Chapter 436 - It Was Too Scary!

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Chapter 436: It Was Too Scary!

Late at night, in the detention room.

A few knocks on the door sounded. It was exceptionally clear in the silent night.

“Who… Who is it ?” The inspector on duty yawned a few times in succession. He rubbed his sleepy eyes with all his might before walking out.

On the way, he lowered his head to look at the terminal. Aiya, it was almost 1 am! He was really going to die! Who would come to the inspection bureau so late at night? Was this guy just looking for trouble?

The door of the on-duty office opened.

Taking advantage of the moonlight, the on-duty inspector saw the person clearly and could not help but be stunned. This… wasn’t this the director’s trusted subordinate, Section Chief Zhang? Why was he here?

Upon seeing the person, the inspector hurriedly shook his head and snapped out of his daze. He said in a low voice with an apologetic smile, “Umm… Section Chief Zhang, is there something wrong?”

The man glanced at the three men behind him and said vaguely, “Well, this is the person whom the bureau chief wants to bring to see Mo Chu. Hurry up and get out of the way. Don’t waste our time!”

“Ah, I got it.” Upon hearing this, how would the inspector dare to delay them? He immediately responded respectfully and lowered his head to make way for them. He could not help but sigh when he saw that the figures of the few people had left. “Sigh, look, as expected of a famous person. Even if she is caught by the inspection bureau, there are still a bunch of people who are busy looking for her.”

That’s right. After carefully counting, just today alone, Mo Chu had already seen three waves of people. This business was too busy!

When he thought of this, the inspector could not help but sigh. When the cold wind blew through the door, his body could not help but shrink. He quickly closed the door and returned to the duty room.

Taking advantage of this moment, he could still rest for a while. After all, he had nothing to do!

The footsteps of the four men became clearer in the dark night…

“We’re here. This is it.”

After walking for about ten minutes, Section Chief Zhang stopped. He stretched out his hand and pointed forward. Right in front of him was Mo Chu’s detention room.

“Open the door,” the leading man said with a slightly cold voice.

“Okay.” Section Chief Zhang also knew that these people were definitely not simple. Otherwise, they would not have made the bureau chief speak. His movements were very fast, and he quickly unlocked the three locks.

With a click, Mo Chu’s cell was opened.

“Who is it?” Just as the door was loosened, a female voice suddenly came from inside, faintly carrying a sense of vigilance.

“It seems that you are awake.” The leader of the men looked at the two brothers behind him and smiled. “Not bad, it saves us a lot of effort.”

“About that…” Section Chief Zhang looked at the time and could not help but remind them in a low voice, “You must hurry up. It’s best to come out immediately after the discussion. Otherwise… I’m afraid we can’t cover for you.”

“Got it. Just wait here. Don’t follow us in.” The man glanced at him impatiently and reached out to push him to the side.

Then, the few men stepped into the detention room one after another. They pressed their hands behind their backs and closed the door with a bang.

The small light in the room had already been turned on.

As soon as they walked in, their field of vision became much brighter. The few men could not help but squint their eyes. After their eyes adapted to the light, they raised their heads to take a look.

The three men stood in a row. There was a faint similarity in their facial features. The one who spoke was the leader. It seemed that he was their big brother. However, there was a faint hint of surprise in his eyes when he looked at Mo Chu.

Mo Chu looked as if she had not slept. She was sitting steadily on the chair.

Under the dim yellow light, her facial features became even more exquisite. Her brows and eyes were moving. There was a unique charm that could not be described.

As the saying went, ‘Looking at a beauty under the light’. This was probably what it meant.

“Yes, I’m Mo Chu.” Mo Chu raised her head slightly. She sized up the three men in detail. She could not help but feel surprised. These people… she did not seem to have seen them before!

At this moment, the man had already withdrawn the surprise in his eyes. His voice was cold, and he stated the purpose of his visit. “You don’t need to know who we are. You just need to… tell us the method to expand the production of Spirit Food!”

“Otherwise, your little life…” The corners of the man’s lips curled up slightly. Traces of special abilities immediately appeared on the hands of the two men beside him. The meaning of this threat could not be any more obvious.

The method to expand the production of Spirit Food… upon hearing this, Mo Chu frowned!

Her senses were already very sharp. Furthermore, she could not sleep well in this prison cell. Therefore, the moment these people approached her, she very quickly realized that the smell was not right!

She originally thought that these people were sent by An Yao to find trouble with her, but as soon as they started talking about expanding the production of Spirit Food… she only told An Jie about this news!

As expected! These people from the An family were all birds of a feather, and they did not have any good intentions!

“Don’t think about running away, or else you’ll suffer!” Seeing the surprise in Mo Chu’s eyes, the smile on the man’s lips deepened.

Thinking of the inexhaustible mountain of gold that would belong to them, the man’s heart was restless. “Our special abilities are much higher than yours!”

Mo Chu’s eyes turned and he chuckled, “What are you talking about? Why don’t I understand? That’s right, I do know how to make Spirit Food, but the method to expand the production of Spirit Food… how would I know that? If I knew about this thing, wouldn’t I take it out and use it?”

