Chapter 1031 - Don't Be Unreasonable

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Chapter 1031: Don’t Be Unreasonable

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Yi Cang was not nervous. He sneered and said, “Teacher Qiao, on the account that you’re still young, I can give you a chance. As long as you lower your head and admit your mistake, this matter will be over. After all, regardless of status or reputation, you’re inferior to me. It won’t do you any good to continue fooling around here.”

Qiao Xi was angered to the point of laughing. Yi Cang was really shameless. He seemed to be advising her on the surface, but he was actually provoking her. So what if her work was hers? Who would believe her?

At this moment, the art hall was silent. Everyone looked at each other, and the scene fell into a deadlock.

Shang Jing’s face darkened as he took two steps forward. His tone was filled with impatience. “Teacher Qiao, I know that you’ve been wronged and find it unfair, but the truth is out now. Everyone knows that this calligraphy piece belongs to Mr. Yi Cang. Why are you being unreasonable? I advise you to quickly apologize to Mr. Yi and not ruin your reputation!

“Mr. Yi doesn’t want to bicker with you because you’re a young talent, but you can’t take things too far!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yi Cang snorted arrogantly.

Qiao Xi sneered in her heart. Even though she didn’t like this piece of work, it was still hers. Why should she give it to others?

Yi Cang wanted to snatch her achievements with just one sentence by relying on his identity. He was simply daydreaming!

Qiao Xi crossed her arms in front of her chest and said casually, “Since Mr. Yi and I both said that this work is ours, then we’ll get a professional to appraise it. After all, the style is similar, but some small habits can’t be changed.”

One had to judge a person’s handwriting through their previous works, but Yi Cang’s work was bought from many people. If they really invited an appraiser, Yi Cang would expose himself.

Sure enough, when Yi Cang heard this, his expression instantly changed. His arrogant expression from before froze as he glared fiercely at Qiao Xi.

He remained silent and quietly waited for the others to stand up for him. Before Shang Jing could speak, Teacher Zhao, who was in charge of the competition, suddenly roared angrily. “Qiao Xi! Are you done?! This concerns Li City University’s reputation. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve done something wrong or not, but the main thing is that you have to be brave enough to admit your mistake. Mr. Yi doesn’t want to pursue the matter with you. As long as you apologize, this matter will be over. However, you just have to cause trouble. Do you still care about the university?!”

Hearing these words, Yi Cang smiled proudly. There was no need for him to say anything at all. Someone would teach Qiao Xi a lesson for him. Before long, Qiao Xi would be forced to let the matter rest, so there was no need to appraise the calligraphy piece.

Yi Cang slowly stood up and placed his hands behind his back. He cleared his throat and said, “Teacher Qiao, I admire you very much, so I don’t want to bicker with you. I can also understand the grievances in your heart. You were wronged, so you want to find an outlet to vent your anger. Now that you’ve already caused a scene, it’s about time to end things. If you continue to cause trouble, it won’t look good for everyone.”

Qiao Xi remained calm and collected.

Seeing that she was silent, Yi Cang thought that she was afraid, so he said frankly, “If you insist on getting someone to appraise it, I have no objections. Mr. Shang, please find a professional and reliable appraisal agency.”

He was sure that Qiao Xi did not dare to continue fighting with him. After all, she was just a university teacher. If she continued to cause trouble, she would lose her job. The gains would not make up for the losses.

Unexpectedly, Qiao Xi smiled and nodded in the next second. “Alright!”

Yi Cang was stunned for a few seconds, then his eyes became filled with anger. He had never seen such an insensible person who insisted on having a piece of work be appraised. Shang Jing also went forward to put away the calligraphy piece and prepared to send it to the appraisal agency.

At this moment, the students below the stage were all dumbfounded. The students of Class 1 could not help but ask, “Muxue, has Qiao Xi gone mad?”

Lu Muxue’s expression was extremely ugly. She did not expect Qiao Xi to be so stubborn and unwilling to let go even now. She replied with a gloomy expression, “Perhaps she’s too confident.”

“Once the appraisal agency has the results, will she say that Senior Yi Cang bribed them to give fake results?”

Lu Muxue sneered. “She’s putting up a final struggle. Mr. Yi has already given her a way out, but she’s still not satisfied. Even the chancellor can’t protect her now.”

Qiao Xi’s expression did not change when she heard the discussions below the stage.

Yi Cang looked at her meaningfully and said arrogantly, “Teacher Qiao, since you don’t know how to appreciate my kindness, don’t blame me for being merciless. You cheated and slandered your elders…”

Before she could finish, footsteps suddenly came from the entrance of the art hall. Everyone turned around and saw a handsome middle-aged man in a long robe walking in with a group of people behind him.