Chapter 1014 - The Person Appeared Out Of Nowhere

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Chapter 1014: The Person Appeared Out Of Nowhere

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The room was silent. After a moment of silence, Qiao Xi said coldly, “Doctor Meng, you’ve already seen me. Is there anything else?”

Meng Fan raised his eyebrows, and a trace of admiration appeared in his eyes as he looked at Qiao Xi. Qiao Xi was different from other women. She knew that he would not say anything, so she did not ask. He praised, “Miss Qiao, you’re indeed different from the rest. As expected of the eldest daughter of the Medical Association.”

Qiao Xi glanced at him coldly and turned to leave. Although Meng Fan did not admit it, she had already confirmed that Meng Fan was the person who spread the news. She did not understand why Meng Fan would do this. She only knew that this man had ill intentions.

However, Qiao Xi could not figure out when she had offended this difficult man. She had no impression of it at all.

After seeing Qiao Xi leave, the smile on Meng Fan’s face suddenly vanished and gradually turned gloomy. His assistant knocked on the door and walked into the room. He was holding a tray with a hot towel on it. “Young Master.”

Meng Fan picked up the towel and carefully wiped his hands. He was a serious clean freak. Even being in the same room as a stranger made him feel uncomfortable. He casually threw the towel into the trash can, his eyes cold. “Qiao Xi isn’t simple.”

The assistant looked around. “Young Master, Qiao Xi is just a weak woman. She only became famous after marrying Gu Zheng. Why waste your time on her?”

On the other hand, after Qiao Xi left the Medical Association, she returned to Blue Dream Pavilion. At this moment, the bustling Blue Dream Pavilion caused Qiao Xi to be absent-minded for a moment. For the first time in her life, Qiao Xi fell into confusion. Was Meng Fan here to provoke her?

She found a quiet corner and took out her laptop. Her fingers nimbly tapped across it a few times. Looking at the empty information column, she felt weak all over. Once again, she thought that Meng Fan was using a fake identity.

If Meng Fan really existed, how could there be no news of him at all? He was like a person who had appeared out of nowhere. He was as clean as a sheet of paper, and there were no clues at all. He had never gone to any university. She had also investigated Mr. Lin but did not find out that he had a grandson.

Qiao Xi closed the laptop and smiled coldly.

Meng Fan actually dared to provoke her like this. He must be tired of living!

She went upstairs and saw the person in charge of Blue Dream Pavilion. She said softly, “Investigate Meng Fan.”

The person in charge was a little surprised. “Eldest Miss, why don’t you investigate it yourself?”

Qiao Xi frowned. “If I could find out, why would I need you? There are usually so many customers in Blue Dream Pavilion, so you should be able to find some clues.”

“Yes! I’ll investigate as soon as possible.” After the person in charge finished speaking, he suddenly cleared his throat and hesitated. “Eldest Miss, um…”

Qiao Xi raised her eyes, and the person in charge had an extremely strange expression. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly as he said, “You’re done with your work now, so you should quickly go to the tearoom. Someone’s waiting for you!”

Qiao Xi wondered why so many people were waiting for her today and asked impatiently, “Who is it?”

The person in charge gulped and lowered his voice. “Mr. Gu, your husband.”

Qiao Xi’s legs went weak, and she almost stopped in her tracks. She had actually forgotten that Gu Zheng was still angry. He thought that she had agreed to meet Meng Fan, so he was probably jealous now.

She ran to the tearoom, then took a deep breath as she stood at the door. She carefully pushed the door open and looked at the man sitting at the table drinking tea. She hurriedly squeezed out a smile. “Ah Zheng.”

Song Shijing choked on his saliva and quickly pulled Song Shiyu out of the door. Instantly, only the couple was left in the room.

Gu Zheng glanced at her, then turned to look out of the window. He said calmly, “Are you done?”

Qiao Xi hurriedly explained, “It’s a misunderstanding! He and I were just…”

“I’m not listening!” Gu Zheng replied arrogantly.

Qiao Xi was stunned for a few seconds. “Let me explain!”

“No!” Gu Zheng became even more arrogant.

Song Shiyu, who was standing at the door, was speechless. Was this really their president?

“The president and young madam are really too childish. They’re like primary school students. One wants to explain, while the other refuses to listen. Why aren’t these two acting in dramas?!”