Chapter 1032 - Teacher's Support

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Chapter 1032: Teacher’s Support

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Although the middle-aged man at the door was a little old, one could tell from his face that he must have been a handsome man when he was young. He had a gentle temperament and attracted many gazes the moment he appeared. However, no one noticed the anger in his eyes.

Just as everyone was puzzled, Chancellor Chen suddenly stood up. Yi Cang’s expression changed as well. A trace of horror and flattery suddenly appeared on his disdainful face.

Shang Jing was even more dumbfounded. All the artists and calligraphers present stood up when they saw who it was and were prepared to welcome them.

Everyone’s attitude was enough to prove that the middle-aged man in front of them had a noble identity.

The students discussed softly. “Look, the chancellor and those calligraphers have all stood up to welcome him. Who is this person?”

“Muxue, do you know him?”

Lu Muxue watched for a moment before her body suddenly trembled. She said excitedly, “Mr. Liang Pingchuan is actually here!”

Everyone was about to ask about Liang Pingchuan’s identity when they saw Shang Jing quickly go forward to welcome him. He was respectful and ingratiating. “Mr. Liang, you should have informed us when you came so that we could go out and welcome you.”

The chancellor and the university leaders also went forward to welcome him. “Hello, Mr. Liang. Please take a seat!”

Someone in the crowd began to explain, “Mr. Liang is the top figure in the art circle. He looks very young, but he became famous very early on. He’s proficient in music, painting, and calligraphy. No one in the country can shake his status. If he’s in second place, no one will dare to say that they’re first.”

“Moreover, he even represented our country to promote traditional culture overseas and is considered an art ambassador. Look, even Mr. Yi Cang has to welcome him. It’s enough to show that his status is extraordinary!”

“I heard that the National Painting and Calligraphy Association previously wanted Mr. Liang Pingchuan to be the president, but he’s used to being carefree and doesn’t like complicated matters. He has never participated in these competitions. Why did he suddenly come today?”

Qiao Xi couldn’t help but be slightly surprised when she heard the discussions of everyone. It turned out that her teacher was so famous!

Liang Pingchuan looked at Qiao Xi with a much gentler gaze. Qiao Xi instantly understood why her teacher said on the phone that he would meet her at Li City University. He had come this time to support her!

After Liang Pingchuan sat down, his gaze landed on the two works on the stage. He asked casually, “Isn’t this a competition? What’s going on?”

Shang Jing hurriedly explained, “Mr. Liang, a contestant cheated in this competition and stole Mr. Yi Cang’s work. She even slandered Mr. Yi, so Mr. Yi asked me to send these two works to be appraised.”

Yi Cang looked coldly at Qiao Xi. Although Liang Pingchuan had a gentle temper, he was extremely serious when it came to art. He would absolutely not tolerate someone like Qiao Xi who refused to admit that she cheated. She even slandered her seniors.

If Liang Pingchuan reprimanded Qiao Xi, there would no longer be a place for Qiao Xi in the entire art industry. She would even be ostracized in the design industry.

Yi Cang’s face was filled with pride. He suppressed the excitement in his heart and said respectfully, “Mr. Liang, Miss Qiao is still young. It’s normal for her to be muddle-headed. I didn’t want to pursue the matter, but she refused to apologize and even slandered me for snatching her work. I really had no choice but to send her work for appraisal.”

Chancellor Chen frowned. He was not afraid of Yi Cang. It did not matter even if he offended him, but now that Liang Pingchuan was here, it would be troublesome if he forced Qiao Xi to apologize.

At this moment, everyone below the stage felt that Qiao Xi was completely ruined. Lu Muxue smiled proudly.

Yi Cang beamed with joy. He was waiting to see Qiao Xi’s humiliated expression when she apologized to him. It should be very satisfying.

At this moment, Liang Pingchuan clenched his fists tightly, his eyes filled with anger. He was really angry!

Who was Yi Cang? How dare he bully Little Six? She was the child he doted on. He could not even bear to reprimand her. What right did Yi Cang have to malign her?

Little Six was really useless. She actually let Yi Cang prance around in front of her for so long!

Liang Pingchuan looked around and suppressed his anger. There were so many people present, so it was better not to hit anyone. He had to maintain his gentle image.

Just as Yi Cang was feeling proud and felt that the matter had been concluded, Liang Pingchuan suddenly asked, “Shangjing, are you sure that Teacher Qiao stole Yi Cang’s work? What evidence do you have?”

The smile on Yi Cang’s face vanished abruptly. What evidence did he need? He was the strongest evidence!