Chapter 1028 - She Doesn't Have To Cheat

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Chapter 1028: She Doesn’t Have To Cheat

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At this moment, Shang Jing’s voice stopped abruptly as he widened his eyes. He only felt his ears buzz, and his mind went blank as he stared fixedly at Qiao Xi’s work.

How… How was that possible?

This was actually Qiao Xi’s work?

Qiao Xi quickly finished writing, and her tone was still casual. “Mr. Shang.”

Hearing Qiao Xi’s voice, Shang Jing gradually came back to his senses. His eyes were still filled with surprise, and his body trembled. He was unable to say a word.

Qiao Xi glanced indifferently at him, then put down the brush. Her expression was calm as she said indifferently, “I’m done. Please take a look, Mr. Shang.”

Shang Jing widened his eyes, and his heart skipped a beat. His eyes were filled with shock and fear.

He was very clearly aware in his heart that this calligraphy piece was very perfect. If everyone saw this piece of work, then the rumors from before would collapse on their own. Qiao Xi had the ability to write perfect calligraphy works, so why would she take the risk to cheat? If everyone knew this, he would be mocked, and his reputation would be completely ruined.

Shang Jing lowered his head, not daring to look at the calligraphy piece because he was still unwilling to accept reality.

The people below the stage were anxious from waiting. They all wanted to go on stage and look at the piece. They wanted to see what Qiao Xi had produced. When they slowly approached and saw the calligraphy piece from afar, the entire venue suddenly fell silent.

Chancellor Chen walked to Qiao Xi’s side and said gently, “Teacher Qiao, can I show this calligraphy piece to everyone?”

“Of course,” Qiao Xi said.

The chancellor glared at Shang Jing, who was still in shock. Then, he instructed Teacher Zhao, “Turn on the projector and let everyone take a good look at Teacher Qiao’s work.”

Teacher Zhao hurriedly went to arrange it. After a while, a calligraphy piece appeared on the screen. Everyone stood up and looked at the scene in shock.

Those who knew calligraphy could all see the level of skill in Qiao Xi’s calligraphy piece. Moreover, the style was exactly the same as the previous piece. Even outsiders could tell that this calligraphy piece was perfect and even better than Mr. Yi Cang’s work over the years.

Lu Muxue’s gloating expression instantly stiffened. She stared fixedly at the big screen. These were actually Qiao Xi’s words?

The art hall was silent. Everyone looked at the calligraphy piece on the screen in a daze. After a long time, someone slowly said, “This calligraphy piece seems to be more perfect than the previous one!”

“To be honest, I think Qiao Xi is stronger than Master Yi Cang! Moreover, she only used 10 minutes to complete her work. Although I can tell that her basic skills aren’t very good, that can’t hide her smooth strokes and artistic conception.”

“She’s already so strong, so there’s no need for her to steal Yi Cang’s work! If she wanted to participate, she would have written a perfect calligraphy piece anytime and anywhere. So why did Shang Jing insist that Qiao Xi cheated?”

The moment that was said, everyone could not help but look at Shang Jing, their eyes filled with doubt as they sized him up.

“If Shang Jing knew that Qiao Xi was so capable, he wouldn’t have accused her of cheating in public. Perhaps he made a mistake. Fortunately, the misunderstanding has been resolved. I didn’t expect our university to have such a powerful calligraphy master. Qiao Xi has really brought glory to Li City University!”

“Actually, I think Shang Jing is just bullying others. He just thought that Teacher Qiao didn’t have that standard, so he said that Qiao Xi cheated. Doesn’t he know that there’s always someone better? There are many people in this world who are better than him. Don’t look down on others just because you’ve made a name for yourself!”

The students all opened their mouths to criticize. They were defending Qiao Xi and speaking up for themselves. People shouldn’t think that just because they were students that they didn’t have the ability. It was because of some people’s prejudices that many people’s talents were buried. Moreover, Qiao Xi was a teacher at Li City University. Her actions represented Li City University’s image. If she cheated, then the entire Li City University would be affected.

The chancellor finally vented his anger and turned to look at Shang Jing. He said in an unfriendly tone, “Mr. Shang, Teacher Qiao has already proven her innocence. She clearly has the ability to produce better works, so are you going to take responsibility for your rash actions now? You’ve damaged Teacher Qiao’s reputation, so you should apologize to her!”

Qiao Xi must feel aggrieved to have been wrongly accused of cheating. The teachers and students of Li City University were also indignant. If news of this had gotten out, Qiao Xi would not be the only one who would lose her reputation. Hence, the chancellor would naturally not let Shang Jing off easily and must seek justice.