Chapter 1019 - Teacher Is Too Heartless

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Chapter 1019: Teacher Is Too Heartless

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After everyone from Class 3 left, Qiao Xi specially found a corner and called her teacher, Liang Pingchuan. After the call connected, she said carefully, “Teacher, I have to admit a mistake of mine. You have to be calm!”

Liang Pingchuan was sitting in the courtyard with his eyes closed. He was in a good mood. “Tell me about it.”

Qiao Xi said guiltily, “Li City University is holding a calligraphy competition. All the teachers and students in the university can participate. No one in my class knows calligraphy, so I went to make up the numbers and handed in the calligraphy work I produced previously.”

Qiao Xi knew her own limits. She knew that her standard was not good, but it was not too bad, right? Why did Song Shijing and Gu Zheng look so speechless? Later, she even asked Song Shiyu about it. He said, “Young Madam, you’ll definitely crush your opponents if you participate in such a competition!”

Song Shiyu thought that her work was good, but her teacher said that she had no talent and it would be embarrassing if word got out. She was stunned, so she called her teacher to ask.

When Liang Pingchuan heard this, he suddenly sat up from the chair and said excitedly, “What? You went to participate in the calligraphy competition?”

Qiao Xi gulped. “Yes.”

Liang Pingchuan’s heart throbbed. “Xi Xi! Didn’t I tell you that you’re not good enough? Why did you still go participate in a competition? Your oil painting skills are indeed perfect, but you’re really not talented in calligraphy. Look at the words you wrote. They don’t look like the words of a student I taught at all. Don’t say that I’m your master. I find it embarrassing!”

Qiao Xi: “…” Her teacher was too heartless!

She was indeed too confident. Song Shiyu’s words just now were to comfort her. Her teacher was the top calligrapher in the country. If he said that her standard was not good enough and she could not participate in a competition, that meant her calligraphy was very bad.

Only then did Qiao Xi realize that Gu Zheng’s and Song Shijing’s expressions clearly showed that they thought she would be embarrassed, but they were afraid that she would be sad, so they did not say it directly. It was just that she had already submitted her work, so she could not steal it back.

Seeing that she was silent, Liang Pingchuan comforted her softly. “Little Six! You’re already very powerful. No one is perfect. You can’t be good at everything. Calligraphy requires talent. You should give up!”

Qiao Xi nodded. “I understand.”

On the other end of the phone, Liang Pingchuan’s apprentice had a strange expression. His master’s expectation for Miss Qiao was to surpass him, but in the entire calligraphy world, who would think that they could surpass Liang Pingchuan?

After hanging up, Qiao Xi’s eyes were filled with disappointment like a pitiful kitten.

On the other hand, Lu Muxue came to the judges’ lounge. She was very familiar with the two judges invited by the university. Mr. Shang was her teacher.

Seeing her enter, Shang Jing chatted with her for a while. When he was about to leave, Lu Muxue said awkwardly, “Teacher Shang.”

She hesitated and looked conflicted. She took a deep breath and said, “I went to the calligraphy department just now and saw a calligraphy piece that’s really perfect. It looks like the work of a famous calligrapher. I think it’s very strange, but I’m also worried that I’m thinking too much and might misunderstand that participant, so can you go take a look with me?”

Shang Jing had always been a fair person. They invited him to be a judge because they valued his ability and not his connections. That was why Lu Muxue found him and used his fair character to let him realize that a participant had gotten a substitute to produce a work for them. He would absolutely not let Qiao Xi off easily.

Shang Jing frowned. “You think it’s strange? Then let’s go take a look.”

Lu Muxue and Shang Jing arrived at the office of the calligraphy and painting department. The department head was a little surprised to see the calligraphy master here and hurriedly went forward excitedly. “Mr. Shang, why are you here?!”

Shang Jing’s expression was calm. “The competition will start in a while, so I came to take a look first. You guys go ahead. I’ll get Muxue to accompany me.”

The department head did not suspect anything and nodded. “Mr. Shang, all the works are here. Feel free to take a look. We’ll go back to class first.”

After everyone left, Lu Muxue found Qiao Xi’s calligraphy work and placed it in front of Shang Jing.

However, when Lu Muxue placed the work in front of him, he could not help but widen his eyes. He hurriedly took a few steps closer, and his pupils suddenly constricted. He shouted in a hoarse voice, “Impossible!”