Chapter 1026 - This Is Just The Beginning

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Chapter 1026: This Is Just The Beginning

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Everyone was dumbfounded. After reacting for a while, they finally understood what Qiao Xi meant. Her work was too lousy and not worthy of Mr. Yi Cang’s reputation.

“Since Qiao Xi said so, could it be that Mr. Shang made a mistake? Mr. Yi Cang is a master in the calligraphy world, so his works are naturally very perfect. Even Qiao Xi thinks that the work she submitted is very poor, so how could she have stolen Mr. Yi Cang’s work?”

As soon as that person finished speaking, everyone could not help but look at Yi Cang.

Shang Jing’s expression changed as he berated loudly, “Qiao Xi, now that the matter has been exposed, you’re still stubborn and actually mocked Mr. Yi’s work for being very bad! In that case, I’ll show that work to everyone!”

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“You’re just an amateur. How could you have written such a perfect calligraphy work? You’re clearly quibbling and wanting to use this opportunity to escape punishment!”

Then, Shang Jing instructed the head of the painting and calligraphy department, “Take out that work!”

Qiao Xi hoped that he would bring her work up and let everyone see how lousy it was. If the work of a calligraphy master was just at the beginner level, how could Yi Cang have the cheek to be a judge?

After a while, the head brought Qiao Xi’s work back. He glanced at Qiao Xi meaningfully. Now that the evidence was in front of her, why wasn’t she still admitting her mistake? Would she only be satisfied after Mr. Yi Cang presented his work and reprimanded her in front of everyone? However, her reputation would be even worse if this happened. The university wouldn’t be able to protect her anymore.

Shang Jing took the work and bent down to ask gently, “Mr. Yi, do you mind if I show this work to everyone?”

Yi Cang nodded arrogantly in agreement.

Shang Jing stood up and said with a mocking expression, “Qiao Xi, open your eyes wide and take a look!”

Qiao Xi had an indifferent expression. She knew very well what her standard was. Saying that she stole Yi Cang’s work was too far-fetched.

When the work slowly unfolded, everyone could not help but gasp.

This calligraphy work could be said to be perfect. Although the style was a little carefree, it could not hide the meaning of this work. It seemed that this work was just a casual work of the calligrapher. They did not care too much about the details, but it was also because of this that it gave off a simple and unrestrained feeling.

Everyone stared at the work in front of them and thought for a long time. They all thought that this was not something that an amateur could write.

One of the students stood up and said, “I’ve been studying calligraphy for nine years. Not to mention me, even if my master were here, he wouldn’t be able to produce such an artistic work! Qiao Xi actually said that this is only the standard of someone who has just learned the art?”

“Is there something wrong with her eyes? This work is clearly very good, but she said it’s very bad!”

“I guess she was afraid that others would expose her for cheating, so she deliberately said that to make everyone think that she didn’t steal Mr. Yi Cang’s work. She probably didn’t expect Mr. Yi Cang to show his work to everyone.”

“If I hadn’t seen this work with my own eyes, I would’ve been deceived by Qiao Xi. This person is really too scheming!”

Hearing everyone’s accusations, Shang Jing’s disdainful gaze landed on Qiao Xi. “Teacher Qiao, what else do you have to say? Do you still think that this is only the standard of someone who has just entered?”

At this moment, many people had already gone forward to ask Yi Cang if he had any intention of selling this work. In everyone’s opinion, there was no doubt that this work could only be completed by a master like Yi Cang.

Yi Cang’s face was filled with pride, but his eyes seemed to glance at Qiao Xi.

After a long silence, Qiao Xi slowly raised her eyes and blinked with her large, watery eyes. She smiled and said, “That’s right! This calligraphy piece is only at a beginner’s level. I’ve only learned it for a few months.”

Shang Jing was instantly speechless. For a moment, he did not know how to retort. How could there be such a shameless person? She had clearly made a mistake, but she did not regret it at all.

The students below the stage discussed softly. “Why do I feel that Qiao Xi’s face is filled with sincerity? She doesn’t seem to be lying. Perhaps that’s what she thinks!”

“I think she looks sincere too. If it’s not because there’s something wrong with her eyes, then it’s because her acting is too good. She actually thinks that such a perfect piece is just at the beginner’s level! How strange!”

Lu Muxue also had a shocked expression. It was not a good thing for Qiao Xi to continue pretending like this. She had offended two artists, Shang Jing and Yi Cang, at the same time and even embarrassed the people who wanted to buy this work.

Now that things had come to this, she wanted to see how Qiao Xi would escape.