Chapter 750 - Sea-crossing Bridge

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Chapter 750: Sea-crossing Bridge

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The entire bell tower emitted a strange red glow. The nearby vampires were affected by the restriction and instantly lost their ability to fly. They were sent flying by a head-on force!

A large area was cleared out in the surroundings!

“Now! Split up and retreat to the safe point!” Chen Lin shouted.

It was a good opportunity!

Fang Heng did not retreat immediately. Instead, he continued to set up his sniper rifle and aimed the muzzle at Stuart, who was sent flying in the air.

In the air, Stuart’s body was covered with red incantations.

He was aware of the danger, but he was affected by the restriction and could not dodge it. He could only watch as the bullet hit his body.

The bullet pierced through his chest and exploded in the air!

A huge fireball enveloped Stuart.

[Hint: You deal 11,332 points of critical damage, weakness damage and vital damage to Stuart.]

[Hint: You are currently in an anonymous state.]

This was within Fang Heng’s expectations.

This shot was able to take away quite a bit of Stuart’s HP and gain quite a bit of aggro.

Chen Lin had already walked to the back door and was preparing to retreat. He used his chin to indicate the location of the retreat point to Fang Heng and then quickly left the bell tower.

Seeing this, Fang Heng immediately put away his sniper rifle and ran towards the door.

“Quick! Big Brother, get in the car!”

Outside the door, Mo Jiawei had already started the big truck. When Fang Heng was the last to jump onto the truck, he stepped on the accelerator.

Everyone sped along the small path.

Chen Lin turned to look at the vampires behind him and said in a deep voice, “We’ll think of a way to attract the Duke’s attention and buy time for my people to escape.”

Fang Heng hummed softly.

He raised his sniper rifle again and looked at Stuart in the distance through the scope.

Not long ago, he had suffered double damage from the bell tower prohibition and the sniper rifle. After landing on the ground, Stuart stood up shakily under the protection of many vampires.

The wounds on his body slowly healed on their own.

Subsequently, a large number of vampires also rushed over and joined the battlefield together. They flapped their wings and gathered behind Stuart.

“Demon hunters, despicable race.”

Stuart sneered, the anger in his heart rising.

“They damaged my noble body, I will make them regret it.”

As he said that, Stuart crushed the blood marrow in his hand.

The blood that exploded from the blood marrow gradually fused into Stuart’s body. The incantation mark on his body dissipated at an extremely fast speed, and the bloody hole on his body caused by the sniper bullet was also rapidly healing.

His sharp perception sensed the danger, and Stuart once again dodged to the side.

The bullet brushed past his body and hit the big tree behind him, and then the whole tree exploded on the spot again.

“Haha… Trying to provoke me?”

A red light flashed in Stuart’s eyes. He narrowed his eyes and looked in the direction of the big truck Fang Heng was in. A disdainful sneer appeared on his lips.

Stuart transformed into his bat form and led a large number of vampires behind him to chase after Fang Heng and team.

“Phew, good news. He’s coming.”

Seeing Stuart chasing after them, Chu Yan heaved a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat off his forehead. Then, he said in a deep voice, “Bad news. He’s coming.”

“Brother, let’s not make a joke now, okay?”

Mo Jiawei, who was driving the truck forward, felt bitter. He turned his head to look at Chen Lin and asked, “Chen Lin, you said earlier that you have a way to save our lives. Now, it’s up to you. Where are we going to run to?”

Chen Lin looked at the Duke of vampires who was approaching the truck and shrugged calmly, “Brother, I lied to them. Do you believe me? There’s a sea-crossing bridge not far away. I thought that if I could make it there, I might be able to save my life by jumping into the sea if I’m lucky.”

“Huh? So desperate? So it was all a lie?” Mo Jiawei thought as cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

He had just obtained the S-level demon hunting bloodline and didn’t even have the time to test its effects. How could he die so soon?

It was acceptable to die once, but what if the demon hunting bloodline was destroyed by the punishment?

This would be a bloody loss to him!

With this thought, Mo Jiawei immediately looked at Fang Heng through the rearview mirror. “Fang… Boss Fang, what should we do next? Where should we run to?”

Fang Heng calmly switched the magazine and said, “Don’t worry. We won’t die. Listen to me. We’re in the outskirts now. We’re heading toward Jin City.”

Seeing Fang Heng’s calm and confident look, Mo Jiawei relaxed a little.

He had worked with Fang Heng for so long and had never suffered a loss.

Chen Lin continued, “Continue forward. Turn right after two intersections. After the sea-crossing bridge, you will reach the Jin City area.”

As he said this, another gunshot sounded.

Duke Stuart, who was chasing them from behind, was causing them to slow down.

Taking advantage of the time to switch magazines, Fang Heng proposed an anonymous deal to Chu Yan.

On the side, Chu Yan received the signal flare from the Holy Court from Fang Heng. Hearing this, he raised his eyebrows and seemed to vaguely realize something.

Indeed, that place seemed to be…

The location of the Holy Court branch.

Chu Yan felt that he seemed to understand a little, but was also a little confused.

Could they really hold on until there?

There was still a distance to the sea-crossing bridge, at least a ten-minute drive away.

Chu Yan was not very confident.

Although Stuart, the Duke of vampires who was chasing closely behind, seemed to be very afraid of Fang Heng’s sniper rifle, he could easily dodge the sniper rifle’s attacks every time.

The distance between the two sides was getting closer and closer!

Chen Lin threw away his coat, and the runes engraved on his body emitted a red glow.

Under the strong pressure, Chen Lin directly entered the third stage demon hunter form and took out the demon hunter beheading saber on his back.

In the bat form, Stuart condensed into human form in midair, and two black bat-shaped wings spread out from his back. While maintaining his mid-speed flight, he threw out two dark light balls in front of him.

With a roar, Chen Lin raised the beheading broadsword covered in red incantations and slashed forward.

The black light ball exploded when it touched the demon hunter beheading broadsword and the shockwave from the explosion pushed Chen Lin backward!

Chu Yan quickly grabbed Chen Lin and both of them nearly dropped off the truck.

Mo Jiawei felt bitter.

He also had demon hunting skills, and he knew that Chen Lin, who was in his third stage form, couldn’t defeat the Duke of vampires. However, Chen Lin needed to earn a lot of rage points to enter the fourth stage, and he did not seem reliable at the moment.

“Boss Fang, we can’t go on like this. We have to think of something!”

“Yeah, I know. We still have a trump card.”

Mo Jiawei was stunned. Then, he saw Fang Heng take out a small spear blade.