Chapter 749 - Retreat

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Chen Lin’s expression was grave.

He did not want to fight head-on.

Once the location of the demon hunter camp was exposed, there would be a steady stream of enemies of vampires attacking the bell tower.

So what if he could fight?

At most, he would just drag some more vampires down the grave with him. He would soon be consumed by the continuous stream of vampires.

Moreover, there was also the Marquis of the vampires among the enemies.

Vampires were not so easy to deal with.

Fang Heng continued, “Vampires came straight for the bell tower. Your previous judgment should be right. The coordinates of the demon hunter camp have long been leaked. We killed Hill and took his holy weapon, which angered the vampires. That’s why they came straight after us.”

“Yeah, I think so too.”

Chen Lin nodded in agreement.

He had long determined that there was a mole in the demon hunter camp, and now he was even more certain of this.

“I understand. There’s no need for us to defend the camp and waste the demon hunters’ life force. I’ll bring my people to evacuate to a secret safe point in the periphery.”

Just as the two finished their discussion, the door was knocked twice and a high-tier demon hunter pushed the door open.

“Boss Chen Lin, the periphery investigator found a large number of vampires gathering in the direction of our bell tower!”

Chen Lin’s face darkened.

Sure enough, everything was as Fang Heng had expected.

“Tell our men that the camp’s location has been exposed. Prepare to disperse and evacuate!”

Seeing Chen Lin running away in a hurry, Mo Jiawei looked at Fang Heng and asked, “Big Brother, what should we do now?”

Fang Heng nodded and thought for a moment.

“Let’s follow them and take a look. When you have a chance to escape, think of a way to find out who is the mole who leaked the information of the demon hunters. Also, spend some time to compare the screenshots of the holy weapon and find out where the blood cross is.”

Mo Jiawei nodded solemnly. “Okay, I’ll find out in a while.”

A Marquis of the vampires was coming for them.

Wasn’t this equivalent to sending himself to their doorstep?

If there was a chance, they could kill him and take the holy weapon of the vampires from him.

Fang Heng’s heart was filled with greed and killing intent.

He quickly made a battle plan and left the basement with Chu Yan and Mo Jiawei.

In the outside world, a large group of vampires had already rushed toward the bell tower.

The demon hunter side used the bell tower as a cover to shoot at the vampires outside.

In the chaos, Fang Heng heard someone shouting.

“The vehicles are ready. Evacuate to the secret stronghold in batches!”

Chen Lin was commanding the team to prepare for evacuation. When he saw Fang Heng, he nodded at him. “The vehicles will be ready soon. Let’s evacuate together.”

Fang Heng was about to answer when he frowned.

He suddenly had a thought and looked out of the window.

In the distance, high in the sky, a leader of the vampires was approaching them quickly.

Fang Heng’s blood was beating faster.

“Chen Lin, there’s bad news. We’re in big trouble.”

Fang Heng switched to his sacred study form and took off the outermost mask, leaving only the human skin mask on the inner layer.

As he spoke, he raised Ding Min’s specially-made modified sniper rifle and aimed it at the distant sky.

Chen Lin also sensed it. His expression was extremely solemn as he nodded and said, “It’s not a normal Marquis, it’s a Duke of vampires.”

Hearing this, everyone immediately felt a heavy layer of pressure on their shoulders and for a moment, they could not breathe.

Other than the Prince, there was also the existence of the ceiling of combat strength in the Vampire Apocalypse, the Duke of vampires.

Through the scope, Fang Heng stared at the Duke of vampires who was attacking in mid-air. He gently pulled the trigger.

The Duke of vampires in mid-air quickly dodged. After dodging the sniper bullets, he paused in the air and sped up again toward the bell tower.

Chu Yan also took the binoculars and looked at the sky. He frowned and whispered, “It’s Stuart, the Duke of vampires, the owner of Blood Ritual.”

Fang Heng’s heart moved.

He was missing one weapon from the Thirteen Holy Artifacts of vampires!

The problem was, how could he get rid of the Duke?

Fang Heng’s eyes narrowed as he pondered.

A demon hunter rushed in and reported to Chen Lin, “The car is ready. It’s in the back. We can prepare to evacuate!”

No one answered. The room was silent for a while, only the sound of gunshots could be heard.

The demon hunter man could not help but ask, “What’s wrong, Boss? Is there any change?”

Chen Lin raised his hand to signal for his men to keep quiet, then, he continued, “There’s a restriction set up in the bell tower to deal with the vampires. When the Duke of vampires attacks the bell tower, we’ll activate the restriction with all our might. We should be able to control him for a short period of time.”

“Then, I’ll think of a way to lure Stuart away. The rest of you, immediately disperse and retreat to the secret stronghold.”

Hearing that Chen Lin wanted to take the lead and use this suicide-like sacrifice tactic to cover the retreat of the others, the eyes of the surrounding demon hunters immediately turned red. Bloody mist surged up and they immediately retorted.

“We might as well not leave. Let’s just fight it out with them.”

“Everyone shut up. This is the tactical arrangement that I made.” Chen Lin coldly looked around at everyone, “Now is not the time to be courageous. We have to conserve our strength. I choose to draw him away so that we can naturally find a way to escape. You all are too weak. Following me will only cause trouble.”

Chen Lin said and waved his hand. “Do as I say. This is an order. Prepare to activate the restriction!”

When the demon hunters heard that Chen Lin was confident that he could escape, they nodded and no longer refuted him. They continued to lower their heads and work.

“Chen Lin, wait for me to come with you. First, think of a way to lure him away.”

Fang Heng listened to what Chen Lin said and calmly replied. Then, he continued to pull the trigger in his hand.

There was another gunshot.

Duke Stuart, the Duke of vampires, who was rushing toward the bell tower, was once again interrupted in his flying speed. He had no choice but to speed up again.

Chen Lin was a little surprised that Fang Heng was willing to stay and risk so much with him. He frowned and was about to say something when he saw Fang Heng giving him a look.

This look was a little familiar to Chen Lin.

Could it be that he had a way?

As he said that, Chen Lin stretched out his hand and pressed it against a wall beside him. At the same time, he looked out of the window and stared at Stuart’s trajectory.

Where the palm was pressed, the red rune flickered faintly.

Everyone watched helplessly as the Duke of vampires in the distance dodged the dense number of handgun bullets and pounced straight at the bell tower’s window.

Chen Lin gritted his teeth and activated his demon hunter bloodline with all his might.

Almost at the same time, more than ten demon hunters worked together with Chen Lin to activate the magic array!

The bell tower was instantly enveloped by a dense layer of blood-red magic array.

A thunderous explosion sounded!

The Duke of vampires, Stuart, who had crashed into the magic array, was instantly struck by lightning!

His body flew backward at an even faster speed, and his entire body was instantly covered with a red rune mark!