Chapter 748 - The Pursuit

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Chapter 748: The Pursuit

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Returning to the hall on the first basement of the bell tower, a few demon hunters sat around a stone slab engraved with a small-scale magic array.

Chen Lin invited Fang Heng and the other two to sit around the magic array slab.

“Searching for the location of the holy weapon of the vampires is a method passed down from ancient times by the demon hunting clan. In the past, we need to pay a huge price for it, and the location of the holy weapon was not precise enough, but now it’s different.”

“There is a weak connection between the holy weapons of vampires. As long as we get one of them, we can find the approximate location of the rest of the holy weapons more easily and efficiently.”

Chen Lin looked at Fang Heng as he said, “We need to use the holy weapon that you just got to scout. Put it on the magic array first.”

Fang Heng nodded to show that he understood. He took out the holy weapon of vampires, the gauntlet, and placed it in the middle of the stone slab.

Chen Lin looked around at everyone.

“Everyone, let’s begin.”

A few demon hunters who were sitting around the stone slab and helping to control the magic plate cut their wrists at the same time and dripped their blood onto the magic array slab.

Then, the few of them reached out their hands and pressed on the edge of the magic array slab at the same time.

Energy poured into the stone slab and a weak light flickered on it.

The holy weapon of vampires that was placed in the middle of the stone slab was activated by the strength of the magic array. It trembled slightly and then gradually floated in the air.

The blood on the magic array was also attracted by the special strength. It began to gather and condense into tiny dots that slowly moved on the stone slab.

“The center of the magic array slab is our current position. After that, according to the four directions of east, west, south and north, the positions of all the holy weapons of the vampires will be displayed on the stone slab in the form of blood drops.”

“The error won’t be too big, about a kilometer difference.”

As he said this, Chen Lin lowered his head and looked at the center of the magic array slab again.

Chen Lin was stunned.

On the stone slab, a big lump of blood condensed into a ball and then gathered toward the center.

The demon hunters also had strange expressions.

Was the secret technique left behind by the ancestors wrong? Or was the operation wrong?

The other demon hunters who helped to control the magic array were also dumbfounded.

It was also their first time controlling the magic array slab.

After all, the demon hunters did not have the holy weapon of the vampires to support them in doing this. Moreover, most of the holy weapons of the vampires were in the hands of the vampires, so there was no need to activate the secret technique to find the specific location of the holy weapons.

A minute quickly passed.

On the magic array slab, a large amount of blood was gathered in the center. The rest of the blood was scattered in every corner of the magic array slab.

What was the problem?

Chen Lin could not answer. Everything was clearly done according to the method passed down by the ancestors. How could it become so strange?

Fang Heng looked at the stone slab.

At first, he was a little puzzled, but he quickly reacted.

There was no problem with the stone slab.

The problem was himself.

The stone slab could also sense the holy weapon of the vampires from other worlds.

Such a large pool of blood should correspond to the holy weapons of the vampires on his body.

Fang Heng coughed lightly and explained, “It’s fine. There’s no problem with the magic array slab. I still have a few holy weapons of the vampires from other worlds. I think the stone slab must have been disturbed by the holy weapons of the vampires on my body. That’s why there’s an anomaly.”

Chen Lin was stunned when he heard that and looked at Fang Heng in confusion.

The other demon hunters also looked at Fang Heng in surprise.

Judging from the amount of blood condensed in the center of the stone slab…

A few questions appeared in their heads: “Are you sure you only have a few pieces? Also, how did you get so many holy weapons? What exactly is your background?”

“Everyone,” Fang Heng focused everyone’s attention and continued, “Let’s not talk about this for now. I want to know where the blood cross is.”

Chen Lin nodded and said, “Other than the blood at the center, the scattered blood on the stone slab represents the position of the holy weapons. To be honest, I can’t be sure which one corresponds to the blood cross. I can only analyze it from the information we have so far.”

“I think this position should be the holy weapon of the vampires belonging to the Antut clan…”

Hearing this, Mo Jiawei dug up the information he had gathered from Meng Hao not too long ago. He turned on the in-game camera and took a picture of the stone slab. He was ready to compare it to the spot on the magic plate, then he could deduce which spot on the stone slab belonged to the blood cross.

It was a bit difficult.

If only Meng Hao were here right now.

He had a better understanding of the power of the vampires.

Suddenly, Mo Jiawei noticed something. He looked at the magic array slab and frowned.

“Hey, look, why is this spot so strange?”

Mo Jiawei pointed at a spot of blood on the magic plate.

Everyone looked at the spot on the stone slab where Mo Jiawei was pointing. The drop of blood was intermittently leaping toward the center of the stone slab.

It would jump forward by a big step each time.

“Why is it jumping so fast all of a sudden? Is there a problem?”

“No, it should be that someone is carrying the holy weapon of vampires and using the teleportation array to move over a long distance within a short time. The detection of the stone slab is limited, so it can’t react in time.”

Mo Jiawei replied and then, he looked at the fast-moving blood on the magic plate and asked with a frown, “So, someone is carrying the holy weapon of vampires and teleporting towards us?”

Hearing that, everyone was stunned.

Taking a closer look, it was indeed as Mo Jiawei had said. The blood was rapidly approaching the center of the stone slab.

Fang Heng raised his head and asked, “Where was this spot at the beginning?”

Mo Jiawei quickly took out the photo he had just taken and compared it. He pointed at a spot above and said, “It’s here.”

Everyone looked puzzled.

Chen Lin said in a low voice, “I don’t know who it is. It will take some time to figure it out.”

But one thing was certain.

Vampires with holy weapons were most likely the Marquis of the vampires.

And he was heading towards the bell tower!

After a period of high-speed operation, the speed of the blood movement began to slow down, but it was still gradually approaching the central bell tower.

His target should be the bell tower!

The demon hunter camp had been discovered!

Everyone’s expression changed slightly.

The thing that Chen Lin had felt uneasy about was happening.

He immediately stopped controlling the stone slab and looked at everyone. “Check the magic array of the bell tower. Immediately gather all the demon hunters and get ready for battle!”

Chen Lin was about to go out and take charge of the overall situation when he was pulled back by Fang Heng.

“What are you going to do? Do you have a plan? Do you still want to fight the vampires who are chasing you from the outside?”