Chapter 1018 - The Hope Of The Entire Class

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Chapter 1018: The Hope Of The Entire Class

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Seeing that Qiao Xi had left, Lu Muxue entered the office. She was a transfer student but because she was the daughter of the Lu family, coupled with her generosity and good looks, everyone was very friendly to her. Moreover, they heard that she had been learning calligraphy for more than 10 years. She would definitely be able to obtain a ranking if she participated in the calligraphy competition on campus.

Lu Muxue also knew the judges for this competition, Mr. Yi and Mr. Shang, so everyone thought highly of her. When the head of the painting and calligraphy department saw her coming, he greeted her warmly, “Junior Lu.”

Lu Muxue smiled in response, then she looked around. “There are so many works!”

“Junior Lu, what’s the matter?” the department head asked.

Lu Muxue hurriedly smiled and said, “I’m here to submit my work. Where’s the section for the design department? I’ll submit it myself. You’re already very busy, so how can I trouble you?”

The department head, who was already flustered, pointed not far away. “Put it there.”

Lu Muxue held her calligraphy work and walked over. Indeed, the names of the people from the design department were written on the numerous works. However, their works were really unbearable to look at. They were not as good as the works she casually produced when she was five years old. How could they have the cheek to participate in the competition?

Calligraphy required a long period of continuous practice to form one’s own style, so most people learned it from a young age. Many people would give up even if they learned it when they were young. It was rare for someone like Lu Muxue to not give up after learning it for more than 10 years.

The people from the design department had only learned how to paint since they were young. They knew nothing about calligraphy, and Qiao Xi was the only one from Class 3 who participated in the competition. Her standard should not be much better.

Lu Muxue smiled proudly. She was still worried just now, but now that she thought about it, Qiao Xi had already learned design and oil painting. How could she have the energy to learn calligraphy? Otherwise, why would Class 3 shrink their heads and not dare to retort?

However, Lu Muxue was still curious about what kind of work Qiao Xi could produce. Hence, she kept flipping through the works when she suddenly stopped. Her eyes were filled with disbelief.

How… How was this possible?!

The calligraphy piece in front of her could be said to be perfect in both composition and strokes. Even her teacher could not do it so flawlessly. Whose work was this? How could there be such a big shot in the university? Could it be that they had accidentally mixed the work of a master into the students’ works?

Lu Muxue gasped. Her trembling fingers flipped to the back and she saw the signature.

This was Qiao Xi’s work? How was this possible?

Lu Muxue had been learning calligraphy since she was five years old. She had been studying it for more than 10 years, but she could not achieve the brushstrokes of this work. Perhaps she would never be able to reach this standard in her life.

With her understanding of calligraphy, this work was probably the work of a calligraphy master. Moreover, the other party was definitely a calligraphy master above the age of 50. It was impossible for it to be a young woman like Qiao Xi.

Which meant… Qiao Xi must have found someone to write this piece for her!

Gu Zheng was so rich, so Qiao Xi must have spent a lot of money to hire a calligrapher to produce a calligraphy piece for her. This way, no one would discover it.

Lu Muxue smiled. She was still thinking about how to make the Lu family hate Qiao Xi when this opportunity was presented to her.

She got someone to produce the work for her? To think that Qiao Xi could think of such a vile method! Did she think that she could do it without anyone noticing? Even if she found someone to write for her, she shouldn’t have found a master. She actually found someone with such high standards. How stupid!

Since Qiao Xi had the cheek to do this, then she could not blame her for being heartless. Lu Muxue’s eyes were filled with sinister intent.

When Lu Muxue walked out of the calligraphy and painting department, she happened to meet Qiao Xi and the students of Class 3.

The class monitor of Class 3 said, “Teacher Xi Xi, the hope of the entire class is on you. Thank you for bringing glory to Class 3!”

“We really don’t know calligraphy at all. Fortunately, Teacher Xi Xi knows it, so we won’t be looked down on!”

Qiao Xi lowered her head in embarrassment. “Actually, I’ve only learned a little. It’s already good enough if I don’t embarrass Class 3. I’m afraid I won’t be able to win back honor.”

The class monitor looked proud. “It’s okay! It’s already very good that you’re participating!”

Lu Muxue sneered in her heart. Qiao Xi had clearly found a substitute, yet she was still pretending to be humble in front of everyone. She wanted to shock everyone when the results of the competition were revealed.

She glared fiercely at Qiao Xi and stomped away. The class monitor of Class 3 curled his lips. “Is this person crazy?”

The others said, “Yes, she’s not normal.”

Qiao Xi looked at Lu Muxue’s back view. She had a feeling that Lu Muxue definitely had ill intentions.

However, Lu Muxue had been learning calligraphy for more than 10 years while she was just an amateur who had only learned the art for a few months. Why was she targeting her?