Chapter 1024 - Support My Wife

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Chapter 1024: Support My Wife

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The class monitor heard the discussion around him and was so angry that his face turned red. Their teacher, Xi Xi, would not be jealous of Lu Muxue! She originally did not want to participate in this competition, but she braced herself to participate for the sake of Class 3’s honor.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. The class monitor suddenly stood up and retorted, “Teacher Zhao, I think this matter still needs to be investigated. Teacher Qiao didn’t want to participate in the competition from the start. She only agreed to participate because we persuaded her. She has no reason to cheat!”

Qiao Xi pulled his hand. “Stop talking.”

She did not panic at all and said calmly, “They won’t believe anything you say now. Only evidence can explain everything.”

If they thought that she had cheated, it would be useless no matter how they explained it. Everyone would just think that she was trying to cover up and they’d look down on her.

Qiao Xi did not know much about the calligraphy world, nor was she familiar with Yi Cang and Shang Jing. There was no reason for these two judges to target her, but Lu Muxue had come with ill intentions from the beginning. It was very likely that she would attack her. Moreover, Lu Muxue had been learning calligraphy for more than 10 years. Perhaps she was very familiar with these two judges.

If she knew the two judges, it would explain why they announced the cheating incident in public. They wanted to blow the matter up and ruin her reputation.

Qiao Xi smiled indifferently and looked at Shang Jing.

Gu Zheng stared fixedly at the computer screen. Li City University’s official website was broadcasting the calligraphy competition. Almost every competition would be broadcasted live. This way, the entire university could see the situation through the video.

After all, Li City University’s art hall could only accommodate more than a thousand people. Not all teachers and students could participate, so others who wanted to watch the competition could watch it live. At the same time, the website was not restricted. Others could also watch it on Li City University’s official website.

Gu Zheng had already turned on the live broadcast. When he heard everyone accusing Qiao Xi of cheating, his expression suddenly darkened. Yi Cang had the cheek to say that his work was his?

“President, you might not know this, but Yi Cang is very famous. People in the industry call him Ghost Hand. His work has a variety of styles, so he’s popular. However…” Song Shijing suddenly paused.

“However, the reason why his style changes so often is that many of his works weren’t made by him but were bought by him at a high price from his apprentices or other experts. In short, in order to become famous, he’ll do anything. He has long spent money to suppress the negative news. Few people know about this. Unexpectedly, he actually wants to snatch Young Madam’s work now.”

A trace of killing intent flashed past Gu Zheng’s deep eyes.

Yi Cang relied on the fact that he was a master in the calligraphy world and always forcefully took someone else’s work. After the matter was settled, he would give them a sum of money and let the matter rest. Most people would not pursue the matter. This time, he had taken a liking to Qiao Xi’s work. In his opinion, the other party was just an amateur. He could just say that Qiao Xi had stolen his work. With his current status in the industry, everyone would believe him. Qiao Xi would not have the chance to make a comeback.

Song Shijing reminded him softly, “Also… I found out that Lu Yan’s cousin, Lu Muxue, is also involved in this. She’s the one who gave the painting to Yi Cang.”

Gu Zheng understood. “Oh? It’s the Lu family.” The Lu family and Yi Cang had joined forces to bully his Xi Xi!

“President, I’ve already sent someone to collect evidence of Yi Cang getting others to paint for him.”

“Very good.” Gu Zheng nodded and said, “Let’s go to Li City University!”

Song Shijing hurried out to prepare the car. Song Shiyu muttered softly, “Brother, didn’t you say you wanted to tell me how to please the president and get him to give me a promotion and a raise?”

Song Shijing spread his hands. Wasn’t it obvious enough? Collecting evidence that Yi Cang had gotten someone to paint for him to avenge Young Madam was the best way to please the president.

Originally, the president did not need to appear for such a small matter. He could handle it himself. However, the president cared about Young Madam and had to do everything himself. He had to personally support his wife.

At the same time, in an old house on the outskirts of Li City, Xia Mengyan and Old Madam Xia were having afternoon tea on the sofa.

This place was more than 100 kilometers away from Li City. There were no shopping malls or entertainment facilities nearby. There were only some old houses and dusty construction sites.

Although this was an old house, there were still many rooms. A few servants surrounded the two of them to serve them. The two of them were still wearing comfortable clothes and eating well. Their lives were not much different from before, but their hearts were filled with resentment.