Chapter 1114 - Is Young Master Lu Really Weak?

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Chapter 1114: Is Young Master Lu Really Weak?

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Qiao Xi was thinking about how to explain when she heard Gu Yao’s series of questions. Her eyes instantly widened.

Gu Yao… had also learned to lie through his teeth?

However, after Gu Yao’s roar, the group of onlookers walked over. They originally did not want to interfere in this matter. After all, this was a private matter between the Lu and Gu families. However, Gu Yao was especially loyal and pure. He had already become friends with these entrepreneurs and young masters. When they saw Gu Yao arguing with the Lu family, they could not stand by and do nothing.

Moreover, everyone knew what had happened today. It was the Lu family’s fault. How could they have the cheek to look for trouble with Mrs. Gu?

Immediately after, a gentle-looking middle-aged man walked forward and advised, “Young Master Lu, you’re a man. Why can’t you sit down and talk calmly? Why make things difficult for a weak woman like Mrs. Gu?”

Lu Yan’s heart seemed to be stuffed with a huge rock.

Lu Xiang, who was at the side, was already unable to suppress her anger. They had clearly not said anything, yet Qiao Xi had already started crying. Moreover, she had only said a few words when Qiao Xi kicked Ah Yan. She was clearly pretending to cry to gain sympathy, yet this group of idiots actually believed her.

The flames of rage in Lu Xiang’s heart raged crazily. She could not help but roar. “All of you are being deceived by Qiao Xi. She’s pretending. She even kicked Ah Yan just now.”

“Madam Lu, we have eyes. We saw it for ourselves. If you hadn’t bullied her, why would my sister-in-law cry? You said that my sister-in-law kicked Lu Yan, and we did see it, but that’s also because of Young Master Lu’s nasty words. Even someone as gentle as my sister-in-law won’t be able to help but attack him! This is a private room. My sister-in-law was eating when Young Master Lu came over to look for trouble. He took advantage of my brother’s absence and bullied Qiao Xi. She’s crying from grievance, but you’re saying that she’s pretending. Aren’t you guys going too far?!”

Gu Yao shouted at the top of his voice. He had to be strong and let everyone know that the Lu family was bullying Qiao Xi. He had to make Lu Yan unable to explain himself.

After being reprimanded by him, Lu Xiang was instantly stunned. She really did not dare to believe it. How could Gu Yao and Qiao Xi play the blame game so stubbornly?

Lu Xiang was angered to the point her entire body went numb. She pointed at Qiao Xi and shouted loudly, “Ah Yan didn’t say anything, yet she kicked him. All of you saw it just now. Ah Yan almost fell. Don’t believe Qiao Xi. She’s lying!”

Qiao Xi had an awkward expression. Actually, she really did not use much strength. She just did not expect Lu Yan to be so weak. This could not be blamed on her! She just wanted to teach Lu Yan a lesson, but he…

Hearing Lu Xiang’s words, Gu Yao spat on the floor and pointed at Lu Yan as he shouted, “The future heir of the Lu family actually pretended to fall to frame my sister-in-law. Look at my sister-in-law’s thin arms and legs. How could she kick Young Master Lu down with one kick?”

Lu Xiang was almost angered to the point of vomiting blood. They were framing Qiao Xi? It was clearly Qiao Xi who was framing them. Ah Yan spoke in such a gentle tone when they were talking, but she suddenly cried. She was deliberately trying to gain sympathy and make everyone believe her!

Lu Xiang was instantly infuriated. “Yes! It’s her!”

Gu Yao was a little guilty, but his tone was very firm. “If Qiao Xi can kick Young Master Lu down with one kick, then it just means that Young Master Lu is too weak! Is his kidney weak?! Then he should hurry up and go to the hospital to get himself checked. He’s not married yet. What will he do in the future?!

“If Young Master Lu isn’t sick but he was kicked down by Qiao Xi, then you must be deliberately framing her!”

What he meant was that Lu Yan either had a kidney deficiency or was deliberately framing Qiao Xi. There was absolutely no other possibility. No matter which one Lu Yan admitted, it was a humiliation to him.

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiang was about to retort when Gu Yao did not give her a chance at all. He continued to nag, “No way! Young Master Lu, do you really have weak kidneys? Your body isn’t good either! Don’t always think about how to frame others. It’s not good for your health. If you have time, you should train your body more! Even Qiao Xi can kick you down. If my brother were to attack, he’ll kick you into the morgue!”

Lu Yan’s face alternated between red and white as he gritted his teeth.

Qiao Xi stood at the side and looked at Gu Yao, who was attacking crazily. She could not help but give him a thumbs up.

Actually, Gu Yao was still very nervous after he finished speaking. He knew very well that Qiao Xi only looked weak. Her kick was indeed very lethal, so when he lied in public, he was still a little guilty.

Second Young Master Gu had never lied. At this moment, he felt a little guilty. For the sake of protecting Qiao Xi’s weak image, he had really suffered too much.