Chapter 1013 - Doctor Meng's Provocation

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Chapter 1013: Doctor Meng’s Provocation

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Qiao Xi’s expression was serious. “Doctor Meng, I don’t remember asking to meet you. What’s the matter?”

Her tone was very distant, and she was also questioning Doctor Meng. He clearly knew that she did not come to the Medical Association to see him, but he still pretended to wait for her here as if they had agreed to meet. He could deceive others, but he could not deceive her.

Doctor Meng suddenly smiled, and the smile on his face gradually widened. “Miss Qiao, even if I hadn’t told Doctor Shen that, we would have met soon. It’s better for me to find an excuse to meet you as soon as possible.”

Qiao Xi’s expression turned cold. They would meet anyway? She did not know Doctor Meng at all. She came to the Medical Association today for—

Suddenly, her entire body trembled as she looked up into the man’s deep eyes. Other than investigating the whereabouts of the pills, she was here for another important matter. She wanted to investigate Meng Fan’s identity. She suspected that there was a spy in the Medical Association, so she had not said anything. She just wanted to investigate in secret, but he was…

He smiled. “Miss Qiao, you’ve been looking for me for a long time, right? Now that I’m here personally, don’t you want to say something?”

In the past, Qiao Xi had always thought that Meng Fan was a fake name. When this person really stood in front of her, she still felt that this person was unreal.

Meng Fan chuckled. “Miss Qiao, your people have been investigating me. Why do you look like you’ve seen a ghost when you’re looking at me now?

“I knew that you’d investigate me based on the clues from the Medical Association. Anyway, you would’ve found me sooner or later. Since that’s the case, why don’t I just appear and save you a lot of trouble?”

“You’re from the Medical Association?” Qiao Xi’s expression was icy-cold.

“I just joined the Medical Association not long ago.” Meng Fan pointed at the document beside him. “This is my research results.”

Qiao Xi picked up the document and looked at it. This was a new medicine that could control the spread of cancer cells to a certain extent. Moreover, it had no side effects on the human body. Once this medicine was released, it would play a huge role. However, it was too expensive and could not be popularized for the time being.

“Miss Qiao, you don’t have to doubt my identity. Even if my grandfather didn’t recommend that I join the Medical Association, I’m capable enough to join,” Meng Fan said confidently.

The corners of Qiao Xi’s mouth twitched slightly. Even though the results of this research were indeed very awesome, the face of this man before her was really asking for a beating!

She knew that Meng Fan was truly talented. Otherwise, Doctor Shen would not have praised him so much. Even with Elder Lin’s recommendation, he had to have the ability to enter the Medical Association.

However, Qiao Xi did not understand how Meng Fan knew that she was investigating his identity. Moreover, he suddenly revealed his identity. What exactly did he want?

Meng Fan looked at Qiao Xi’s pensive expression and smiled brightly. “Miss Qiao, why are you so nervous? I just want to see the eldest daughter of the Medical Association. I want to see what’s so good about you that everyone in the Medical Association admires you. Could it be that you think I’m up to no good?”

Qiao Xi’s expression was gloomy as she pursed her lips tightly. She really did not like this man. He always gave off the feeling that he was full of tricks.

“I’m a very curious person. I’ve never seen you before, Miss Qiao, so I just want to see you. It’s just that I don’t understand why you’re so hostile to me considering it’s the first time you’re seeing me.” He narrowed his eyes with a trace of mockery.

Qiao Xi was even angrier now. This man was clearly provoking her. He was clearly the one who spread those rumors, yet he pretended not to know anything and was acting in front of her. After all, she did not have any evidence, so who would believe her empty words?

Moreover, even if she found evidence, Meng Fan could still say that he had just casually said it and did not expect everyone to hear about it. He did not have any ill intentions.

Hah! He would pretend to be innocent!

Qiao Xi sneered. “Mr. Meng, what do you think? I should warn you that people will always leave clues behind. There are some people you shouldn’t provoke. Don’t get yourself into trouble.”

She had never seen Meng Fan before. She had met Elder Lin a few times but had never heard him mention this grandson of his. She also knew that Elder Lin had forged the paternity test report. Seeing how much Elder Lin had contributed all these years, she did not make things difficult for him. Meng Fan would not hate her for Elder Lin’s matter, so why did he come looking for trouble with her for no reason?