Chapter 1016 - Calligraphy Competition

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Chapter 1016: Calligraphy Competition

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“I’ve seen the participants. I can’t guarantee that you’ll get first place in the university, but you’ll definitely get first place in the design department!”

“Brother Hao, don’t say that. Class 3 hasn’t signed up yet! Everything is unknown.” Lu Muxue pretended to be humble.

Li Hao laughed out loud. “Muxue, stop joking. What right do those trash from Class 3 have to compare themselves to you?”

“That’s right! Lu Muxue, even if they register, they’re just cannon fodder. It’s impossible for them to get a ranking. Registration is about to end, and no one has signed up yet. There are so many people in that class, but they can’t find anyone who practices calligraphy. They’re really all ignorant and incompetent trash!”

Qiao Xi heard their discussion and subconsciously looked at the girl. Her surname was Lu?

At this moment, Li Hao said again, “Muxue, you’re the daughter of the Lu family! You’ve been practicing calligraphy since you were young. You naturally can’t be compared to the nouveau riche in Class 3 who only know how to eat, drink, and play?”

Qiao Xi pursed her lips. It was indeed the Lu family, but she had never heard of Lu Muxue. She picked up her phone and asked Song Shiyu about it. Song Shiyu replied: [Lu Muxue is the eldest daughter of the Lu family. She grew up with Lu Yan and is very close to him.]

Qiao Xi grunted coldly. She had never heard of the name Lu Muxue. She was probably not in the design department before this. Now that she suddenly appeared here, her intentions were very obvious. She was here for her.

The Lu family had already done so many disgusting things. Now that they had sent Lu Muxue to provoke her, were they tired of living?

On the other hand, Lu Muxue smiled and said, “I heard that the teacher of Class 3, Qiao Xi, is a famous designer. Since she’s so capable, she should also know calligraphy, right?”

Qiao Xi: “…” As expected, they started talking about the main topic.

The opening ceremony was about to start, and everyone was already seated. As the teacher of Class 3, Qiao Xi was also sitting with the students. The student council member of Class 3 said unhappily, “This group of people is too much. They’re beating about the bush but they’re really just looking down on us. It’s just a calligraphy competition. I don’t believe that we can’t find someone who knows calligraphy in our entire class! Class Monitor, didn’t you learn calligraphy when you were young? Go participate!”

The class monitor looked troubled. “My calligraphy skills can only fool elementary school students. The judges this time are Mr. Yi and Mr. Shang. How would I dare to show off in front of them?! Why don’t we ask Teacher Qiao? Maybe she knows calligraphy. Anyway, all the teachers and students in the university can participate.”

Seeing everyone mention her, Qiao Xi turned around and said in a low voice, “I do know a little calligraphy, but I only learned it from my elders for a period of time. I might not be able to produce good quality work.”

Everyone knew that Qiao Xi was the famous designer, Gu Shan. Moreover, she was the oil painter Han Yin. Since she was so good at painting, her calligraphy skills should not be bad either. Even if Qiao Xi could not get first place, as long as she could get a ranking, it would be considered as winning Class 3 some honor.

Qiao Xi hesitated for a moment. “If no one in the class really participates, then I’ll participate. In any case, I have calligraphy works that I’ve already written at home. I’ll just hand them in.”

The class monitor said excitedly, “Sure! Teacher Qiao, don’t feel pressured. It’s already very impressive that you can participate. It doesn’t matter if you can’t get a ranking. We can’t let those people from Class 1 look down on us!”

“Lu Muxue is a two-faced b*tch. Has she been learning calligraphy since she was young? What’s there to show off? I’ve been eating since I was young! She definitely won’t eat as much as me!”

Everyone: “…” Eating was considered a talent? Then Lu Muxue definitely could not compare to them!

Qiao Xi looked at the indignant expressions of everyone in Class 3 and knew that the students of Class 1 had already said many nasty words before she came. Hence, she could not disappoint the students. No matter what, she had to participate.

After the university’s opening meeting ended, Qiao Xi prepared to return to Longwan Residential. She wanted to hand her calligraphy work to the teachers in the painting and calligraphy department before the registration deadline. She had just walked out of the teaching building when she heard a delicate female voice behind her.

Qiao Xi turned around and saw Lu Muxue slowly walking over with a helpless expression. “Miss Qiao, I hope you won’t pester my brother anymore.”

Qiao Xi was instantly stunned, then she replied seriously, “I’m not familiar with Lu Yan. You don’t have to worry.”

The moment that was said, Lu Muxue’s eyes were suddenly filled with anger. Her face turned slightly red as she retorted coquettishly, “The brother I’m talking about is Gu Zheng! Don’t pretend to be stupid!”

Qiao Xi fell silent and looked at Lu Muxue as if she was looking at a lunatic. Was the Lu family so shameless? Gu Zheng did not acknowledge the Lu family at all, yet Lu Muxue was calling him her brother? Moreover, was she in any position to make decisions about Gu Zheng’s matter? Who did she think she was?!