Chapter 1021 - Unsurprisingly, She Lost The Selection

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Chapter 1021: Unsurprisingly, She Lost The Selection

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Yi Cang’s eyes shifted, and his expression was slightly cold. No matter who the creator of this work was, it was now his. No one could snatch it from him!

Yi Cang pretended to be serious and asked, “Someone actually did such a thing under my watch. I absolutely won’t allow this to happen. Tell me who that person is.”

The calligraphy competition would go through the first round of auditions and 20 works would be selected. The chosen works would be commented on by the judges in public. The contestants who advanced had already been notified. The atmosphere among the students of Class 3 was gloomy.

The class monitor sighed. “Sigh! It’s a pity that Teacher Xi Xi didn’t get to advance!”

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The subject representative frowned. “It’s already very good that Teacher Xi Xi participated in it. She’s the pride of Class 3!”

Qiao Xi didn’t mind and replied casually, “There’s nothing to pity. It was within my expectations that I didn’t advance. My uncle said that my standard isn’t good enough and that participating in the competition would embarrass him, so it’s a good thing that I didn’t advance. This way, my work won’t be judged in front of everyone.”

At this moment, she suddenly felt that it was good that she did not advance. Otherwise, her calligraphy work would not be presentable and she would be mocked.

The class monitor felt that it was slightly strange. In his heart, Qiao Xi was omnipotent. Since she knew how to paint, her calligraphy skills would definitely not be bad. How could she not have advanced?

Actually, they had never thought of getting a ranking. It was only because they were provoked by Class 1 that they persuaded Qiao Xi to participate in the competition. As for the outcome, it was no longer important.

“Teacher Xi Xi, you’re so beautiful and outstanding. If you’re actually good at calligraphy, what about the rest of us? It’s good that you don’t know calligraphy.”

The students in the class were all comforting each other when a few students from Class 1 happened to pass by. When they heard their conversation, their faces were filled with mockery and disdain.

Then, the class monitor sighed helplessly. “Teacher Xi Xi, we have to go to the competition venue today to make up the numbers. The university leaders said that all the participants and class committees have to attend to witness who takes the first prize.”

The subject representative complained, “We’re very busy. How can we have time to play with them?! How annoying!”

Qiao Xi arranged a time with everyone before leaving the classroom. She found a corner and called her teacher.

After the call connected, she slowly said, “Teacher, I failed.”

Liang Pingchuan, who was leisurely leaning against the rocking chair, suddenly sat up. He frowned, and his voice suddenly became serious. “What did you say?”

Qiao Xi replied calmly, “I didn’t advance in the calligraphy competition. A total of 100 people participated, and 20 people advanced. It’s indeed as you said. I failed.”

Her voice was very calm without any disappointment because this outcome was expected. After all, she had only learned calligraphy for a few months and her standard was very average.

On the other end of the phone, Liang Pingchuan’s voice carried a trace of coldness. “You actually failed to get your work selected?”

“Yes, what’s wrong?” Qiao Xi noticed her teacher’s strange behavior.

Liang Pingchuan suppressed the anger in his heart. He was afraid that Little Six would be wronged, so he decided to personally solve this matter. Hence, he asked calmly, “Little Six, who are the judges for the calligraphy competition?”

Qiao Xi said thoughtfully, “It’s Mr. Yi Cang and Mr. Shang Jing.”

Liang Pingchuan’s expression was cold. After a moment of silence, he said softly, “Little Six, I still have something to do, so I won’t talk to you anymore. If you have something urgent, call me again, but we’ll meet soon.”

Qiao Xi nodded and asked in confusion, “Teacher, you’re coming to Li City University?”

“Yes, I have something to attend to. I’m going to your university now. Remember to treat me to a meal. I’ll get going first. Let’s talk later,” Liang Pingchuan said.

After hanging up, Liang Pingchuan’s expression suddenly turned sinister. The assistant beside him trembled in fear and could not help but take a few steps back.

“Let’s go to Li City University!” Liang Pingchuan had a gentle appearance and looked like a gentle uncle, but when he was angry, it made one shudder. He sneered and said, “How dare he bully our Little Six? I’ll make him regret it!”

Although he often said that Little Six’s standard was not good, in reality, Little Six’s standard was enough for her to be considered a calligraphy master. Back then, he said that Little Six was not talented not because she was truly not talented but because her talent in calligraphy was inferior to her talent in oil painting and design. That was why he did not let her learn calligraphy and let her devote herself to her hobbies.

Although he said that Little Six’s standard was low, he knew very well that with Little Six’s standard, she was completely capable of advancing. Now that she had failed to be selected, it meant that someone was secretly pulling the strings.