Mo Chu’s eyes had always been clear, and when she spoke, she tried her best to look directly into the other party’s eyes. Every word and sentence had been rehearsed in her mind before he dared to say it out loud.

The effect was absolutely realistic!

After a few minutes of silence, they looked at each other.

The person on the other side couldn’t hold it in any longer and began to mumble, “Big Brother, this woman doesn’t seem to be lying. I just told her, if she really knew about this method, would she still be in this state?”

“Then does that mean that we were deceived by that lass from the An Family?”

Hearing this, Mo Chu’s heart relaxed, and her tensed brows also relaxed a little.

However, this slight movement was noticed by the man beside him.

Their gazes met, and Mo Chu’s heart jumped!

“We were indeed deceived.” The man who had not spoken for a long time nodded his head, and his expression suddenly became stern. “But it wasn’t by that lass from the An Family, but by this woman in front of us!”

The two brothers were suddenly stunned.

They were not stupid, and they quickly reacted. It turned out that this girl’s words just now were to deceive them!

Ha! She was quite bold, and she almost fooled them!

Thinking that they were fooled by a little girl, the two brothers were furious. The special abilities in their hands became more dazzling, and they revealed a strong sense of danger. “This damn little girl actually dares to lie to us? Believe it or not, we’ll kill you!”

As they said that, they threw the special ability in their hands towards Mo Chu’s feet! One after another, loud bangs rang out!

The originally beautifully decorated room was almost completely destroyed by them.

This was all thanks to Ning Yiyuan and Mo Yang!

Seeing the mess on the ground, Mo Chu’s heart was also burning with anger. She raised her eyebrows and glared angrily at these people!

“What are you looking at? Heh! Did I give you face?” Seeing Mo Chu in such a state, Third Brother, who had the sharpest temper, started to summon his special ability once again. He was prepared to teach her a good lesson!

“Alright, don’t go overboard. Think about why we’re here.” The Boss, who had a slightly cold expression, stopped him.

These few people had a sense of boundary. Before this, they had only acted to scare Mo Chu, and had not really hurt her.

The room was noisy, but there was no movement outside…

For the first time, Mo Chu felt a bit resentful. Ning Yiyuan, why did you change the entire room into a soundproof one? This was great. Even if there was such a loud noise inside, the people outside would not be able to hear it!

“Miss Mo Chu,” The man’s eyes were filled with a fierce light, “I hope you can think things through clearly. Next time… our special ability will not land near you. Instead, it will land on your body!”

These few men had clearly seen blood before. At this moment, their words were faintly filled with the stench of blood.

Mo Chu took a deep breath.

She was very clear that she was not a match for these few people. If she were to act rashly, perhaps no one would even know that she had died here!

Silence flowed in the air…

“How is it? Have you thought it through?” Leaving Mo Chu a few minutes, the man raised his head once again. “If you want to save your life, leave the thing behind. I promise, as long as we get what we want, we will definitely not harm you in the slightest.”

Mo Chu was silent. Hehe, she did not believe them in the slightest!

“You guys open the door!” After a moment of silence, Mo Chu stated her conditions. Under the most disadvantageous conditions, she wanted to strive for a better environment. “I can give you the thing, but I have to ensure my own safety. Otherwise… Even if you kill me, you won’t get what you want!”

The terminal that Mo Chu was wearing was the latest model. Once it was forcefully removed, it would immediately self-destruct and the thing inside would naturally be gone.

Looking at the determination in Mo Chu’s eyes, the man was stunned for a moment before nodding at the two of them. “Alright, open the door.”

“Big Brother, are you really listening to her!?” The remaining two men widened their eyes in disbelief.

“That’s right. Now that her life and death are in our hands, what right does she have to negotiate with us? Big Brother, don’t listen to her…”

“Open the door!” The man glared angrily and repeated himself once more.

It had to be said that Mo Chu’s series of actions had completely broken through his perception of women in the past. She was calm, opinionated, and decisive… If this girl really made up her mind and wanted to destroy everything, then they really would not be able to get what they wanted!

“Alright, then we’ll listen to Big Brother.” Third Brother, who was closest to the door, nodded helplessly and turned his head to glare at Mo Chu. “If you dare to play tricks again, let’s see how we’ll deal with you!”

As he said that, he swiped his hand and connected to the terminal, giving out a few instructions in a low voice.

Then, with a ‘clang’, the door was opened once again.

Section Chief Zhang was poking his head in to take a look. Before he could see what was going on, he was fiercely glared at by Third Brother.

Damn! Can’t I even look? Seeing this, Section Chief Zhang could not help but pout. He quickly retracted his head and hid far away.

Mo Chu could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

The door was open. Even if the three of them had any ill intentions, the sound they made would definitely attract the attention of others.

Not to mention anything else, at least the people from the inspection bureau would definitely not watch her get into trouble. Otherwise, they would be the first to be unable to account for it!

