Chapter 1022 - The Consequences Of Cheating Are Serious

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Chapter 1022: The Consequences Of Cheating Are Serious

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Mr. Liang had always had a gentle temper. Even if someone provoked him, he would laugh it off. However, he had never been calm and collected about Sixth Miss’ matters.

To be able to anger the gentle Mr. Liang, that person was definitely in trouble.

At two in the afternoon, in Li City University’s art hall.

All the participants and the class committees were seated. The judges also took their seats in turn. After the host went on stage and gave an opening speech, he introduced the judges and read out the names of the participants whose work was selected. Then, he handed the microphone to Shang Jing.

Qiao Xi sat below the stage and chatted softly with the students. In the slightly dark hall, she could not help but feel slightly sleepy. She leaned against the back of the chair and closed her eyes, preparing to rest for a moment.

At this moment, Shang Jing took the microphone. With a serious expression, he said coldly, “Before the selection begins, I have something to announce.”

Everyone sensed that something was wrong with his tone and looked up.

Shang Jing’s gaze swept across the crowd. When he saw Qiao Xi, he suddenly grunted coldly. “All of you are teachers and students of Li City University. You’ve received higher education. I thought that you wouldn’t do anything that violated the rules of the competition, but I didn’t expect that someone would actually cheat!”

The entire venue was in an uproar.

Would someone from Li City University cheat?

To everyone, this was just a university competition that wasn’t important at all. It was just a formality. Why would they risk their reputation by cheating?

If that person was discovered, how could they still have the cheek to stay in the university?

The chancellor and university leaders were livid and frowned. Who was so muddle-headed to cheat on such an occasion? Wouldn’t it be embarrassing for Li City University?

Li City University was considered a top university in the country. After graduation, the students would all have great prospects. Why would they ruin their future for a small university calligraphy competition?

When Shang Jing heard the chancellor say this, he nodded in satisfaction. The reputation of a hundred-year-old famous university could not be ruined just for a cheating teacher. Moreover, he could use this cheating incident to establish a fair image for himself in the public. At that time, more high-level competitions would invite him to be a judge.

As for the teacher who cheated, they deserved it. It was only right for them to be severely punished.

All the participants were dumbfounded and discussed. “Did someone cheat? It’s just a competition. Why ruin your future?”

“That person still dared to cheat in Li City? The university rules clearly forbid this. The consequences of cheating are very serious!”

Lu Muxue sat below the stage. A student beside her asked softly, “Muxue, do you know who cheated?”

“I don’t.” Lu Muxue shook her head.

“How would Muxue know? She has been busy participating in the competition and doesn’t have the time to pay attention to these things! However, the person who cheated must be lacking in skills. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have cheated to advance in the competition. A contestant like Muxue who has been studying calligraphy for more than 10 years definitely wouldn’t have cheated!”

Lu Muxue lowered her head and hid her excitement. She smiled and said, “I usually participate in national calligraphy competitions. This is my first time participating in a university competition. Actually, university competitions aren’t that important. It’s just a friendly competition. I really don’t understand why this contestant cheated. Even if they really get first prize, it won’t be a show of their true strength. Why deceive yourself?”

“I wonder who that person is. Will Mr. Shang say that person’s name?! I’m really curious about who could do such a stupid thing!”

Qiao Xi opened her eyes slightly, and the sleepiness gradually dissipated. She had a bad feeling. She kept having the feeling that the person Shang Jing was talking about was her.

Because of Shang Jing’s words, the competition instantly fell into a deadlock. The chancellor went on stage to salvage the situation. “Mr. Shang, we can put aside the matter of cheating for now. After all, the competition still has to continue. Why don’t we…”