Chapter 1020 - This Is Mr. Yi's Work

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Chapter 1020: This Is Mr. Yi’s Work

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Shang Jing came back to his senses and knew that he had gotten too agitated. After calming down for a while, he slowly said, “This is the work of a student from your university?”

Lu Muxue explained, “Actually, it’s a female teacher, but she’s younger than the students. She’s only 20 years old. When I saw this painting, I thought it was very strange. It looks more like the work of a calligrapher who has been practicing for decades. I thought that a teacher from Li City University definitely wouldn’t lie, so I didn’t say anything and invited you over to take a look at this work.”

Hearing that the other party was a 20-year-old girl, Shang Jing was stunned for a few seconds and hurriedly shook his head. Impossible. How could a 20-year-old girl have such standards? Even if the other party was really talented, she would have been famous throughout the country long ago. How could she be just a university teacher? There was no need for her to participate in such a university competition.

When Muxue said that she wanted to participate in this competition, Shang Jing did not agree. She should participate in a more professional competition instead of competing with a bunch of amateurs.

Lu Muxue was only in her 20s. She had been practicing for more than 10 years and was already a genius to have her current achievements. If this calligraphy piece was really completed by a 20-year-old girl, wouldn’t the other party be a goddess?

After a moment of silence, Shang Jing sneered. “This can’t be the work of a young lady. She must have faked it!”

Hearing Teacher Shang’s affirmation, Lu Muxue smiled proudly. It was indeed impossible for Qiao Xi to complete such a perfect piece. She was only 20 years old but had already become an international designer. Could it be that she still wanted to become a famous calligrapher?

At this moment, Lu Muxue was extremely sure that Qiao Xi had gotten someone else to write it for her. She must have bribed the real calligrapher a long time ago. Since the calligrapher would not expose her, she would let another person become the creator of this work.

Lu Muxue shifted her eyes and asked, “Teacher, who do you think this work belongs to?”

Shang Jing was looking at this piece of work with admiration and was a little engrossed for a moment. It seemed that he had not seen such a perfect piece of work for many years.

Hearing Lu Muxue’s question, he hesitated for a moment and replied, “The lines of this calligraphy piece are smooth. There’s nothing showy about it. It’s very simple, but the entire piece gives off a grand feeling. The other party must be a magnanimous person who looks at mountains and rivers with a smile. However, this person’s style is really rare. I can’t think of whose work it is.”

Lu Muxue was instantly speechless. She was about to guide Shang Jing when she heard him pat his head. She was enlightened. “This should be Mr. Yi’s work!”

Hearing this, Lu Muxue could not help but laugh. She was originally trying to lead Shangjing to think of Mr. Yi. After all, the style of this work was very similar to Mr. Yi’s.

Shang Jing was very sure. “I’ve seen a similar piece of work from Mr. Yi before. I’ll bring you to look for Mr. Yi and we’ll see if this is his work. If that person really took Mr. Yi’s work, Mr. Yi definitely won’t let the matter rest.”

Lu Muxue nodded as a sinister smile appeared on her face.

Mr. Yi’s full name was Yi Cang, and his status was extraordinary. However, the news of him getting someone to produce calligraphy works for him was exposed when he was young. Although this news had already been suppressed, it was still discovered by Lu Yan.

Since he had found a ghostwriter, it meant that his current achievements were not real. If she gave Yi Cang such a perfect piece, he would not refuse.

Moreover, even Uncle Shang, who had always been fair, believed that it was Mr. Yi’s work. Mr. Yi would have no worries.

Lu Muxue followed Shang Jing to Yi Cang’s lounge. The two of them were respectful. “Mr. Yi.”

Yi Cang glanced at the two of them. “Shang Jing! What’s the matter?”

Shang Jing hurriedly said, “Mr. Yi, this is my apprentice, Lu Muxue. Quick, take a look at this calligraphy piece. Is it your work?”

Yi Cang casually glanced at it. When he saw the work, he suddenly sat up. His body swayed, and greed appeared in his eyes. He looked up at Shang Jing, then said in a proud tone, “I wanted to change my style, so I casually wrote this piece. Why is it in your hands?”

Shang Jing was enlightened. “No wonder it’s a little different from your previous style.”

Then, he cleared his throat and explained, “A participant stole your work to participate in the competition and has already submitted it to the calligraphy and painting department. Muxue happened to see it and realized that there was something suspicious about this work.”