Chapter 751 - Spear Blade

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Chapter 751: Spear Blade

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That’s right, the holy spear of the Holy Court.

It was a legendary weapon used by the Pope of the Holy Court to deal with the Vampire King!

Fang Heng switched to the sacred study state and read through the additional explanation of the spear blade once again.

The power of the components of the holy spear was less than one-tenth of its original power. Moreover, it lacked additional effects and its hit rate was greatly reduced. It also required a longer preparation time to aim.

There was only one chance.

Using it to deal with a normal Marquis of the vampires should be pretty good, but it was still a little difficult to deal with a Duke.

Most likely, it would not be able to kill him in one hit, so he could only hope that it could delay him for a while.

As he spoke, Fang Heng took out a bow and arrow from his backpack. He tied the tip of the spear to an arrow and aimed it at the rapidly approaching Duke Stuart.

Stuart frowned. He felt an uneasy strength from the arrow in Fang Heng’s hand.

This group of people had endless tricks up their sleeves. They were very difficult to deal with!

Stuart did not doubt that they were the ones who had killed Marquis Hill and seized the holy weapon.

Stuart had no choice but to slow down. More than ten blood-red light balls condensed in his palm.

The blood-colored light balls suddenly shot forward and chased after the truck in front!

Seeing the terrifying blood-colored light balls through the rearview mirror, Mo Jiawei shouted and drove the truck to move around crazily, trying to dodge the attack of the light balls.

Chu Yan opened the holy light shield to the maximum, and Chen Lin did his best by waving the demon hunter broadsword and slashing at the blood-colored light balls that couldn’t be dodged.

“Boom!! Boom Boom!!!”

Sounds of explosion rang out!

The blood-red light balls exploded on Chen Lin’s broadsword. Chen Lin barely managed to stabilize his body so that he would not fall off the truck, while Chu Yan opened his holy light shield to the maximum to offset the aftershock of the explosion.

Fang Heng’s target was Stuart, who was chasing after them,

Affected by the explosion, the truck swayed. Relying on his Level 20 archery skill, Fang Heng tried his best to keep his upper body steady.

Aiming at his target, Fang Heng relaxed his fingers that were holding the bowstring.

His mental strength was sucked out instantly!

The moment he let go, Fang Heng felt that his shot had missed.

The bumpy environment greatly affected the shooting effect. In addition to the 80% miss rate given by the spear blade, the real hit rate was estimated to be less than 5%.

If it was Mo Jiawei’s shooting, there might be some hope.

Unfortunately, Mo Jiawei was only a demon hunter and did not understand the sacred study.

Therefore, Fang Heng’s initial target was not the enemy itself.

The moment the arrow was released, it condensed into a scorching holy golden beam!

A beam of light more than half a meter thick shot out directly from Fang Heng’s hand!

The tip of the condensed beam of light slanted downwards slightly, deviating from its target and passing by Stuart’s side.

A layer of cold sweat broke out on Stuart’s forehead.

Just as the beam of light exploded, he felt an imminent threat of death.

It had been a long time since he had felt such a threat.

Suddenly, Stuart sensed something.

In the next moment, a violent explosion sounded from the right.

The beam of light landed on the ground and exploded with a bang.

The golden Holy Light that erupted engulfed all the vampires in the surroundings, including Stuart!

A golden mushroom cloud soared into the sky!

A dark golden airwave mixed with blood and explosive fragments spread out in all directions!

[Hint: You have used the holy spear to cause an explosion in an area, causing regional damage.]

[Hint: You have killed a low-tier vampire.]

[Hint: You are currently in an anonymous state. You cannot obtain survival points, reputation points, etc.]

[Hint: You have killed a high-tier vampire, obtaining a Tier 1 evolution crystal*1…]

A dense number of game hints flashed across Fang Heng’s vision.

Looking through the rearview mirror and seeing the mushroom cloud behind him, Mo Jiawei muttered to himself, “F*ck, the holy weapon is still powerful.”

Seeing the blast wave from the explosion rushing over, Chu Yan opened his holy light shield and shouted, “Boss Mo, stop looking and drive carefully!!! Charge over!”

“Charge my ass! This is a big truck!”

Mo Jiawei saw the blast wave coming from behind and shouted, “Jump out of the truck!!”

As soon as he said that, Mo Jiawei opened the door and jumped out of the truck.

Then, the blast wave coming from behind sent the whole truck flying!

After jumping out of the truck, Mo Jiawei fell heavily to the ground. After rolling twice, he immediately got up.

Mo Jiawei was pleasantly surprised!

Demon hunter bloodlines were really good. If he had fallen like this in the past, he would have taken a few bottles of medicine.

Not far away, the truck that was blown away by the blast hit a huge rock by the roadside and was smashed into pieces.

Awesome! Demon hunter bloodlines!

Mo Jiawei was in a good mood for a moment. He looked around.

As soon as he said that, Mo Jiawei realized that he was young.

Among these people, he was the assistant driving the car.

Which one of them couldn’t take a beating like him?

Everyone gathered quickly as if nothing had happened.

“The power of the explosion is average. Normal Marquises will probably be injured. It definitely won’t affect the Duke of vampires. Hurry up and run first.”

As he said that, Fang Heng aimed at the back and raised his hand.

A large number of evolution crystals flew into Fang Heng’s palm from a distance.

[Hint: You have obtained evolution crystal fragments*227, complete evolution crystal*210, Tier 1 evolution crystal*55, Tier 2 evolution crystal*66.]

Chu Yan took out two battery chariots from his backpack. “Make do with them first. Let’s go.”

Chen Lin looked at the Inhuman’s special ability with envy.

They got on the electric scooter and drove along the highway for a while. Then, they snatched an Audi along the way.

Mo Jiawei stepped hard on the accelerator, crossed the corner, and drove along the highway for more than ten minutes. Then, the car drove across the sea-crossing bridge.

Fang Heng sensed something and said, “They’re catching up.”

Mo Jiawei raised his head and glanced at the rearview mirror. He couldn’t help but gulp, and his scalp went numb.

“It’s a bit exaggerated…”

They were in big trouble!

Behind them, a large group of vampires was coming toward them.

“This is the sea-crossing bridge. Theoretically, we’ve entered the Jin City area.”

Chu Yan leaned out of the window and fired a signal flare toward the sky.

The signal flare exploded in the air, creating a magnificent firework.

Mo Jiawei didn’t have time to enjoy the beautiful night scene. He turned his head and said, “Boss Fang, I don’t think it’s possible to rely on the Holy Court to save us.”

“Brother, I think so too.”

Even though he was running for his life, Chen Lin was in a good mood. He turned around and looked at Fang Heng, he said, “Brother, the Holy Court is such a weak chicken. If they see so many vampires and they can’t even escape in time, how would they dare to fight the vampires head-on? They definitely won’t come.”