Chapter 708 - Xu Mei Was Eliminated

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Chapter 708: Xu Mei Was Eliminated

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“This is a very good ambush spot. I’ll ambush here.”

Xu Mei hid her figure in a bush and covered her black sniper rifle with a layer of camouflage linen. She crouched on the ground.

The best thing a sniper was good at was waiting.

“Okay, if I find anything, I’ll detonate this smoke bomb!”

Li Yang left his food and half of the water to Xu Mei while he left with only a small amount of water.

Xu Mei did not appreciate his kindness at all. Looking at the food, she was even worried about whether Zhou Lin was eating well and whether he had given all his food to Yun xi.

Love was never an equal thing in this world.

What was Love in this world? It was just that one thing was better than another.

Xu Mei looked at Li Yang’s back. The frying pan behind him looked particularly embarrassing.

Xu Mei’s fingers gently touched the trigger. If she could, she really wanted Li Yang to shoot her in the head and end the game.

However, this man was actually her teammate!

Xu Mei had no choice but to continue according to the plan. She had to perfectly play the role of a hunter and amaze Zhou Lin with her superb marksmanship.

Li Yang was walking in the forest when he suddenly heard a sound coming from ahead. He stopped and listened carefully to everything around him.

Li Yang’s position was discovered.

A bullet hit the big tree that Li Yang had just dodged, sending up a cloud of dust.

Li Yang quickly hid and stared at his surroundings vigilantly, not daring to make a sound.

A few more bullets came from his surroundings and once again shot toward the place where Li Yang was hiding. The bullets specially used for the exercise blew up red dust in the surroundings. Li Yang’s vision in front of him became blurry, and his nose also inhaled a small amount of dust, causing his throat to become itchy.

Li Yang did not dare to cough, afraid that the enemy would discover his location. He could only drink a small amount of water to suppress the unbearable itch in his throat.

How could there be gunshots?!

Zhou Lin went to their camp to look for the signal device, right?! Could it be that Zhou Lin left his pistol to Yun Xi?!

Li Yang recalled that Yun Xi had even won against Xu Mei in the shooting competition. He did not suspect that the person who shot at him was actually not Yun Xi.

The enemy was in the dark, while he was in the light.

Li Yang could only hide first.

After all, Yun Xi was the only one on this side. Killing Yun Xi would not win the competition. The most important thing now was to find the location of the signal device.

However, what they did not know was that Zhou Lin’s team’s signal device was hidden in the thicket where Xu Mei was.

The best quality of a sniper was to be able to snipe without moving at all. Xu Mei indeed had this ability, but there was a special situation at the moment.

It was because she had a stiff neck!

Xu Mei could only adjust her position from time to time to make her shoulders and neck more comfortable. If a person fell asleep for a long time, their shoulders would start to feel sore, and even their head would start to feel swollen and painful.

Xu Mei moved to the side bit by bit, but suddenly there was a loud sound from below.

Although the modified bomb was used for practice purposes, it still had a certain impact. Xu Mei was knocked to the side, and there was a strong dull pain in her abdomen.

Red smoke rose from Xu Mei’s body.

Xu Mei was directly eliminated by Zhou Lin’s modified bomb.

At this time, Xu Mei realized that Zhou Lin’s signal device was hidden in the thorn bushes, but she was already eliminated. She was already considered a dead person, and now she did not have any ability to send signals to her teammates.

After Xu Mei was eliminated, she secretly scolded Li Yang. If he had not insisted on sleeping on the tree last night, she would not have been eliminated so easily.

Indeed, there was nothing lucky about forming a team with Li Yang!

Li Yang also heard the loud bang, but he did not suspect that Xu Mei had been eliminated.

Li Yang’s worst-case scenario was that Zhou Lin would discover the cannon that they had hidden in their camp and the loud bang just now was just a test.

However, Li Yang was right. The cannon they had hidden was indeed found, but the person who found it was Yun Xi.