Chapter 1023 - : A Jealous Woman Is Terrifying

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Chapter 1023: A Jealous Woman Is Terrifying

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Shang Jing raised his head arrogantly and interrupted the chancellor mercilessly. “Competitions have to be fair, and calligraphy is an elegant art. I absolutely won’t allow anyone to cheat. If she had just cheated in a moment of carelessness, we could have settled it in private. However, she actually stole Mr. Yi Cang’s work to participate in the competition. Mr. Yi Cang is sitting in the judge’s seat. Now that such a thing has happened at Li City University, is this fair to Mr. Yi Cang?

“If I hadn’t seen this work and told Mr. Yi in advance, that work would’ve really appeared on stage for selection. How much damage would this have done to Mr. Yi Cang?!”

The chancellor’s expression was ugly. He knew that this matter had a bad impact. That person actually dared to steal Mr. Yi’s work to participate in the competition. Even if Mr. Shang did not discover it, that person would be exposed during the selection stage. They were really stupid!

The chancellor looked helpless. Then, he said to Teacher Zhao, who was in charge of the competition, “Talk to Mr. Shang in private first and see what to do.”

Now that Shang Jing had publicly announced that someone had cheated, if he, the chancellor, ignored it, Li City University’s reputation would definitely be affected.

Teacher Zhao and Shang Jing went down the stage and chatted softly. From the beginning to the end, Shang Jing’s eyes were arrogant with a trace of anger. He said a name in disdain. Teacher Zhao’s expression instantly changed as he asked in surprise, “Mr. Shang, are you sure it’s her?”

“I know she’s a teacher at Li City University, but the university can’t protect her just because she’s a teacher. How can a teacher with such bad morals nurture good students? We might as well expel her as soon as possible!” Shang Jing said indignantly.

Seeing that Shang Jing was so angry, Teacher Zhao followed his words and said, “Since you’re so sure and Mr. Yi Cang is a witness, she must have cheated. Our university won’t tolerate having such a teacher around.”

Shang Jing nodded in satisfaction. “Then you’ll announce the results!”

Teacher Zhao was in a difficult position, but he still walked up to the stage and picked up the microphone to announce, “After my conversation with Mr. Shang, we’ve confirmed that Qiao Xi, the teacher of Class 3, cheated. She stole Mr. Yi Cang’s work to participate in the competition. We’ll revoke her qualifications to participate in the competition and punish her. She’ll be suspended and will be kept in the university for observation. She’ll be dealt with after the matter is over.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the entire venue fell silent.

Qiao Xi was considered a celebrity at Li City University, and everyone had heard of her.

Everyone in Class 3 was full of disdain. Lu Muxue also revealed a sinister smile.

“So it’s her! None of the students from Class 3 signed up. They were afraid that it would be too embarrassing, so they let Qiao Xi participate. Perhaps Qiao Xi doesn’t know calligraphy at all and was afraid of losing face, so she cheated! Muxue, don’t you think they’re too laughable?!”

Lu Muxue smiled lightly. “I didn’t expect Teacher Qiao Xi to do such a thing. After all, she’s a teacher and should lead by example. A cheating incident like this really shouldn’t have happened.”

Everyone in Class 3 was dumbfounded. The class monitor asked in surprise, “Who did Teacher Zhao say cheated?”

“Teacher Xi Xi? How is that possible?”

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“Didn’t Teacher say that her work was very bad and it was only right that she was rejected? Why did she steal Mr. Yi Cang’s work, then?”

Qiao Xi: “…” As expected, the person Shang Jing was talking about was her. From the moment he went on stage and said the first sentence, she had an inexplicable premonition. However, when Master Zhao announced it, Qiao Xi was still unable to understand.

It was fine if these people insisted on slandering her, but could they not find a reasonable excuse? Her calligraphy skills were only at the beginner level. Was it meaningful to malign her? Moreover, no matter how stupid she was, she could not steal Yi Cang’s work. Mr. Yi was a judge for this competition. Stealing his work was equivalent to provoking Yi Cang!

Everyone discussed in low voices. “Qiao Xi is a famous fashion designer. Why is she participating in the calligraphy competition?! Moreover, is there a need to cheat in a university competition?”

“It must be because she’s jealous! Ever since Lu Muxue transferred here, the design department has chosen her to be the new goddess. She has completely overshadowed Qiao Xi. That’s why she wanted to win this competition by hook or by crook!”

“There’s no need, right?! Qiao Xi is also very beautiful and talented. Moreover, she’s the daughter of a rich family. I heard that her husband is very powerful. Why should she be jealous of Lu Muxue?!”

“What do you know? Lu Muxue is the daughter of the Lu family! Qiao Xi may have come from a rich family too, but I heard that she was abandoned by her parents when she was young. She was originally in the limelight at the university, but now that Lu Muxue is here, she has taken over her limelight. Of course, she’s unhappy! A jealous woman can be very scary!”