Chapter 1017 - Quick Treatment

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Chapter 1017: Quick Treatment

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Lu Muxue’s face was filled with anger as if she had just found out that her brother had been deceived by a bad woman. She glared at Qiao Xi seriously, naively thinking that this would make Qiao Xi retreat.

Qiao Xi sneered. “Eldest Miss Lu.”

Lu Muxue pouted and said angrily, “Qiao Xi, I really don’t know what’s so good about you. Gu Zheng cut off all contact with his family because of you. You’re just…”

Qiao Xi interrupted her with a gentle voice that carried a trace of helplessness. “If you’re sick, quickly go to the hospital to get yourself checked. Don’t delay the treatment.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around and left. She did not care about Lu Muxue at all.

Lu Muxue was stunned on the spot as if she had never been mocked like this before. She was angered to the point her entire body trembled as she clenched her fists tightly. What was there for Qiao Xi to be arrogant about?! Wasn’t she just a wild girl?

Although Qiao Xi’s mother was from the Yin family, she had been wandering outside since she was young and was extremely vulgar. What right did she have to marry Gu Zheng? Moreover, she caused Brother Ah Yan to lose more than ten billion yuan.

Lu Muxue gritted her teeth and looked hatefully at Qiao Xi’s back. Her grandfather wanted Qiao Xi to persuade Brother Ah Zheng to return to the Lu family. If she really succeeded, then Qiao Xi would become the daughter of a rich family in the eyes of the Lu family.

However, she was the daughter of a rich family that everyone in the Lu family had doted on since she was young. If Qiao Xi came to the Lu family, her status would be ruined. She absolutely would not allow this to happen.

Qiao Xi did not care about what happened with Lu Muxue. She drove back to Longwan Residential and chose her best calligraphy piece from the studio. She was prepared to take it to participate in the competition.

She had just come out of the studio when she bumped into Song Shijing. When he saw the piece in Young Madam’s hand, he asked in surprise, “Young Madam, are you sure you want to participate in the competition with this piece?”

“Yes.” Qiao Xi looked at him in confusion. His expression was strange and indescribable.

Qiao Xi was a little embarrassed. It seemed that Song Shijing thought her work was bad and shouldn’t be used for the competition. He was afraid that she would lose her reputation, so that was why he was confronting her now.

Then, Qiao Xi smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter. I’m just going to make up the numbers. I don’t care about the results at all. If it doesn’t work out, my work will be eliminated during the filtering process and the university will return my work to me. No one will know that I wrote it.”

Song Shijing said, “No, that’s not what I meant. Your work…”

Before Song Shijing could finish, Qiao Xi rushed out with her work and said comfortingly, “Don’t worry, I won’t embarrass Gu Zheng.”

Song Shijing stood where he was for a few seconds before saying slowly, “Won’t you be too big of a bully to use that work and compete with mere students?”

Calligraphy relied on artistic conception. Every stroke could show the other party’s skills. Outsiders wouldn’t be able to judge a calligrapher’s skills, but that piece of work could be said to be a calligraphy master’s work. He had always known that Young Madam was very smart, but he did not expect her to be so accomplished in calligraphy.

However, if Young Madam used this work to participate in the competition, wouldn’t she be crushing her opponents? Wouldn’t that be too high-profile?

Just as Qiao Xi was about to get into the car, she bumped into Gu Zheng. He looked at the calligraphy piece in Qiao Xi’s hand, and his eyes flashed. Then, he returned to normal and asked softly, “Mrs. Gu, do you like calligraphy?”

“It’s alright. I’m not very interested in it, but Li City University is holding a calligraphy competition. No one from our class is participating, so I signed up.”

Gu Zheng was stunned for a few seconds. He reached out to open the calligraphy piece and smiled. “Mrs. Gu, you’re really talented. You’ve even learned calligraphy.”

Qiao Xi hurriedly waved her hand. “Not really. When I was young, I trained with my teacher for a period of time. My teacher said that my talent wasn’t good, so I learned oil painting from my grandfather. I can only be considered a rookie.”

Gu Zheng was silent as he stared at the calligraphy piece in her hand. This was called poor talent? Weren’t Liang Pingchuan’s expectations too high?

Qiao Xi was anxious to leave, so Gu Zheng grabbed her and asked seriously, “Are you really going to participate in the competition with this work?”

“Yes, what’s wrong?” Qiao Xi frowned.

“It’s nothing. I’m just reminding you to be mentally prepared,” Gu Zheng said meaningfully. If this calligraphy piece was used to compete in the competition, she could easily win the first prize. At that time, Mrs. Gu’s jaw might drop.

Qiao Xi curled her lips. Why were Gu Zheng and Song Shijing both asking her that? Was her calligraphy skills really that bad?

When she arrived at the university, it was just in time. She hurriedly wrote her name on the back of the piece, rolled it up, and handed it to the calligraphy and painting department.