-demon hunter heritage?]

[Hint: This bloodline has a unique conflict with a few bloodlines. Player, please choose carefully.]

“Yes, to accept.” Fang Heng whispered in his heart.

[Hint: Player has chosen to receive the demon hunter bloodline heritage.]

Suddenly, the altar shone brightly.

The flickering incantation flowed along Fang Heng’s body.

The demon hunter elder who was in charge of the magic array gasped.

The incantation seemed to be affected by some kind of strength, and it couldn’t attach itself to Fang Heng’s body like Mo Jiawei’s.

Below, Mo Jiawei was still figuring out the newly acquired skill when he suddenly realized that the altar was emitting intense light. His heart skipped a beat, and he turned his head to ask, “Elder, what’s going on?”

The demon hunter elder shook his head and said nothing.

This was also the first time he had encountered such a strange situation.

Fang Heng closed his eyes. He did not know what was happening outside, but he felt a burning sensation from the bottom of his heart.

The demon hunter elder who was presiding over the ritual shouted, “Increase the activation of the altar!”

Red incantations appeared on the bodies of the six demon hunters.

After the enhancement of the magic array, the light on the altar became even more dazzling! Even the eyes of the giant-sized demon hunter stone statue in front of them also shone with a strange red light.

However, the incantations still could not penetrate Fang Heng’s body!

Suddenly, the demon hunter elder raised his eyebrows.

“Bang! Bang! Bang Bang Bang!”

Suddenly, the runes on the altar that were trying to corrode Fang Heng’s body exploded one after another!

The entire altar also exploded!

At the same time, the demon hunter stone statue also exploded with dazzling red light!

The inheritance failed?!

All the demon hunters were shocked.

There was a soft sound.

Everyone could not help but look up at the stone statue in the middle that was making the sound.

If they looked carefully, they would see that there was actually a crack on the head of the giant-sized stone statue that had been passed down from their ancestors.

The demon hunter elder’s expression changed drastically.

The crack spread out in all directions at an extremely fast speed.

The demon hunter stone statue shattered into shrapnel in front of everyone’s eyes.

The surrounding demon hunters were all stunned. They turned their heads to look at the demon hunter elder who was holding the ritual for Fang Heng.

The demon hunter elder’s eyes were also filled with shock.

He had held the ritual for so many years, but he had never seen such a scene today.

Then, everyone looked at Fang Heng, who was in the center of the altar.

The entire altar was almost destroyed, but Fang Heng was still sitting there in his original position.

A game hint quickly flashed across Fang Heng’s vision.

[Hint: Your body has a huge conflict with the demon hunter bloodline, inheritance failed.]

[Hint: Affected by the demon hunter bloodline, your hidden bloodline-basic inferior demon bloodline has awakened.]

[Hint: You have awakened-basic inferior demon bloodline.]

Fang Heng opened his eyes and looked at the game hint.

[Basic inferior demon bloodline]

Description: The lowest level monster that can survive in hell. It can resist the inferno of hell.

Additional attribute of skill: All fire attribute resistance increased by 20%, all basic attributes +1.5.

Description: This skill cannot increase the level. Player can try to find a way to increase the tier of the skill.

Fang Heng was stunned. His mind was a mess for a moment.

When did he get infected with this special bloodline?

Hearing the commotion in the inheritance hall, Chen Lin, who was waiting outside the door, came in with a few demon hunters to check.

Seeing the giant-sized statue and Fang Heng in the center of the altar, everyone looked confused.

Fang Heng was also at a loss.

The failure of receiving the demon hunter bloodline activated a strange inferior demon bloodline.

One was a demon hunter bloodline, and the other was an inferior demon bloodline.

Just the name alone was very conflicting…

“Chen Lin, there was a change during the demon hunter inheritance.”

The demon hunter elder didn’t know what had happened. As he spoke, he glanced at Fang Heng with confusion in his eyes.

He felt that there might be something wrong with Fang Heng, but he was not sure whether it was him or not.

Did he destroy the entire altar?

Did he have such an ability?

The demon hunter elder had unrealistic thoughts in his mind.

Chen Lin was at a loss for words.

He had never thought that Fang Heng could cause the statue to shatter.

He looked at the shattered pieces of the statue on the ground and asked with the last bit of hope, “Elder, can we continue?”

“I’m afraid not in the short term. The statue has been damaged beyond repair. We have to go to the headquarters camp to get a new one.”

Chen Lin scratched his head and looked at Fang Heng apologetically. “Brother, you heard it too. This is really unexpected. I think we have to wait for a while and try again with the new statue.”

Fang Heng stood up from the ground.

There was no need to try again. It would be bad if he tried again.

“Forget it, it doesn’t matter. Maybe I’m not suitable for the demon hunter bloodline, so there’s no need to go through the trouble. Are you almost ready to explore the magic array of the holy weapon of the vampires?”

“Yes, it’s ready. We can go there together at any time.”