Thinking of this, Mo Chu’s heart relaxed.

“Alright, the door has been opened as you said. Shouldn’t you also fulfill what you said just now?” The man raised his eyebrows at Mo Chu. “Speak, what exactly is the method to expand the production of Spirit Food?”

Mo Chu glanced at them and pursed his lips slightly. In the end, he carefully took out a small bottle from the terminal and waved it in his hand. “What you want… Is here!”

This was the thick fog she had collected in the Magical Region. With it, the problem of expanding the production of Spirit Food could naturally be solved. However… even if she gave it to the men in front of her, what could they do?

These men did not know what Mo Chu was thinking. They only saw the bottle in her hand and hurriedly urged, “Give it to us! Quick!”

“Take it.” Mo Chu threw it to them. Anyway, she still had a lot of it in her terminal. This was just one of the bottles, so it did not matter.

Mo Chu swung her hand, and the bottle drew a perfect arc in the air. Soon, the man leaped up and grabbed it tightly in his hand.

“Big Brother, what’s inside? “The two brothers behind him also came over with curious faces.

“Stupid!” Second Brother walked over and gently slapped Third Brother. His tone was also full of smiles. “This is a f*cking golden goose!”

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

Even though Mo Chu’s Spirit Food was not officially sold in the Dark Ocean Galaxy, its reputation had already been established. Without a doubt, as long as they produced it, a large amount of money would flow into their arms like water…

At the thought of this, Third Brother’s eyes shone even brighter. He reached out his hand and was about to pull the stopper open, wanting to find out what was going on.

“Wait!” For some reason, the thick fog that Xie Chunxi had told her about suddenly appeared in Mo Chu’s mind. Her expression could not help but change. “Don’t open it yet!”

Unfortunately, she had said it too late…

Third Brother held the bottle stopper in his hand and looked down at the bottle. He mumbled in confusion, “What is this? Is it an exclusive formula?”

Why can’t it be opened?

Then, he turned to look at Mo Chu. “Right, why…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the man suddenly felt a sharp pain on his right side. He turned his head to look and his eyes widened!

… Why did it disappear?

Third Brother’s shocked expression was still frozen on his face, but his body seemed to have been corroded. In the blink of an eye, his entire body melted into a puddle of water.

“Third Brother!” The other two men were not that close to the bottle. When they saw this situation, their hearts and minds were instantly torn apart and their eyes were dyed red!

One of them stared fiercely at Mo Chu. It looked like he would not be able to vent his hatred even if he tore her alive!

The other man turned his head and stared at the middle of the bottle in shock. He took a closer look. A small ball of milky-white liquid with a hint of golden color was gradually vaporizing into gas. It was evaporating bit by bit, like a paste, it was extremely viscous, and it was slowly flowing at this moment…

Third Brother had inhaled this thing just now…

In just a short moment, the Boss reacted. His heart was filled with fear. This… this was the thick fog of the Hunting Festival! How did Mo Chu get this?

“Bang –” The bottle fell to the ground.

The quality of the bottle was very good. It did not shatter. Instead, because of this action, the thick fog in the bottle was flowing faster and faster.

Very quickly, the thick fog that was emitted wrapped around the two men, corroding them alive. They did not even have the time to cry out in pain!

Mo Chu was dumbfounded. The thick fog that she had put in was clearly safe. Logically speaking, it should not have any effect on people, right? And the reason why she had reminded them at that time was just a flash of inspiration to ensure their safety!

But now… why did the fog corrode them?

Also… why… was she fine?

Mo Chu lowered her head to look at her legs and hands, once again confirming that they were intact. That’s right, she was not corroded…

For a moment, Mo Chu’s mind was a mess. Too many questions piled up, and she could not figure it out no matter how hard she tried.

Before she could connect the key points, a scream came from outside the door, instantly shocking the night sky!

“Ah — they’re dead! Dead!”

Hearing this, Mo Chu’s expression changed, and she quickly looked up.

A few meters away from the door, Section Chief Zhang, who had been attracted by the commotion, happened to see this scene. He was so scared that his face turned pale, and he kept screaming!

A seven-foot-tall man could not even stand properly at this moment. His eyes were unfocused, but his body was still crawling backward weakly.

The entire prison was filled with his terrified screams. He screamed so loudly that his throat was almost crippled! What… was that?

Section Chief Zhang’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets. It was too terrifying!

Three… three people were actually corroded one after another, and in the end, only a pool of bone water was left!

Mo Chu… what did Mo Chu do to them?!

The thick fog was still slowly spreading. Seeing that it was about to flow out of the door, Mo Chu immediately came back to her senses. She cursed softly and quickly walked forward. With a ‘Bang’, she closed the sealed door and locked the spreading fog inside the house.

The sound of the door closing awakened the rationality of the man who was still screaming.

Looking at the cold door, he finally stopped screaming.

However, his legs were still trembling non-stop. The clothes on his back were already drenched in sweat.

“Huff Huff –” The heavy breathing still echoed in the middle of the night…